Surname First From Townland From County Remarks
Challener William Galway
McConnuffe John Mayo
McConniffe James Galway goldsmith
Costelloe Jordan Mayo
Costello  Sissly Mayo alias Jordan, relick of Edmond Costellow
Challener Francis Mayo
McCasty Walter Galway
McCooge Walter Carra Galway
Carroll Mullowny Tipperary
Cusacke Laughlin Clare
Cratty Christopher Clare
Coman Seely Athlone Roscommon
Cahellan Evelin Galway alias Burke
Hanin Katherine alias Cooge, widow of Thomas McCooge, & James McCooge son & heir to siad Thomas
Cullen Thomas Cullenstowne Wexford
Clancy George Killolue Clare
Crompton Margaret Dranbeg Galway
Carrall John Clonliske King late of, esq.
Cormuck Michael Barnagh Mayo
Creagh Fitz Peirce Lymerick cittie
O'Connor Hugh Ballinvraggan Clare
Concannon Evellin   Galway and Hugh
Concanon Thomas Galway
Concanon Daniel Galway
Codd Thomas Wexford
Colclough Anthony Wexford and Mary, his wife
Clanchy More Clare
McCooge William Sheron Tynegeragh Galway
Cusacke James Cloonegihan Clare
Cruise Garrett Meath
Cassy William Cloneany Lymerick
McCartan Daniell Crintenill Downe
Cumin Patrick Clare
O'Concannon Hugh Killtullagh Galway
Cusacke Francis alias Talbott, Jane & Katherine Talbott & Elinor Neale, alias Talbott, dgt of Sir William Talbott, part satisfaction
Crean Julian Annagh Sligoe
Crean Julian Sligoe
Crean William Galway
Carroll John Colonon Kings
McCae Mortagh Clare
Carroll William Carraghlonta Kings
Carroll Donnogh Manyfaddan Kings
Comerford John Kilkenny
Carroll William Rathbegg Kings
Carroll Donnogh Ramore Kings
Carroll John Drumkinagh Kings and Margaret, his mother
Comerford John Kilkenny
Carroll William Rathbegg Kings
Carroll Donnogh Monyfadda Kings
Cushen Garrett Farryhy Corke
Cavenagh Morgan Wexford
Cornon Jane Athlone Roscommon
Crean Julian Sligoe alias French
Connor Anne Anrittebeg Roscommon wife of Donnell O'Connor
Connor Mary Roscommon wife of Hugh Connor
O'Connor Terlogh Coylemore Clare
Creagh Andrew Lymerick Alderman
Cantwell Peirce Tipperary
Cusack  Christopher Rathalran Meath
Coghlan Arthur Cloghaneskeagh Kings
Clanchy Connor Ballyvorine Lymerick
Canavan Nicholas Galway
McCarthy Daniell Disert  Corke
Cheevers Ellen Wexford alias Butler, Philip Hore and Katherine, Elizabeth & Ellen Cheevers
Croe Honora Ballymacreggan Clare alias Gorman, widow & Finolla Croe, dgt & sole heir of Mahon McEnchroe
Conim Ellinor Lissbeghnaghane Clare alias Cahon, the relict of Charles McCahan
Cransbrough Marcus Waterford merchant
Conor Any Roscommon and Hugh Conor, her son
Callaghan Donnogh Cloonmeene Corke last of, and Ellen Callaghan, his wife
Considen Magh Oge Clare
Carthy Owen McPhellim Cullagh Cork 
Considen Deirmott Clare
O'Callaghan Connor Corke
McCarbery McEgan Egan Galway
Cox Robert Lissgarriffe Tipperary and Katherine, his wife, & Rory Beragra, the said Katherine's son
O'Carroll Donnogh McKean Ballybrack Regis
Carmody Murtagh Ballyvorgian Clare
Connor Dermott Lislegdan Roscommon
Coyle Edmund Gortnecascagh Roscommon
Clanchy Katherine Ballydonane Clare alias Lea & her son, John Clanchy
O'Currin Edmund Coolenany Tipperary
Concannon Hugh Carrowcapoge Galway
Cusack Melaghlin Gortadrummey Clare
Conrye Any Feekill Clare relic of John Conry
Connor Mary Behagh Roscommon relick of Bryan O'Connor, late of, & Roger Connor, son & heir of the said Bryan & Mary
Clanmorris, Lady Katherine dowager of Clanmorris
Carroll Michael & Eliza Carroll alias Myles, his wife, Peirce Stackpoll & Katherine Stackpoll alias Myles, his wife
O'Carroll Donogh Cologe Kings
Concannon William Cloonesee Galway
Clanchy Murren Graglesh Clare alias Gorman, relick of Mahon Clanchy
Carroll Charles Belladoonegarr Kings
Caddle John Nall Meath
Callenan Florence Grange Galway
Coghlan Mary Kilcolgan Kings and Francis, her son
White, Dame Joane Kerry and Margaret Comyn
McCooge William Oge Ballybroder Galway
Cheevers John Maystown Meath
Crainsbrough Marcus Waterford gent
Creagh FitzAndrews Peirce Lymerick merchant
Carroll John Galway and Mary, his wife
Carmody Mahon McConnor Clare
Concannon Bryan Carrontobber Galway
McConnor McIneherny John Tullavarrin Clare
Corre John Tobberhane Tipperary
Corr  Thomas Mullay Tipperary and Ellis, his wife
Conrye Mary Kilboy Clare widow, & Any and Ellis, her dgts, relick of Daniell Conrye, late of
Cavenagh Morris Parke Catherlagh and Mary, his mother
Candle Sissly Galway
Concannon Giles Tobber  Galway
McCosty James Carrow Scrahame Galway
Coneannon Honora Galway
Connor Mary     alias Bourke, the relick of O'Connor Sligoe, for herself & children
Conrye Morris Cloonethy Roscommon
Conry  Laughlin Aghaneeneshana Roscommon
McCosty Richard Mary Costy, alias Burke, his mother
Cruse Christopher Nall Dublin late of 
Cooper John Clare and Mary, his wife, & William Nellan
Clowse Richard Kerry
Connegan Thomas Lurdurk Downe
Creagh FitzChristopher Dominick Lymerick
McCartan Mary Downe widow 
O'Connor Connor Galway
Carrego Teig Galway
Conry Bryan Ballyvollaghan Roscommon
Connell Morris Cahirberna Kerry
Connor Darby Tonereagh Tipperary
Connell Peter Clonemore Kerry
Cusacke Jerome Jeromstownetrevett Meath
Coghlan Con McJames Kings
Concannon William Cooleven Galway
Conkeanon Lishrina Galway widow of Fardoragh Kelly
McCosly Teig Donmore Barony Galway
Coghlan John Kincorr Kings
Condon Richard Corke
Cheevers Ellen Wexford and Mathew Cheevers, her son
Cavenagh Mortagh Castletowne Carloe
Carroll Donnogh Tipperary
Clarke George Dublin   merchant
Carroll Mary Kings
O'Connor John Cluney Roscommon
Coghlan William Kings
Coghlan Hugh Kings
Connor FitzBrian Charles Glanearbry Sligoe
Cooper Cornet John Lamaneh Clare and Mary, his wife, & Donogh O'Brian
Carthy Callahen McTeig Corke
O'Cahane Richard Derry
Costello Thomas Tullaghanmore Mayo
Carroll Teig Ballyknockan Kings
Cheevers Walter Mountaine Dublin Esquire
Concannon Una  Galway ny Concannon Alias Connor, relict of Daniel Oge O'Connor
Conory Morris Craiganowen Clare
Margarett Dame CastleConnell Lymerick dowager of  
Colelough, Esq Dudley Moynart Wexford part satisfaction
Considen Daniell Drumdragresee Clare
Crean Julian Sligoe
Karthy Donnogh McCormack Courtbrackin Corke gentleman
Connor Any Roscommon and Hugh Connor, her son
Cusack Francis alias Talbott, Janes and Katherine Talbott & Ellinor Neile alias Talbott
Carroll John Druminekenagh Kings and Margaret, his mother
Carroll William Rathbegg Kings
Cashen Idem
Coghlan John Cloonley Kings
Carroll Daniell Ballinroneene Kings
Coffye Daniel Oge Tumcattry Galway
Coffye Daniel Graigmonine Galway
Coffye Idem
Coffye Idem Tumcattry
Coshigen Florence Ballymoy Queens
Carroll William Kings
Comerford John Kilkenny
Cavanagh Morrice Catherlagh
Cheevers Walter Mountaine Dublin
Clanchy Connor Ballyvorinne Lymerick
Cowly James Kilkenny
McCoslye Richard Galway