Surname First From Townland From County Others mentioned
Bourke John Benagh Mayo
Bourke John Lissiquerk Limericke
Bourke John Ballindrumny Galway
Bourke John Ballylee Galway
Barry John Cork alias McRobinston
Bourke Richard Bantry Mayo
Bourke Ulicke Adddergoole Mayo
Butler David Killveebell Kilkenny
Butler James Belannagh Wexford
Browne FitzJames Peter Galway
Boyton Patrick Thomastowne Tipperary
Bourke McPhillbine Richard Kyrenane Mayo
Bourk Ulicke Luhardane Mayo late of Luhardane
Bourke Edmond Lackafin Mayo
Blake, Sir Richard Galway late of Galway, a knight
Bourke Thomas Tullyrye Galway
Bourke, Colonel Thomas Killcornane Galway
Bourke John Benagh Galway
Birne Donogh Dangan Roscommon
O'Bryan Are Coosane Westmeath
O'Birne Daniell Tobberlonagh Wicklow late of
Brown FitzThomas Edward Galway
Bourke William McRichard Ballylicky Galway
O'Bryan Bryan Brawen Westmeath
Bryan Terlogh McAnlon Ballmalode Limerick 
Bytagh Henry Carnein Cavan Mary, his wife
Briscoe John Sraigh King's
Birmingham Thomas Milltowne Galway
Bourke Una Ballina Galway
Bourke Thomas Galway merchant
Browne, Sir Valentine Moallihine Kerry late of, a Knight
Bodkin FitzThomas Lawrence Galway
Browne Margrett Wexford
Browne Marcus Galway
Browne Dominick Galway
Birne Garrett Woodtowne Meath
Birne Garrat wife, Margrett
Bourke, Sir David Killintane Limerick
Bodkin FitzThomas James Mayo
Bytagh Sarah Lecarrow Galway alias Flahertye, son-James Bytagh
Birne Bryan Kiltiman Wicklow esquire
Burke Jonack McHubbert Gortingack Galway
Burke Richard McWilliam Lecoyle Galway
Blake  Dame Elinor Galway Dame Julyan Blake, also see Sir Thomas Blake
Blake, Sir Thomas Galway Baronet, younger bros-Henry, Francis, John
Blake FitzNicholas Dominick Galway late of
Butler David Killrighill Tipperary
Burke Richard Burres Tipperary
Brown FitzEdmund Edward Galway merchant
Bourke Ulick Carragh Cloonmore Galway
Bourke Richard Oge Tuam Galway
Hoath Katherine Killcornane Galway with son, Thomas Bourke
Butler FitzGerald Theobald Clone Waterford
Blake Patrick Galway an orphan
Butler, Sir Richard Knocktopher Kilkenny gr son, Richard Butler
Bourke Miler Danganmore Mayo
Blake, Sir Richard Meath a Knight
Bourke FitzRichard Miles Cappadanock
Blake Francis Galway an orphan
Bourke, Dame Jane relick of Sir William Burk
Butler John Ballyknannis Waterford
Bourke, Col. Richard Kilcooly by special order
Browne Nicholas Newtowne Galway
Bermingham Mary widow
Barnwell James Fingall Liutenant Colonel, & Dame Mable Countess 
Begg Mathew Bairanstown Dublin
Bourke Una Cooleny Galway and Redmond Bourke, her son
Butler Peirce Ballynowan Tipperary
Burke McThomas Jonack McHubbert Cregminore Galway
Browne John Neale esquire
Brabson Edward Kilmulrung Roscomon
Browne Valentine Tworine Mayo
Bourk Elizabeth one of the dgts of Lord Viscount Castle Connell
Butler Theobald Ballinry Tipperary
Bourk Una Ballynagh Galway alias Kelly, relick of Hubert Burke
Bourke William   Feabrack Galway and Alson Bourk alias Lawrence, widow & his mother
Bourk Ursilla Carnan Galway
Bourke Redmond Killine Galway
Bourk Richare Meelick Galway and Dorkish, his mother
Butler, Peirce Annagh Kilkenny
Bitagh Alexander Corbegg Roscomon
Bourke Fitz Walter John Galway an orphan
Bourke McRichard William Lissin Galway
O'Bryen Teige Beaunfe Clare
Brody Moor Curragh Clare widow, & James Brody, her son
Browne Marcus Galway and Katherine Blake, alias Browne, his mother
Blake FitzNicholas John Galway Alderman
Burke Mary alias Hind, relick of Redmond Burke
Browne, Sir Dominick Galway a Knight
Bourk John Collrossy Galway
O'Bryan Mahon Tawnagh Clare
Birmingham Walter Tenemonagh Galway
Butler Theobald Cominstowne Tipperary
Brogan Ellinor Galway alias Higgin
Butler, Lady Katherine Monylargy Waterford and son, Peirce Power
Barrett Katherine alias Bourke, widow & Richard Barrett, her son
Brehune Sisely Levally Galway alias Kelly  
Bourk Hubert Carrowroe Galway
Brabson Sarah widow
Bourk Ellinor Cappagh Galway widow, & her son, Henry Bourk
Burke McThomas John Ballyshea Galway
Blake John Galway esq.
Dwyer Donagh Ponlarestowne Limerick & Mary Dwyer, alias Butler, his wife, & dgts and coheirs of Thomas Butler, Margret & Ellen Butler
Blanchfeild James Milltowne Kilkenny
Bryen Sarah ny Donogh Faha Tipperary & Mathew, her son
Bryan Marcus McDaniell Cunogh Tipperary Bryan McDeniel Bryan
Bryan Una and Murtagh
Birne William Clonefadd Roscomon
Butler Thomas Derrycloony Tipperary and Ellen, his wife
Breghon James Lisduffe Mayo
Brenan ny Moore Clonefree Roscomon
Burke Thomas Tohermartin Mayo
Burke William Flaskabeg Tipperary
Burke Richard Lorga Galway
Begg George Flesherstowne Meath
Birne Hugh Clonybrenan Roscomon and Mary, his wife
Boulger Peter Ballynevarny Kilkenny
Blake Marcus Carrall Barony Mayo
Blake Henry Galway
Bushere Robert Ballyconick Wexford
Burk Ulick McEdmond Cahirforae Galway
Browne Fitz Walter Nicholas Galway
Blake Fitz Nicholas Nicholas Galway
Browne Edward Mayo
Burke Margrett Galway relick of Ulick Burk, and dgts of Margrett and Ulick, Onora Mary and Sissily Burke
Browne Fitz Nicholas Dominick
Birmingham Meyler Gilloger Galway
Burke Una ny Moyler Galway relick of Redmond MacThibbot Burke, and Ulick (Burke)
Burke Honora Galway
O'Bryen Tiriagh Leambrine Waterford
Bath Robert Culpin Meath
Burke Mary alias Casha, widow
Butler Ellis Tipperary
Butler Edmund Tipperary
Burke Edward Ballinderry Galway
Burke John Ballyconnell Galway and Honora
Burke Sissly ny Caluragh and Redmond, her son
Burke Edmund McWilliam Cappacuna Galway
Burke Feagh Loghreagh Galway
Butler Richard Waterford
Barnewell Elizabeth Richestowne Lowth
Bourke Ulick Rahard Mayo
O'Brien, Sir Daniell Carrigoehoult Clare
Bellew John Wilstowne Louth esq.
Butler Edward Killcop Waterford
Bodkin FitzJohn Richard Galway
Bourke William Ballinlogha Galway
Bodkin FitzEdmond James Galway
Brien Ellinor Clare alias Wingfeild and Mary Honora Slany Bryen, her daughter
Brenan William Treenavolgan Roscomon
Bermingham Anne Galway alias Gardner, and her daughter, Jane, Katherine and Mary Birmingham
Bellew Roger Thomastowne Louth
Bourke Richard Tipperary
Bourke, Sir Ulick Tipperary Knight and Baronet
Butler John Sloghodbeg Tipperary
O'Bryen Terlagh Waterford
Barnewell James Peircetowne Meath son and heir of Edward Barnewell
O'Bryen FitzMortagh Daniell Clare
Bourke Giles Galway and Katherine and Giles, her dgts
McBreghone Thomas Oge Mayo
Bodkin Nicholas Galway
Bourke Moyler Cartron Galway
Bokine Teige Dunmore Barony Galway
Benwoone ny Brodey Galway alias Murtughne, relick of Edmond Murrughne
Brody Margarett Clare alias McNamara and Annably Brody, her dgt
Brody Moylin Clare
Barry Richard Cork
Barrett Garrett Cork
MacBrenan Hugh Ballagh Derrugh Roscomon
McBrenan Brandon Roscomon
Browne, Sir Dominick Galway Knight  
McBrenan Teig McBrian Carrowclogher Roscomon
Brassell Madden Gultore Galway
McBrassell Madden Ffarragh Derryherony Galway
Bourke Richard Killcooly Esq. and the Lady Elizabeth, his wife
Bourke Margarett Galway alias Egan and William Egan, her son
Bourk Hubert McThibbott Galway
Butler Thomas Ballycadlea Tipperary
Bourke, Sir John Derrymacloghlin Knight
O'Bryan Bryan Tipperary
Bodkin Alexander Galway merchant
Bourk Evellin McWalter Ballinduffe Galway
Brown Fitz James Thomas Galway merchant
Bourke Margaret  Galway alias Mead and William Bourk, her son
Bryen Mary Tipperary widow of Daniell Bryen
McBryen Mary Oge Annagh Tipperary dgt of Daniel Brien
Bryen Fitz Mortagh Morrogh Clare
Bourke Slany   Galway alias Egan and Henry Bourke, son & heir of Jonacke Bourke
Blake FitzPeter Valentine Galway
Bourke Honora Clare alias McNamara  
Barry Daniell Lymerick
Bryen Nicholas Shirre Wexford
Barry John Wexford
Butler Peirce Cloonomellkon Tipperary his father & grandfather included
Butler Theobald Derryclosheme Tipperary
Betagh Luke Meath and Ismay
Brandon Mary Athone Roscomon and Jane Brandon, her dgt
O'Brian James Lahill Westmeath
Bourke Margarett Clare alias Grady
Bourke John McMoyler Galway
O'Brien, Sir Teig Lymerick
Bourke Sissly ny Caluragh relick of William McHubert Bourke
Brien Thady Tipperary
Butler Theobald Tipperary
Brien Mary Athone Roscomon Alias Guffe
Bellew John Castletowne Lowthe Esq.
Butler Ellen Tinehinsy Carlow dgt of Edmond Butler
Butler James Tinehinsy Carlow and Ellinor Butler, his wife
O'Bryen Donogh Ballynlaghill Wexford
Bourke Richard Ballylaskye Lymerick
Bourke William Lackangrenan Lymerick
O'Bryan Dermot Clare
Bourke Walter McMoyler Leballyconor Galway
Bourke Margaret alias Donellan and William, her son
Barry John Ballyclogh Cork alias Robinson, esq.
Browne Edward Galway merchant
Bourke Margaret Ballyreggy Galway
Bourke James   Lymerick esq.
Bourke Nicholas Limerick
Bourke Herbert McUlick Lorga Galway
O'Bryen Dermot Gortmore Tipperary
Betagh Gerald Dromore Cavan
Butler John Ballyclogh Waterford
Butler Peirce Balladrehea Tipperary
Butler FitzWilliam James Shanbally Tipperary
Blake FitzRobert Nicholas Galway late of
Blake Anthony Galway
Bourk Miles Cappadarocke Galway
Brabazon Ellis Bellanasloe Roscomon late of, by decree & order of the Council, to have the 1/3 of her estate
Birharra Murtagh Ballylisseene Tipperary
Butler Thomas Banadlea Tipperary
McBryen Teig Castletowne Lymerick
Brian Terlogh   Catherlogh and his wife, Honora
O'Bryen Mortogh Longford Lymerick
Butler James Ballynard Kilkenny
O'Bryen Teig Buohilomine Clare
Bourke Margaret Lymerick alias Grady
O'Bryen Daniell Cornemadrow Westmeath
Bryan Onora Clare alias Morris, relict of James Morris, and John Morris, son of said James
Barry John Ballinlough Cork alias McRobinson
Botkin Dominick Galway esq.
Boruke Hubert McWilliam Derryoppan Galway
Baxter Garrett Sligoe
Bourke John Loughmaske Mayo
Butler Ellen Tipperary and Katherine
Bourke Onora Belanagare Galway relict of Ileath Bourke
Bourke FitzThomas Richard Treenhowen Mayo
Butler James Limerick and his wife, Mary
Bourke Sissly   Galway alias Concannon
Bourke Walter Carnamuck Galway
Bourke Mary Carnemuck Galway and her son, William
Bourke Edmond McShane Ballynakill Galway
Bryen Una Clare relick of Terlogh Bryen, and Amy, her dgt
Bourke Honora Galway alias Kelly, widow
Bourke Moyler Cahermuony Galway
Bourk Ulick Carra Clunemore Galway
Burke Sissly Clare and her son, Moyler Burke
Bodkin Alexander Galway merchant
Bagnoll Thomas Donganatowne Catherlagh and Jane, his wife, and Nicholas Bagnoll, a natural idiot & bro of Thomas
Beragh Richard Doooewer Meath
Bourke John Lissquirke Lymerick
Balfe Meath
Bath Patrick Meath
Butler More Killoskan Tipperary alias Bryen, widow
Butler Mary Tipperary
Balfe John Cregy Meath
Blansfeild Richard Kilkenny
O'Bryan Bryen Sandraman Clare
MacBrenan Edmond Galway
McBryan Teig Galway
Butler Edward Gallmoy Kilkenny Lord Viscount
O'Bryen Terlogh Waterford
Brooke Brasill Wexford gentleman, and Margarett, Mary & Katherine Browne
Bourk John Galway and Elinor, his mother
Butler Theobald Tipperary Baron of Ardmoyle
Bourke Redmond Oge Derry Galway and Elizabeth, his wife, and Honora Bourke late of
Blake Jeffery Galway merchant
Butler Edmund Kilturkin Killkenny
Barnwall Patrick Monoughon Esq. and Katherine, his wife
Barry FitzDavid William Tegeregee Cork
Bourk  William Shanballymore Galway
Butler Elizabeth Kilkenny and Theobald Butler
O'Brien, Sir Murrogh Lymerick
Bourke Margaret Ballintobber Mayo alias Cusack, relick of Richard Burke
Bourke David Monulla Mayo
Barnewall John rastowne Meath
Brandon John Athlone Roscomon
Bodkin FitzLewis John Galway
Bermingham Edmund Russellstowne Galway
O'Brien   Teig Dorough Clare
O'Bryen Teig Clare
Birne Brian Killtrinane Wicklow esq.
Bermingham Redmunc Connogher Galway
Birne Brian Kiltimon Wicklow esq.
Bermingham Redmond Galway
Butler Edmond Boytonrahin Tipperary
Boyton Patrick Tipperary
Brenan Thomas Creeue Westmeath
Birne Brandon Kiltimon Wicklow esq.
Butler James Portallagh Tipperary
Barnewall Patrick Ballileck Monoghan
Bourk Richard Limerick
Bryen Margaret Clare an orphan
Barry John Ballycloghy Cork esq., alias McRobinson
Barnewall Patrick Ballilecke Monaghan Esq., and Katherine Barnewall alias King, his wife
Bourke Miles Dangenmore Mayo
Barnewall Ellen Mayo alias Cormuck, widow
O'Bryen Connor Newtowne Clare
Burke John Cloroke Galway
Bermingham William Ballyvollan Westmeath
Bourke Ulick Isertkelley Galway and Evellin Bourke, alias Lawrence alias Donellan, his wife
Butler FitzPierce Edward Corr Wexford
Burke Miles Dangenmore Mayo
Browne Thomas Clondonebroe Corke Esq.
Burke, Dame Jane Bellaturrin Galway and Margaret, her dgt
Burke James alias Garvey
Bourke Moyler Ellestannagh Mayo
Burke Richard Burres Tipperary
Blake, Sir Richard Galway
O'Bryen Daniell Duogh Clare Esq.
Blake, Sir Richard Galway
Burke James Lymerick Esq
Bermingham Redmund Connogher Galway
Blake FitzPeter Valentine Galway
Barnewall, Sir Richard   Knight & Baronet, and Patrick Barnewall, his son
Barry David Ballingoly Corke
O'Bryen Terlogh Clare
Burke John Reagh Cahereforras Galway
O'Bryen Hubert Thlone
Browne FitzWalter Thomas Galway
Birmingham John Galway
Browne FitzAndrew John Galway
Browne Garrett Woodtowne Meath and Margaret, his wife
Butler William Castletownmakelly Tipperary
Bourk Margaret Bellamoe Roscomon alias Regan, the relict of Hubert Bourke of the half-barony & William, her son
Butler, Dame Frances allowed by special order
Betagh Jennett Meath alias Fleming
Betagh Francis Lougherea Meath and Katherine, his wife & Anne Plunkett, both being dgts of John Plunkett
Burke Ulick McShane Drumgrifin Galway
Bray Ellis alias Welsh, relict of Edmund Bray & her 4 dgts-Margaret, Joane, Mary & Nassy Bray
Blake FitzAndrew Martin Galway
Bourk Redmund McMoyler Ballyrobuck
Burke Moyler McRichard Balinduff Galway
Burke Mary Galway ny Shane
Burke Moyler McRickard Ballyrobuck Galway
Butler Theobald Derrylushane Tipperary