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First Name Parents Born Spouse Yr Emig & Place Died Comments Contact
Adelia, Delia or Bedelia Flanagan not given Alfred Brownell not given 1870 m 1871 Springfield MA; chld-Alfred C, William H and maybe Mary Bruce Brownell
Agnes Flanagan not given Patrick Carbery not given not given m 27 Nov 1854 Girvan Cath Church, Ayrshire SCOT, spons-John Campbell, Margaret Stewart Fionnghal
Andrew Patrick Flanagan, Cecilia Galvin 1802
Co Galway, Ireland
Sarah Matthews 1834 from England Long Island City, NY native of Srahaunnagort/Thronfield Killine par. Athleague, Co Galway Marie Driscoll
Andrew James Flanagan 1807 Mary or Margret Fitzpatrick unknown 1896 lived in New Brunswick, CAN Joe Flanagan
Ann Patrick Flanagan, Mary Daly 1843
Kilbride, Roscommon
Daniel Lally to CastlePlunkett, ROSC, IRE n/a siblings-Catherine (b 1836, m Connor McCormack), Bridget (b 1837), Peter (b 1845) Michael Lally
Ann Christopher Flanagan, Ann Malone not given James D Robb bef 1881 1886
Jersey City NJ
m NYC, sis-Mary Flanagan Quinn b ca 1840 Dorothy Shannon
Ann Flannigan ca 1825
George McGill Airdrie Landarkshire Scotland not given children b Scotland Margaret McCreadie
Anne Marie Francis Flanagan, Mary Anne Gartland 1847
Broomfield, Co Monaghan
Peter Martin did not emig 27 Dec 1922
Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan
sister-Mary Anta Roberts
Flanagan ca 1830 Michael Kelly ca 1851-52 ca 1869 bro Maurice, sis/SIL Bridget, chld: Thoams, Ellen Kristen Cassells
Anthony Anthony Flanagan, Bridget Dunlevy Jan 6, 1843 Katherine Lowery 1860s January 1816
Colchester Co
from Ballinaslow, Co Roscommon (the Creagh) Michael A Flanagan
Bartholomew James Flanagan, Margaret Reece Roscommon, Ireland Susan Watson 1823
1871 sentenced to 7 yr, shoemaker Tanya Simmer
Bartholomew Flanagan 1815/17
poss PA, USA
Mary Quaid >Ireland >Australia > NZ ca 1850 1875
Pleasant Valley
So Canterbury NZ
May have been born in PA, USA; was a cabin boy for ship to Cork IRE 1833, transport to Sydney, pardoned > NZ Brenda Good
Bernard Michael Flanagan, Catherine Egan 1894 1. Agnes Ryan
2. Barbara Mull
not given 1972 none given Catherine Flanagan
Bernard Flanagan ca 1846? Anna, Annie unknown 1890s
Denver CO
lived in Virginia City NV, died in RR accident in WY Anna Horton
Bernard Hugh Flanagan ca 1827
Co Roscommon
Eliza Brennan Liverpool ENG not given chld: Edward, William, Hellen, Bernard +others Patrick
Beverly (male) Thomas Flanagan, Ann Price ca 1822
No Carolina
Nancy Odle (Odell) did not emig after 1900 m 1840, lived in Henry Co. VA, 14 children Penny F Fortune
Brian Henry Ivan Wallace Flanagan, Stephanie East London, South Africa Dorothy n/a 15 Jun 2008 d age 17, 6 children Ryan Flanagan
Bridget Patrick? Flanigan ca 1800
Co Roscommon
Thomas Madden after 1835
Canada ?
Minnesota USA
not given Had 8 children, many baptized-Croghan Parish (Killukin) Debi Madden
Bridget Patrick Flanagan, Mary E Noonan 15 Aug 1861
Co Roscommon IRE
John J Minogue ca 1863
Troy NY >
Fair Haven VT
14 Jun 1924
Fair Haven VT
sibs-Mary, Anna, James, Patrick, John, Kate, Thomas, William; also lived in Poultney VT; wife from N. Tipperary Mike Minogue
Bridget Flanagan 1822
Co Roscommon
Martin Dorsey Kentucky/Ohio area 1904 chld-Frank, Mary, James, Elija, Thomas, Bridget, Martin, Margaret, John, William, Nelly, Joseph Amy Dorsey
Bridget Patrick Flanagan 8/15/1861
not given Co Roscommon >> Fair Haven VT 6/14/1924 bro John, sis Mary Mike Minogue
Bridget Michael Flanagan, Katherine 1892
New York City
not given n/a not given not given Catherine Flanagan
Bridget Flanagan not given Peter Carmody ca 1849 USA
poss from Ennis area
not given chld: Michael, John, James, Bridget, Peter, Thomas Mary A Carmody
Brigid Owen Flanagan, Marg. Creighton not given none n/a not given emig. ex. Castlepollard, County Westmeath Sheila
Carlos Cornelius Vincent Flanagan Brooklyn NY
Nov 1937
Margarita n/a 1993
Melbourne FL
bro, 2 sons Carlos Flanagan
Catherine Patrick Flanagan, Bridget Collins ca 1845
Co. Clare
Martin Noonan ca 1864
not given sister, Ellen, b ca 1830 also emig to Australia Kaye O'Connell
Catherine Flanagan 1859 James Cummins Jun 1888 NY unknown James d bef USA, a milliner by trade, stood 6' tall, placed 18 mo twins with relative till 1894 Maria de Burgh
Catherine Flanagan 1859 James Cummins not given not given try to reach above Maria de Burgh; James Cummins, my grfather Rod Cummins
Catherine Edward Flannigan, Ann Kennedy 1 Nov 1840 George Mason 1902 Canada > USA 17 Oct 1921 other spellings:  Flanigan, Flannagan Cheryl
Catherine Dennis Flanagan, Mary O'Gorman 1900 not given from
West Clare
not given b Killimer, Co Clare, Ireland; poss emig to US Flanagan
Catherine Arthur Flanagan Jan 28, 1911 Bridget Geaney Dumbarton Scot > NY 1929 > 1938  Carrigaholt,  Co Clare IRE 1980
Kilkenny IRE
chld-Catherine, Patrick, Edward, Mary, Ann, William Catherine Duffy
Catherine Flanagan ca 1766
Killygreagh, IRE
Archibald Gardiner n/a unknown husband b 1761 MJ Nichols
Catherine (Mary) John Flanagan, Mary Gilhooly 1814
Rathkea, Bruis Civil Parish,
Co Tipperary
Timothy O'Connor
m 1828
Tipperary RC Parish
Troy NY
April 1887
Troy NY
Children: James, Catherine, John, Ellen, Hanora, Thomas, all b Ire Pat Connors
Christopher Flanagan County Mayo
Hanora McDonagh/McDonough 1823-1824
Nova Scotia, Canada
ca 1837
buried Stoneham, Quebec Prov.
son, James b ca 1800-40 County Mayo, 2 yr when emigrated Dan Flanagan
Christopher Christopher Flanagan ca 1834
Mary Anne Hoy bef 1857
Darlington, Durham ENG >
1880 Pittsburg PA
not given not given Mary Ann Flanagan
Christopher J K Mathew Flanagan, Eliz. or Mary Coyne 1813
Castle Dunagh, Co Kilkenny or Dublin
Johanna Conroy or Connery or Coonery 1841
Sydney AU
http://home.primus.com.au/ slugdog/surnames/ Flanagan.html Steven Knowles
Christopher James K Matthew Flanagan, Elizabeth Coyne 1813
Johanna Conroy
July 1841
Liverpool UK > Australia
looking for sibs, older bro emig USA 1840s Robyn Montgomery
Clara Electa Hiram Flanegan, Clarissa Angevine 8/17/1870 James W F Smith not given 1950
Kalamazoo MI
not given Lorraine S Benkelman
David James Flanagan 1899 not given not given not given 1911 IRE Census in Ballinastack, Co Galway, mother-Mary E Greg Flanagan
David Flanagan ca 1810
unknown n/a ca 1905
Kilmaine, Co Mayo
1901 Ire census: son, John b 1859 m Anne Feerick b 1862 Ballinrobe; looking for David's spouse & other info Greg Flanagan
Delia Flanigan 1845 not given Hartford CT not given sister-Mary, m Edward L Wheeler 1864 Kelly
Dennis Flanagan 1838 Ireland Nora 1865-6 28 April 1918
Athens PA
looking for parents, origins Stephen Flanigan
Dennis John Flanigan 1814
Esther Vandecar unknown 1894
Albany Co NY
emig betw 1814-1836 Heidi Crawley
Diana Thomas Flanagan, Isibella Gordon 25 Jan 1855 not given not given not given chr 6 May 1855, Girvan Catholic Church, Ayrshire, SCOT, spons-William Meek, Rose Morgan Fionnghal
Dominick Patrick Flanagan, Bridget ca 1849
Leeds, W Riding
Mary Ellen Barber not given 1898? parents b Castlerea, Roscommon, sibs b there-Bridgit, Martin, Margaret Michael
Edmond John Flanagan, Mary Gilhooly 1821
Rathkea, Bruis Civil Parish,
Co Tipperary
unknown unknown unknown sib-Catherine (Mary), Harriet, Eleanor all baptised in Tipperary RC Parish betw 1814-1821 Pat Connors
Edward Flanagan ca 1829
Hannah (Ann) Howley 1861 Wellington Yard
1871 Swineftee Goole, Yorkshire
Swinefleet Goole, Yorkshire
1861, Ann was lodger, Wellington Yard with son, Michael (b 1856 Bishop Auckland Durham) and Mary b Leeds 1861 Maureen Raywood
Edward James Flanagan, Mary? May 1842, Ireland Margaret McNamara 1865 NY 1900 Manhattan four chld (1900 census); dgt Eva d 1901; bros-John, James Sarah
Edward Flanagan ca 1850
Mary Wheeler unknown ca 1920
Rochester, NH
wife b Ireland; loved So Berwick ME, Salmon Falls NH since childhood Gail Mudge
Edward James Flanigan, Catherine England June 25, 1849 Hannah Butler 1865 Boston? April 30, 1923
Trumbull Co, OH
lived Youngstown OH w/Michael & Mary King family 1870; m 1870; 1880 in Portage Co, OH > Trumbull Co HO; bro-Michael lived Cleveland OH in 1923 Dale L Flanigan
Edward Flannagan not given Elizabeth Gaughran 1852 1882 not given Dee Larson
Edward Edward Flannagan, Elizabeth Gaughran 1864
New York
Ellen McCreery n/a not given not given Dee Larson
Edward Peter Flanagan, Catherine O'Connor 3 Jun 1861
near Albany NY
Evaline Amanda Lane n/a 20 Sep 1934
Princeton, Colusa CA
homesteaded-ND where m Evaline; moved to CA as farmer became auctioneer Keith Davis
Edward Francis Flanigan, Margaret Daley 1840-60s
Co. Monaghan
Margaret Donnelly Scotland
unknown sibs-Margaret, Francis, Bernard to Racine WI, James, Catherine to Doveer NH Megan Flanigan
Edward James? Flanagan Nov 10, 1882 Catherine McKiernan did not emig not given Lived in Latnadrona, Co Cavan; father info needed, may have been from Co Galway Éamonn Flanagan
Edward S John? Flanigan 1839 Susan J not given not given farmer who lived in WV Audrey Lowrey
Eleanor John Flanagan, Mary Gilhooly 1816
Rathkea, Bruis Civil Parish,
Co Tipperary
unknown unknown unknown sib-Catherine (Mary), Harriet, Edmond all baptised in Tipperary RC Parish betw 1814-1821 Pat Connors
Elijah Paul Flanigan ca 1776 Amy Barnes n/a 1860
looking for city/county of birth, plus marriage & death info Barbara Hartmann
Eliza Ann Michael Flanagan, Catherine 17-09-1889 Matthew Jordan not given not given Lived in Manchester, England Joseph E Wright
Elizabeth John Flanigan Ballycommon James Hingerty not given not given m 1871 RC Chapel Phillipstown; chld-Mary, Anne, John, Peter, Joseph, James, Joseph (b 1873-85) Carole
Elizabeth Flanigan Ireland John Riddle 1880
Southhampton IN
not given son, Samuel Riddle emig to Cape Town, So Africa Lloyd Scott
Elizabeth (Eliza) Michael Flanagan, Mary Congdon 7/30/1864
poss Co. Leix/Laois
Patrick Quinn 1884
Middletown CT
chldrn-Michael, Edward James, Joseph Pat Robinson
Elizabeth V George Flanagan not given James Wilkes not given 1915 poss m TN Donna Carter
Ellen John Flanagan, Anne McFarlane 17 Oct 1851 not given not given not given chr 16 Nov 1851 Girvan, Ayrshire, SCOT, spons-Henry Logan, Ellen Flanagan Fionnghal
Ellen Thomas Flannagan, Mary Noone 1897 Leo Brennan Huddersfield, Yorkshire 1973 chld: Alwyn (John), Shelagh Mary Nicholas Swann
Ellen Josephine James L Flanagan, Mary McKenna 31 Jan 1896
Chicago IL
Anthony Coglianese n/a Jan 1954 parents from Ireland, poss Co Mayo or Clare; sibs-John, James, Mary, Timothy, Margaret Michael Riordan
Ernest Andrew Nathan B Flanagan Aug 1904 Dencie Mae n/a 1993 sibs: Mae, Jane, Artie, Gerald, Juanita, Bonnie Maureen Flanagan
Esther Henry Flanagan, Anna Lougherin 1930s
1. Jack Sullivan, 2. Jack Crown n/a 2000
Bethesda, MD
moved to NYC & Wash DC, widowed (Sullivan) Erin Flanagan
Eugene Edward Dennis Flanagan, Yvonne Nov 3, 1926 Ninvie Palagonia not given 7/31/1968 no comments given Gail Flanagan
Eugene Dennis Flanagan, Yvonne Elmont, Long Island, NY Ninvie (Nina) n/a 1968 wk-Long Island Lighting Co; looking for bro-'Uncle Deni' who had 2 sons possibly lived in MA Eugene E Flanagan
Eugene Matthew Flanagan, Winifred Lavelle Castlebar, Mayo, Roscommon Grace Doherty ca 1925 1987 8 siblings Grace Flanagan
Eugene Edward Dennis Flanagan, Yvonne not given Nina Palagonia not given 1968 not given Gail Flanagan
Felix Flanigan ca 1821
Sarah ca 1840 NY >
Dubuque IA
Dubuque IA
looking for his parentage, prob County Down area Alex Marte
Fergus Patrick Flanagan, Ellen Quin Dec 10, 1838 Amy Magaha 1862 July 21, 1910 bro John & sis Mary emig to NSW Australia 1852 to live w/Uncle Edmund Robert J Flanagan
Fintan John Flanagan, Mary Lower Sconce
Co Laois
Bridget Dooley England 1967 looking for more info on this family Elizabeth Tinsley
Francis Flanigan poss Derrynoose, Co Armagh Anne none unknown sponsor in a Keating bapt 1848 Derrynoose Anne Green
Francis J John Flannagan, Ann Fingles Oct 10, 1876 1. Betty J Wharam
2. Mary E Steger
1891 US or CAN @ 15 yr 1943
Baltimore MD
mar 2X (1907, 1922), 1st-6 chld; 2nd-5 boys; all adopted out Robin T Boswell
Frederick John Flanagan Ireland Catherine Tisdele Australia 1921
Taree NSW
married 1870 Robyn O'Brien
George William Flanagan, Mary ca 1750
So Carolina
Nancy Carroll not known ca 1860 family may have emig through PA, looking for more info Tonja Flanagan
George Flanagan ca 1880
Bridget not given Aug 1957 not given Kathy
George Thomas John Flanagan, Mary Catherine McCoy May 22, 1890
Benton County, Indiana
Leta Davis n/a Jan 8, 1950
So Dakota USA
none given Melody Marshall
George William Flanagan ca 1841
Elizabeth Betsy Brown 1850s
Nelson, NZ
7 Apr 1902
Nelson NZ
searching for Flanagan family in Galway Michele Gregg
Harriet John Flanagan, Mary Gilhooly 1818
Rathkea, Bruis Civil Parish,
Co Tipperary
unknown unknown unknown sib-Catherine (Mary), Eleanor, Edmond all baptised in Tipperary RC Parish betw 1814-1821 Pat Connors
Harry Graham William Flanagan 1862
Rachael not given not given lived in Hubbard MN Michele Corneail
Helen William Flanagan, Sarah Hillery 16 Dec 1854 not given not given not given chr 21 Jun 1852, Girvan Catholic Church, Ayrshire, SCOT, spon-Rose Kelly Fionnghal
Henry Flanagan 1910s
Anna Lougherin n/a 1964 dairy famer in Wisconsin Erin Flanagan
Henry Henry Flanagan, Anna Lougherin 1930s
Collins n/a 1989 an excellent baker near Milwaukee WI Erin Flanagan
Henry James Flanagan 1874
Co Fermanagh or Co Tyrone
Bessie Muldoon bef 1898
Sept 1957
County Sligo, Ireland
none Bernard Coen
Hugh William Flanagan, Sarah Hillery 19 Jul 1845 not given not given not given chr 23 Sep 1850 Girvan, Ayrshire, SCOT; spons-John Flanagan, Anne McKeir Fionnghal
Isaac Flanagan 1808
New Jersey
Bridget Kelly n/a 1854 looking for Isaac's parents Judy
Isaac Wamper Philip Flanagan, Elizabeth 12/21/1839 Martha Jane Johnson not given 1922 chld: Edley, Minnie, James, Roy, Della, John, Charles, Molly, Hattie Phyllis Elenich
Isabella John Flanagan, Sarah Cardiff 1840 Daniel O'Connell Victoria, Australia not given not given Kelly
Jack or John James Flanagan, Margaret ca 1872 unknown n/a unknown orphaned in NYC 1880; looking for him Debbie Dean
James Flanagan Roscommon Anne Goldsmith not given not given He was the Roscommon Coroner Pat Connors
James William Flanagan, Martha Smith ca 1809
York County, PA
Frances Magdalena Griggs Pennsylvania >
Jefferson Co, WV
not given James had 9 children, all born in WV Kaila Welsh
James Flanagan 1842
Roscommon Co, Ireland
Bridget Horan unknown unknown wife b 1842 Ireland Danielle Schwartz
James Flannagan ca 1820 Bridget McGivern ca 1840 Apr 3, 1873 might have been married in Co Down or Benton WIS, 1st child b Benton 1844 Richard Flanagan
James Flanagan Tullamore
Co Offaly,
Ellen Maud (Nellie) Daly bef 1903
Barnes in London
Whitstable, Kent
wife b ca 1875Tiperary, Co Cork d 1918 London Nick Flanagan
James Flanagan or O'Flanagan Dec 1867
Mary McKenna ca 1887 6 May 1936 maybe from Co Mayo or Clare; known sib-Timothy; chld-Ellen, John, James, Mary, Timothy Michael Riordan
James Lawrence Flannigan, Annie McKenzie 1906
Glasgow, Scotland
Isabel not given unknown chld-Robert, Peggy, Ima; remarried & later had twin dgts Lorraine Thornley
James Flanagan unknown Mabel turn 20th cent
from Ireland
unknown lived in Brooklyn NY; chld-Bill, John, Thomas, Catherine, Jewel, Mary, Emily Alexander Fanagan
James Francis Flanigan, Margaret Daley 1840
Tassan, Co Monaghan
Mary McQuade 1865
prob Boston
w/sis Catherine
early 1900s
Providence RI
settled in Providence, m 1869 RI; sis settled in Dover NH m Patrick Carroll in Dover Megan Flanigan-Townsend
James unknown Flanagan, Mary ca 1839
Margaret Murry bef 1865
New York
1884 buried St Mary's Staten Island w/brothers-Edward, John, children Sarah St Hilaire
James Lawrence Flanigan, Bridget Fox 1861
Rose Ann Carroll n/a 1932
b Calvary Cem
sibs-Mary, Patrick, Bernard, Thomas; remarried to Bridget (Delia) & Mary related to Fox, Quinn & Brady families Cathy Kachmer
James (Jimmy) Patrick Flanagan, Catherine Harnan 1893
Dromore, Co Tyrone
Angela Murphy 1910
Inpls IN
1964 uncle Thomas Flanagan went to Texas, looking for him Theresa F Taylor
James James Flannigan, Mary Minnis 1820-30 Margaret Dowds Achterderran Fife bef 1856 1901
Lochgelly Fife
bro Hugh, sis Mary Margaret Butters
James Christopher Flanagan, Mary Kenna 1814 Jane Tanner 1849 4/20/1861 From Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Ireland Betty J Flanagan
James Francis J Flanagan, Anne Carragher from Keady, Co Armagh Mary Gollogly Dover
New Hampshire
ca 1913
at 37 yr
lived in Portsmouth, spelled his name 'Flanigan' Marilyn McKibbin
James Flanagan 1811
Shanagolden, Co Limerick
Honora Hayes ca 1851
Broome Co NY > IL
Freeport IL
chld: Honora, Mary, Jane, John, Margaret, James, Katherine, Sarah, Agnes, Martin Louise Hawthorne
James Francis Flanagan, Alice Carragher 1800s Keady, Co Armagh NI Mary Gollogly late 1880s
Dover NH
age 37
Dover NH
bro Patrick
chld John, James, Francis, Anne, Leo
Marilyn McKibbin
James F Patrick Flanagan, Mary O'Donnell 26 Jul 1866
Laghtavarry, Co Mayo
Mary Josephine Quinn
m ca 1900 Bklyn
ca 1890
Brooklyn NY
2 Feb 1914
Holy Cross Cem
lived in Brooklyn, did masonry work; chld-Thomas, Mary, James; bro John b 1867 Laghtavarry Laura Gott
James George William Flannigan, Susanna Webb May 1, 1877
Belfast, Co. Antrim
Catherine Quirk
not given Feb 1917
Youngest of 6 child; sisters-Susanna, Ellen b 1865, Charlotte b 1867, Daniel n 1870, Jane b  1872 Barbara A. Stewart
James Layfette Benjamine Flanagan, Melvina 1895
Marion Co., Illinois
Lelia Wilkinson n/a not given looking for his gr father, b Kentucky 1840, William Flanagan David Paddick
James Martin Flanagan ca 1912 Matilda Rose Klescka unknown ca 1948 none Kristin Flanagan
Jeremiah Michael Flanagan, Kate Cashin ca 1855
Co Waterford IRE
Margaret Ann Irvine Sydney
Redern NSW
RC; soldier NSW Corp; chld-Patrick, Joseph, Ellen, Robert, Eileen, William, Leo, Margaret, Frances (Irene) Mandy House
Johanna Flanagan ca 1885
John P Ryan n/a 1907
Husband d 1907 St Louis, son raised by Aunt Kate Flannigan in Kansas City MO Malinda Jackson
John Flanagan b mid 1880s
South Australia ?
not given n/a not given Known to have worked in Mt Barker SA, 1879-80 as a barman; fathered child b to Caroline Alexandra Freeman, Mt Barker, SA Marilyn
John Flanagan 1823
Matilda Galloway Canada unknown married Mar 19, 1864 in Bone Head, Simcoe, Ontario CAN; children-Serinda, John, Charlotte, Joseph, Mary Lyn Drabot
John John Flanagan, Mary poss Co Clare, Ireland Johanna Malone 1859 1914
Worcester MA
chld-John, Patrick, Jenny, Hannah, Margaret, Anne Bob Flanagan
John Patrick Joseph Flanagan 3/9/1879 Loretta Ann Sullivan not given 1951 worked for US gov, Treasury under Truman Margaret F Krueger
John Flanagan (father poss Patrick) 1830
Tullycrine, County Clare
Mary Waters 1873
Brooklyn > NJ
ca 1885-1900 wife, Mary Waters, also born in Tullycrine, Co Clare; son, Patrick b Co Clare 1873, sons William b 1877 & Matthew b 1880 in Brooklyn, dgt Mary b ca 1882/3 Kathleen Flanagan
John Martin Flanigan ca 1839
Mary McCoy unknown ca 1900
wid, Mary, lived in Benton Co, IN 1900-49; chld-girl, John, Elizabeth (Smith), George T. John's fam lived Tippicanoe IN Melody Marshall
John Flanagan 1765 Mary Galgey ca 1785+
Richmond VA
ca 1843
Harrison Co VA (W VA)
m in Killea, Ireland 1785; poss Co Waterford; son-William b 1802 Eddie Flanigan
John Flanagan ca 1815
Margaret n/a unknown son, James b 1850 m Anne Darby/Derby b Cavan in Tublin Tallaght 1875; both domestic coach drivers George
John John Flanagan, Rosy McFarlane 6 Apr 1854 not given not given not given chr 18 Apr 1854, 8 wks old, Girvan Catholic Chirch, Ayrshire, SCOT, spons-Francis McFarlane Fionnghal
John Flanigan 1800
Martha Canada 1866
Chapel Point Cemetery
buried in New Brunswick, wife a native from N.B. Marie Flanagan
John Flanagan ca 1825 Catherine Coyle did not emig Jul 12, 1882 lived in Knockatee, Co Cavan; wife emig to Towanda PA 1884 w/dgt Annie Pickens Karen
John Flanagan 22 Jun 1817
Bridget Hennessey
bef 1855 4 Dec 1894
Bear Creek WI
m Louisville KY 1855 > St Louis MO by 1859 > Bear Creek WI 1865 Julie Brassard
John Flannagan unknown not given 1780-90s
1813 not given Debbie Howell
John Timothy Flanagan, Mary Grady 1878 unknown emig from Graigue, Thurles, Co Tipperary, 1902 unknown Arr Ellis Island 1902 gave destination as San Francisco to join cousin, Fr. William Grady; no more info Patrick Flanagan
John Michael Flanigan or Flanagan, Margaret ca 1810 Bridget Denning ca 1836 Dec 1863 lived in Elizabeth NJ Mary Regan
John Flanagan Jan 12, 1859 Lizzie Flowers not given Mar 1924 looking for more info on this family Pat
John Flanagan Roscommon Annie Berry Staten Island not given can't find after 1910 census Margaret Caluori
John unknown Flanagan ca 1780-90
poss Tipp RC Parish
Co Tipperary
Mary Gilhooly
m 1814
Tipperary RC Parish
did not emig unknown chld-Catherine, Eleanor, Harriet, Edmond all b 1814-1821 Tipperary RC parish; possible brother/son, Michael Pat Connors
John R Flanagan 1765 Native American lady from Cork, Ireland 1845
Bankhead Forest, Lawrence AL
none given Russell Flanagan
John C Flanagan 1809-10
Mary n/a aft 1870 maybe related to Mary Flannagan, b.c. 1765 VA., lived in GA, AL, MS Martha Boggs
John Cornelius Flanagan 1911
Toronto CAN
Geraldine Gerken unknown 1976 lived most life in Santa Monica CA Terry Flanagan
John (Jack) Francis Patrick Flanagan, Catherine O'Brien 19 Feb 1878
Mary E McLaughlin n/a 20 May 1936 none given Kristin M Elser
John Harvey Michael Flanagan, Isabel Ohio not given not given not given not given Debbie Tranello
John James John Flanagan, unk Ryan Dec 25, 1863 Helen M Kennedy Dillon 1880
MA > NYC > Cleveland OH
Jul 9, 1931 from Tipperary; possibly a horseshoer in NYC 1880s Tim Drake
John Michael William Flanagan unknown Gertrude Anne Tiffin did not emig bef 1898 m 1883 Waterford; chld-Jessie b 1884 Belfast, William b 1886 Waterford; Gertrude remar 1898 Belfast to John Forsythe Gary McFarling
John Thomas unknown Flanagan, Briget not given Sara Elizabeth Haldeman unknown Apr 18, 1940
Trenton NY
lived most of life in Trenton NJ; looking for father's name and origin J Flanagan III
Joseph Thomas Henry Flanagan, Sara prob Lancashire not known n/a ca 1970s raised in Lancs institution; worked on Fleetwood trawlers; son-Joe Les Harrop
Joseph unk Flanagan, Mary Chapman 1926
Co Limerick
Hilda Jones not given 2004 looking for relatives and info, mother died when very young, father's first name unk Maria Flanagan
Kathryn Flanagan ca 1815
Morris Higgins 1850
Hudson NY
1863 bro-Cornelius; m Kilfennane Feb 1838; chld b Ireland-Morris, Cornelius, John, Margaret;  Clare Higgins
Keith Terry Flanagan, Margaret Colwyn Bay
North Wales
not given not given not given not given Keith Flanagan
Leo John Flanagan, Harriett Lockhart 1904
Sarah Anne Hanson 1923
Ireland >
bro: John James
ggf: Charles
gggf: John b 1811
Ellen Swebbs
Lillian Marie Peter Flanagan, Margaret Curran Aug 25, 1913
Boston MA
Robert Raymond n/a Jun 12, 1984
Boston MA
looking for info on couple Danielle Schwartz
Lloyd Gabriel Flanagan, Edith n/a none n/a n/a Cape Town, South Africa Lloyd Flanagan
Luis Francis Flanagan 1918 not given not given 1975 none Tim Flanagan


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