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First Name Parents Born Spouse Yr Emig & Place Died Comments Contact
Mae Flanagan IL not given not given not given in Canada in 1929 Colleen Lawrence
Malachy Patrick Flanagan, Honor 1859 Kate left from Queenstown, Cork,  to NYC 1897 unknown from Roscommon, on ship, SS Servia arr Aug 19, 1897 Sean Flanagan
Marcella Michael Flannagan, Anne Clarry 1847
Edenderry, Co Offaly
1. Edmond Riordan
2.  James McCourt
1860-68 1920
Oyster Bay,
Long Island NY
m 1869 NY; widowed 1876; 10 chld-2 bec adults; siblings-Anne, Patrick, Michael; all emig NY 1855-60 Jennifer Monahan
Marcella Michael Flanagan, Mary Brogan 1810
Portgloriam, Co Kildare
John Hallion 1857
Port Adelaide, S AU
8/1/1870 emig as widow with 6 chld Carmel Hallion
Margaret O'Flanagan b 1910 Ireland James Webb Barker emig to England July 1951 none given David Barker
Margaret Henry Flanagan, Anna Lougherin 1930s
not given n/a 1972
May Clinic MN
none given Erin Flanagan
Margaret Flanagan 1884 Patrick Jennings 1915 ca 1965
New York
none given Kevin Carroll
Margaret Flanagan 1888 Patrick Burns 1912, NYC, USA 1950s sons-Patrick, Thomas, Jon, settled Yorkville, NYC, upper East side Manhattan Rita Burns
Margaret Flanagan ca 1790
Luke Walsh stayed in Ireland? unknown lived in Cuilleen townland, Elphin for baptism several childrend in 1820s: Michael 1823, Peter & Luke (twins) 8/7/1825, Brigid 1829 Linda Combe
Margaret Owen Flanagan 29 Jul 1832
Russell Town, Co Tyrone
William Button 5 Nov 1838
So Australia
27 Feb 1913 2nd marr-Rogers; b Ardstraw Parish; emig on 1st boat carrying Irish Orphans girls to So Aust.; wrote in Bible-b margins of her cousins' estate Pat Button
Margaret Pat Flanagan, Ellen Jan 9, 1908
William Dukes n/a May 7, 1999 not given S Baker
Margaret Richard Flanagan, Margaret Flanagan 1870
Martin Clancy m Portland OR ca 1888-90 Sep 1945 not given Joan Sullivan
Maria John Flannagan, ? Russell 1846
Co Clare IRE
James Wallace Sydney
not given Neil Wallace
Martin James Flanigan, Jane Limerick
Mary Cullinane 1860 NY Jul 4, 1902
want to hear from anyone connected Christine Flanigan
Martin James Flanigan, Jane Kane 1841 Mary 1861 1901 owned The Grafton House in Grafton IL; chld: Jane, John, Martin, Mary, Margaret Robert Flanigan
Martin Flanigan ca 1810 Johanna King died in Ireland ca 1859 wife and chld emig Kansas City 1859; chld-Bridget, Martin, Patrick, Margaret, James Peggy
Martin James Flanagan 1809 Mory Diegan unknown 1874 New Brunswick CAN, Flanagans lived in Richibucto Chatham areas Joe Flanagan
Mary Patrick Flanagan, Liza Murphy 1867 Patrick Smith to NYC 1881-82 1962 farmed in Lurganconary, Co Down next to Rogers family, m 1888 NYC, had 11 chld Paula Hallau
Mary Patrick Flanagan, Margaret Bride? ca 1870
Co Louth
Thomas Neid ca 1887 Nov 2, 1909 bro-Nicholas, lived in Rochester NY J Brauch
Mary Flanigan not given Edward Cronin ca 1830 Canada dgt Bridget b 1825 Limerick Rosebud Adams
Mary Flannagan ca 1835 Henry Jones 1854 Australia > Tasmania unknown ships to Tasmania:  Dutchess of Northumberland & Caroline Middleton (both in 1854) Julian Jones
Mary Edward Flanagan, Catherine Fagan ca 1856 James Hayes ca 1877
New Zealand
1891 emig from County Westmeath, not sure where in the county Catherine Lindsay
Mary Flanigan child b 1816
Edward Cronin n/a unknown son John Cronin m Mary Shutler, gr dgt Bridgit Cronin m John Shutler in Guelph, Ontario CAN 1853; Bridget d Grey Co, some chld > Michigan Rose Adams
Mary James Flannagah, Mary Moylan Adelaide, South Australia John Keogh n/a Perth, Western Australia d 1914 Kate Power
Mary Flanigan unknown William F Appleton Ontario CAN ca 1861 chld-Mary Jane, James, Margaret, William H; all b betw 1852-8 Angi Bedell
Mary Flanagan Oct 1796 Michael Browne 1849 Boston
from Co Limerick
Jan 17 1849
Benton, Mono, CA
poss father or bro-Denis; sibs-Thomas, Patrick, Dennis, Bridget b 1826+; dgt Bridget ran hotel in Benton CA Susie Smith
Mary Denis Flanagan, Ann Brophy 1865
Robert Crosby 1880s NYC 1936 siblings: Michael, Denis, Ann Gloria Bartosik
Mary Flanagan not given Edward Cronin did not emig not given dgt Bridgit Cronin b Limerick 1825 Rose Adams
Mary Christopher Flanagan, Ann Malone ca 1840 John Quinn bef 1867 aft 1880 in NYC 1880 census, chdrn-John, Ann, Christopher; all bapt St Michael's Dorothy Shannon
Mary John Flannigan, Bridget Flanery? 1837
Cork? IE
Michael Ryan 1850s
Boone Co KY
Verona, Boone KY
raised a large family in Northern Kentucky Jan Lester
Mary Flanagan not given William Larmour not given not given dgt Mary Jane b 1826 m Patrick Farrell T Barnet
Mary Ann Henry Thomas Flanagan, Sara unknown Frank Casey parents to
Lancashire or
English Midlands
12 Mar 1979
sibs-Joseph, William; all said left at woorkhouse by mother before WW1 Les Harrop
Mary Catherine Michael Flanagan, Catherine Loftus 1890 James W McCann not given 1967 none given Kevyn Andrews
Mathew Flanagan 1811
Co Clare
Mary McNamara unknown unknown married in NY state, settled in Dubuque IO, farmer & contractor builder of highways John Joyce
Matthew William Flanagan Portlaoise Theresa Thompson not given Sep 25, 2009 need help tracing family tree Matthew Flanagan
Matthew Michael Flanagan, Hanora O'Harah 1847
Doora Parish
Co Clare
Sarah Elizabeth Tobin 1865
Sydney, Australia
abd 'Wallasea'
Mar 22, 1897 sister, Mary, to Australia 1859, abd 'Caribou' Adam Flanagan
Matthew William Flanagan, Mary 1875
not given parents emig betw 1870-74 Dec 1920 1881 census, parents in Widnes, Lancashire ENG; only in KY 5-10 yrs Maureen Davies
Matthew Bartholomew Flanagan, Mary ? ca 1840
Mary Hurley Bermondsey,
London, UK
1899 came to UK with parents & sibs-John, Mary; wife d 1904 London Lucinda King
Matthew Edward Flanagan 1837 not given not given not given not given Colin Appleby
Maurice Flanagan ca 1825 Ellen Riordan possibly 1851
Arlington IL
bef 1880 1870 US Census, saloon keeper Vanessa Zimmerlein
Michael Flanagan, Flanigan ca 1800 not given not given ca 1855
Carrowduff, Kilshanny
More of death place:
County Clare, Ireland
Ron Flanigan Sr
Michael Patrick Flanagan, Mary Carroll 1800
County Meath
lived in Old Castle (Meath)
Elizabeth Sheridan August 1830
April 30, 1874 1st settlers of Mount St Louis, Simcoe Co, Ontario, Canada; siblings-Bridget, Patrick, Jane Debbie Baker
Michael John Flanagan, Nora 1855
County Galway
Catherine Loftus not given 1910
none given Kevyn Andrews
Michael Flanagan 1850
Zara Elliot England ca 1880 doctor, lived in London, d horse riding accident; dgt Margaret Ciscely b 1876 Lancashire Helen Campbell
Michael Flanagan ca 1800 Elizabeth Sheridan ca 1832
Medonte Twp, Simcoe, Ontario CAN
1874 of Co Meath, Ire; m Oldcastle; son Patrick b enroute to CAN, Nfld; Marilyn Drope
Michael Flanagan 1810 Bridget not given not given looking for parents Julie
Michael Flanagan Athlone, Co. Roscommon Mary Ellen O'Farrell did not emig unknown publican @ Gleesons Pub, Walkin St, Kilkenny 1920/30; 4 sons & 3 dgts; son, Matthew was gfather Martin MacCready
Michael Flanagan ca 1819
Co Tipperary
Margaret Holahan ca 1855
Melbourne AU
Melbourne AU
owned Treasury Hotel in Melbourne; chld-Joseph, Thomas, Mary, Andrew, Julia, Elizabeth, Patrick, Therese b 1855-69 Brian Kennedy
Michael Terry Flanagan, Margaret Bangor,
North Wales
not given n/a not given parents, grandparents from Liverpool ENG Mike Flanagan
Michael Francis J Flanagan, Barbara Ball Memphis TN none n/a not given LA > Southern Mississippi > Memphis TN 1920s Michael Flanagan
Michael Flanagan Ireland Katherine Egan not given note given not given Catherine Flanagan
Michael Flanagan unknown Catherine Brennan not given not given married ca 1850 prob Woodbury So, Iowa Pat Griffith
Michael A Flanigan 1872-74
Co Roscommon
Bridget (Delia) Green(e) 1892/96
Oct 26, 1922
Washington DC
bro-Berton emig and lived in DC Michael J Flanigan
Michael J Peter Flanagan, Mary Morris Jul 6, 1861
Kilcommon RC Parish, Co Mayo
Marguerite Hughes 1880 Sep 12, 1929 not given Fran Bates
Nadia Albert Flanagan, Anne Mulvilihh not given not given not given n/a trying to trace our family tree Nadia Flanagan
Nicholas Joseph Flanagan ca 1819 Catherine Larkin ca 1862 1883
NSW Australia
lived in Brisbane QLD and Rydal NSW Marnya Flanagan
Nora John Flanagan, Anne 1899
Killernan, Kilmaine
Co Mayo
Patrick O'Connor 1902 NYC >>
Ireland early 1920s
ca 1980
pabt Ballinrobe; son Patrick b 1937 d1953 bur O'Connor plot Old Kilmaine Abbey Greg Flanagan
Owen Owen Flanagan, Marg. Creighton not given Brigid Muldoon n/a not given emig. ex. Castlepollard, County Westmeath, returned Sheila
Patrick Michael Flanigan not given Margaret 1867
Temperley, Belfast > Melbourne
not given none given Sue Mooney
Patrick Michael Flanagan, Margaret Burke 1865 Bridget Lynch 1886-88 1925
Bellaire, Ohio
son, Michael b Ireland Linda F Crowford
Patrick Edmond Flanagan, Margaret Egan 12/24/1861 Mary Leahy Knockaderry, Limerick > 1882 US 1938
Chicago IL
5 sons b Chicago; 5 sibs b Rathkeale Par; 2 sibs bap Newcastle West par Kathy Jansen
Patrick John Flannigan, Margaret Burke May 17, 1897 Rose Campbell not given Nov 11, 1975 1st Lt in WWI Maureen Flannigan
Patrick John Flanagan, Ellen Ford ca 1840s
Co Mayo?
Bridget Murphy 1860s Blackburn UK
1903? Tiverton, RI, USA
29 Jul 1914
Tiverton RI
son, Michael J d 1937 Amsterdam NY; son John d Bordentown NJ; other chld-Mary, Patrick (d 1875), James (d 1871) Colleen Golon
Patrick Michael Flanagan, Margaret Burke Feb 2, ca 1863
Bridget Lynch ca 1886 1925
Bellaire OH
son, Michael 3 yr when emig d Buffalo NY; other child-Thomas Patrick Jr, Margaret Mary , John; lived in Wheeling WV & Bellaire OH (some b OH, d NY) Linda Flanagan
Patrick Flannigan ca 1865
Katherine Keenan ca 1887 not given lived in Hartford CT; chld-Matthew, Mary, Katherine, Andrew F, John, Grace, Helen Megan
Patrick Thomas Flannigan 1843 Catherine Vallely Scotland 1923 emig from Ballymacnan Kilcluney, Co Armagh; fath & son soapmakers tallow Hartley J Connelly
Patrick Flanagan 1830 Margaret unknown not given chld-John b 1858, Mary b 1857 or 60, both in VA; 1860 lived in Alleghany VA Stacy Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan ca 1825
Bridget bef 1850
Troy NY
betw 1893-1900 chld-Mary A (m Watson, Millington), James, George, Rose Pat Connors
Patrick Flannigan, Flanagan 1846
Co Cavan
Catherine McNeil(l) Scotland
prob Greenock
prob April 1890
looking for Cavan connections William Prescott
Patrick Robert E Flanagin 1914 Marie Elizabeth Ireland 1975 none given Patrick H Flanagin
Patrick Patrick Flanagan, Polly (Mary) O'Brien 1872
Dublin, Ireland
Mary (Minnie) O'Brien Australia Jun 1938
Sydney AUS
Son Noel b 1914 OLD AU; dgt Catherine b 1818 Sydney NSW AU Patrick Luttrell
Patrick Flanagan ca 1828 Sarah Kerney Co. Offaly >
Hanlon's Point CAN > IL
28 Sep 1906 m St Mary's Ch, Toronto CAN, left Canada ca 1860 Deb Gentry
Patrick Flanagan Co Clare Margaret Bush unknown if emig unknown listed as a farmer on son' marriage Diane Sautner
Patrick Flanagan 1825
Mary Elizabeth Noonan 1860s
Poultney VT
via Troy NY?
unknown wife b Ireland; chld:  Mary, Bridget b Co Roscommon; Anna, James, Patrick, John b Poultney VT Michael Minogue
Patrick Patrick Flanagan, Mary Mee(?) Apr 15, 1835
Ballina Co Mayo or Roscommon
Catherine Ford 1856 NY> Pittsfield, Springfield, Deefield MA Oct 4 1896
Pittsfield MA
bro: Thomas, unk sister Colleen Savoie
Patrick Dominick Flanagan, Bridgit 22 May 1841 Mary Fox England>
Lawrence MA
Lawrence MA
served in Civil War, worked Pacific Mills, had variety store on Hampshire St David Flanagan
Patrick John Flanaghan Ireland Johanna Tobin 1886
Queensland, Australia
Armidale, NSW, Aust.
m 1889 Queensland; chld-John, William, David, Daniel, James Patrick b 1890-1901 Paddy Dugan
Patrick Flanagan Annyalla Parish
Co Monaghan
Mary Brannagan did not emig early-mid 1800s 2great grsons- James Patrick Flanagan, who emig to NH from Keady, Co Armagh w/wife Mary Gollogly; and Patrick Flanigan Marilyn McKibbin
Patrick J Flanagan 1861
Margaret Conroy 1881 3/6/1948
Fitchburg MA
married Troy NY 1883, wife, Margaret, b 1859 and d 1937; chld-Thomas A, Mary T, Cahterine A, Margaret M, James F, Cecelia, Leo B Lois Mattock
Patrick John Michael Flanagan, Alice McCarthy Waterford,
Mary Jane McCaw England not given fought for British or Irish army in India then went to England Patricia
Patrick Joseph Patrick J Flanagan ca 1858
Bridget (Brigid) McHale 1867 not given his family was from County Mayo, Ireland Java Bambino
Patrick M Michael E Flanagan, Elizabeth Ward not given Julia Murphy 1895
Mount Collins, Co Limerick >
Lowell MA
not given sibs: Martin, John, James, Denis, Phillip, Margaret, Mary, Katherine, Michael, Nora, Bessie  Chld:Julia, Bessie, Josephine, Francis, Edward Michael E Flanagan
Patrick Oscar Robert E Flanagan, Mary Ellen Smith 1882
Elizabeth Smith n/a Davy, McDowell Co WV chld:  Audrey, Virginia James Williams
Penelope Flanagan Bornahanna Richard Morrin not given Churchfiled chld-Mary, Bridget, Sarah, Ann, Penelope, Kate, Richard Josephine Powers
Peter Flanigan (Flanegan) ca 1825
Belfast, Ireland
Nancy McQuillan England 1887? married 1854, Carlisle, Cumberland ENG where chld born 1854-64: John, William, Sarah, Elizabeth, Agnes Rhonda Kennedy
Peter James Flanagan, Bridget Horan 1873 or 1875
Margaret M Curran unknown unknown married 1900 Boston MA Danielle Schwartz
Peter Peter Flannagan, Margaret Dunn 1794 Mary Reilly not given 1864
Ayr, Scotland
soldier in 4th Dragoon Guards Jane
Peter Flanagan 1818 Hannah betw 1852-54
Liverpool, ENG
betw 1861 and 1871 looking for others related to this branch Mark Flanagan
Peter Daniel Flanagan Tuam, Co Galway Honora Monaghan 1894
bro-John, sis-Catherine; lived near Glenamaddy, Dunmore in 1950s Carol Reeve
Peter Patrick Flanagan ca 1840 unknown not given not given not given Fran Bates
Peter Edward Flanagan, Elizabeth Connors May 1877 Mary Joyce 1892 Boston bef 1930
Pittsburgh PA
m 3/16/1899 in Boston Mike Livreri
Peter William Flanagan, Sarah Kelly 1848 Elizabeth Rice did not emig 1930s poss b Magheramayo, Drumgooland Par, Co Down, lived Newry Margaret Kristich
Peter B Patrick Flannigan Ireland not given 1851
Ellis Island NY
Mar 22, 1909 lived in Prairie du Chine, Wisconsin Giles Flanagan
Philip Flanagan ca 1798-1805
Lincoln Co NC
1.Elizabeth McLaughlin
2.Ellen Dunn
3.Parthena Hunter
did not emig ca 1890 chld:William, Austin, Mary, Isaac, Henry, Andrew, Sarah, Amanda, Martha, Jane Phyllis Elenrich
Philip Isaac Wamper Flanagan 2/14/1909 Martha W Lovell not given 2004 chld: Phyllis, Patricia, Isaac, Robert, Toby Phyllis F Elenich
Phyllis Marie Isaac Flanagan, Martha Lovell 1/8/1934 1.Victor Birkle
2.John Elenich
not given not given chld: Victor, Adele, Angela, Amy Phyllis F Elenich
Phyllis Maud Flannigan 1904
William Charles Martin South Africa Durban, SA
July 1965
Husband b UK 1902 & d 1972, 3 sons, 1 dgt all b SA Jill Blignaut
Richard Thomas Flanagan, Catherine Carberry 1855
Moate, Co Westmeath, Ire
not given emig to USA
ca 1880
not given none given Joe Flanagan
Richard Richard Flanagan, Sarah Motion 1796 Bawnboy
Co Cavan
Mary McGovern 1867
Kempsey, NSW
Longreach, NSW, AU
www.geocities.com/c.frendo Catherine
Richard Joseph John F Flanagan, Mary E McLaughlin 29 Oct 1912
Dorothy Borchers n/a 29 Oct 2000 Flanagans from Termonfeckin, Ireland to Napa CA, USA Kristin M Elser
Robert John Flanagan, Margaret ? 1821
Moira, Co Down
Esebella Caragan (Caragher? Kerrigan?) Pickering, Ontario, Canada bet 1873-1881 not given Liz Swinden
Robert Ebenezar Flanagan 1813
Tucker Co
W. Virginia
Mary Ellen Smith n/a 7/5/1884
Tucker Co WV
chld:  Patrick, Trox, Charles James William
Rosanna Flanagan ca 1824
Peter McLinden bef 1830
6 Sept 1915
Girvan AYR, Scotland
m Girvan RC Ch, in Girvan in 1861, 1871, 1881 censuses; sis-Mary Fionghal
Rose William Flanagan, Sarah Hillery 8 Apr 1848 not given not given not given chr 23 Sep 1850 Girvan, Ayrshire SCOT, spons-James Flanagan, Margaret Dains Fionnghal
Rose John Flanagan, Ellen Hayes 1819
Co Offaly
Jeremiah Grant
ca 1825
Marsden Swamp, NSW
26 Oct 1895
Canowindra, NSW
bro-Michael, James, John, William, Andrew, Henry, Jeremiah, Joseph, Hugh; sis-Margaret Gary Yeo
Rose John Flannigan, Mary Kiely Newfoundland Peter Hanna fath emig 1813
not given Rose Hanna
Rose Ann Thomas Flanagan, Rose Malone 1895? John L Burns not given Jan 27, 1933 d 2 wks after giving birth to son, Robert J Burns Cheryl Burns-Mullett
Roy Emory Isaac Flanagan, Martha Johnson 1882 Cornelia Sams not given 1958
Churchhill, TN
chld: John, Elijah, Maxwell, Isaac, Della, Maude Phyllis F Elenich
Sabina MaryAnn Martin Flannagan, Sabina McAndrews 1860
Michael J.P. Carroll 1880
Iowa, Nebraska
Harrison NE
father b Ballina, Co Mayo; mother from Roscommon; Flannagan uncles: Thomas, Michael Kevin Carroll
Samuel Flanagan Co Roscommon? Catherine Gardner ca 1775 MD > VA > PA 1809 PA ch Samuel b 1785 PA Carol Flanagan
Sarah Patrick Flanagan, Bridget Jones Milltown,
Co Clare, Ireland
Charles Gray ca 1866 Australia Jan 29, 1898 sis maybe Ellen Flanigan, wit to marr 1868, Victoria AUS Jenn
Sarah William Flanagan, Sarah Hillery 27 Aug 1852 not given not given not given chr 4 Jan 1855, Girvan Catholic Church, Ayrshire, SCOT, spons-Helen Connor Fionnghal
Sim(e)on Flanagan ca 1833 Mary Johns(t)on Jan 1857 Melbourne aboard 'Joseph Tarratt' 1917
m Co Kildare pre 1857; bro Patrick Thomas b 1860 m Julia Kane (1) d 1893and Catherine Genge (2) in Forbes NSW 1895 Henry Skelton
Simon Dennis Flanagan, Mary O'Gorman 1880-90? not given to US
unknown no info other than emig to US Flanagan
Stephen Frank Flanagan, Ethel Mar 1941
Virginia USA
Dixie n/a Aug 7, 2005 none given Karen Flanagan
Teresa Louise James Flanagan, Margaret ca 1877 Harvey Sievenpiper n/a 1967 orphaned 1880; looking for lost siblings Debbie Dean
Thomas Jeremiah Flanagan, Bridget Fitzgerald 1812 Margaret Condon ca 1840
Sept 15, 1898 details of immigration Lawrence Kelly
Thomas Patrick Flanagan, Catherine McNamara 1868
Simcoe Cty, Ontario CAN
unknown n/a unknown left home and never heard from by family again Marilyn Drope
Thomas Patrick Flanagan, Johannah Tobin 1902
Armidale, NSW, Australia
not given n/a not given sibling-Catherine b Brisbane 1891 Paddy Duggan
Thomas Flannagan 1819-20
unknown where
Mary Carrick not given 1868 trying to find where parents were born, England or Ireland, exhausted Eng search Elaine Radley
Thomas John Flanagan, Catherine Coyle 1860
Co Cavan
Mary Ann McCarthy England >
Mar 14, 1931 grew up in Knockatee; m England; lived in Holytown Bridge, Mossend, Scotland Karen
Thomas Thomas Flanagan, Catherine Hamner? 1866? Mary Doherty 1884-88
1940 none given Mary Rose
Thomas Flanagan 188? Mary from Roscommon via Ellis Island NY 197? had 12 bros and sis, one bro-Jim Mary Jo
Thomas James Flanagan, Mary O'Gorman 1835 Margaret Conroy 1859 1880 d NYC aboard burning paddlewheel boat, the 'Seawanhaka" Rob F. Stieglitz
Thomas Flanagan or Flanigan Ireland Sarah Gilhenny 1874
Rhode Island
not given not given Laura Flanagan
Thomas Flannigan not given Catherine Walsh not given not given m 1827, Burin, Newfoundland Violet Moores
Thomas Flanagan 1817 Bridget Breheny 1850
not known looking for connections Chris Flanagan
Thomas F Flanagan 1821-32 unknown 1845-1853 1852/3
Pittston PA
killed in mining/rr accident; son, Thomas J b after his death ca 1853 & raised as Thomas J Dougher in Pittston PA Joan Flory
Thomas J Flanagan 1860
Mary Dougherty 1884 or 1885 19??
none given Mary Krater
Thomas Joseph Flanagan 1889 or 1890 not given Castlerea >> USA 1903 1959 emig with sister Delia; 8 siblings; seeking 6 who stayed in Ireland Jim Flanagan
Thomas William Thomas W Flanagan 1887 Elizabeth M Wright not given not given lived-Borough area London; poss from Co Mayo Ben Waters
Timothy John Flanagan, Kathleen Kennedy Ennistymon, Co Clare, Ireland Mary Neylon not given not given wife's parents-Peter Neylon, Bridget O'Donnell from Ennis Ra-Chel Flanagan
Timothy Cornelius Flanagan, Margaret Ryan 1875 Catherine Fitzpatrick 1901
Jersey City NJ
not given emig from Toberadora, Co Tipperary; lived in NJ with bro-Thomas Patricia A Cooper
Timothy Nicolas Flanegan 1750 name unknown to S.A. on the Chapman not given looking for more info on Nicolas and his wife Claire d Bruin
Vincent Francis Flanigan late 1800s Elizabeth Scotland & Ireland not given d pernicious anemia; Elizabeth d in fire Feb 25, 1925 Karen Meyers
William Christopher Flanagan, Ann Malone Apr 10, 1838
Co Louth, Ireland
Julia Trainor emig to Marcus, Iowa, USA not given brother to Ann and Mary Dorothy Shannon
William (Bill) Thomas Henry Flanagan, Sara prob Lancashire none n/a 14 Sep 1974 raised in Lancs Workhouse or orphanage; shell-shocked in WWII; institutionalized at Whittingham Les Harrop
William Edward Flanagan, Margaret Durnin ca 1810 Bridget Gallagher n/a unknown none given William J Flanagan
William Thomas Flanagan, Mary 1880
Manchester NH
Lauretta n/a 1946 parents from Tynagh, Co Galway Kathleen Flanagan-Hanewich
William William Flanagan, Sarah Hillery 24 Mar 1850 not given not given not given chr 23 Sep 1850 Girvan, Ayrshire, SCOT, spon-Ellen Connor Fionnghal
William Patrick Flanagan, Margaret Bush ca 1840
Co Clare
Ann Fitzpatrick
d 1881
Creswick, Victoria AU
18 Nov 1904
Creswick, Victoria, AU
wife's parents:  Stephen Fitzpatrick, Sarah McNamara; chld-Sarah, John, Mary, William, Peter, Ann, Stephen, Thomas, Patrick, Michael Diane Sautner
William John Flanigan, Sarah Carbery 1876
Sarah Wilson 1927
Buffalo, NY
1954 From County Cavan, Ireland (Knockatee, Castletara); many sibs emig to US bef him Tom Fulton
William William J Flanagan, Margaret Tyrell 4/22/1902 Mary A Lyons Fermanagh > Dublin > Phila PA > New York July 29, 1963 sibs: Daniel, Kathryn, Josephine Kate Flanagan
William Edward Flanagan, Bridget Gallagher 5/1/1835 Bridget Haddigan 1857 via Liverpool to NY > MD 1916
Baltimore MD
sibs:Edward, Patrick, Belle, Frank, John, Kate in Ireland, Eng, NYC William Flanagan
William Edmond Patrick Flanagan unk poss 1866 Clara Ireland? Far Rockaway, NY son-William John R Flanagan
William Gallagher Edward Flanagan, Bridget Gallagher May 1, 1835 Bridget Haddigan New York . Maryland 1853 1916
Baltimore MD
none given William J Flanagan
Willie Joseph H Flannegan, Ellen Reed not given Julia M L Hubbard not given 1978 not given Cahrin Flanagan
Winifred John Flanagan, Bridget Kearns May 1838
Roundfort, Galway, IRE
John Coakley 1882 Aug 4, 1928 m in Springfield OH, 1/17/1888 Roger Cotner
Winifred Ruth Harriet Flanagan Oct 9, 1849
Co Mayo
William T Hunter 1869 New York City 1911 Brooklyn NY 1851 in St Maryleboen, Middlesex, siblings: Sarah 1840, Thomas 1841, John 1847 Michael Brown
Yvonne Peter Flanagan, Elizabeth Wolvaardt 1914 did not marry Zimbabwe to Australia not given not given Y Flanagan



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