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updated 8/18/2018

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Surname Place, Date Contact
Brownlee Magheradartin, Hillsborough Civil Parish,  1700-1800s Pat Connors
Cunningham Killkeel, Townland of Ballymageough, 1840s John Grimes
Daley Co Down, 1854, emigrated to rochester, NY, married Mary Ann Larry
Davis Clonallon, 1815-1832 Marie Riley
Elsmore Lecale, 1793 Michael Fellows
Galbraith Kilkeel, early 1800s Dianne Friden
Halliday Kilcoo 1780 Donna Graham
Grant Comber, early 1800s Dianne Friden
Hunter Ballycloughan, Co Down, b 1787, d 1854 in Ravara Maureen O"Connor
Laird Clonduff, Hillstown, early 1800s; Newry, mid-late 1800s Dianne Friden
Lavery Ballyvicnakally, 1806-1840 Ann Lavery
McClimon b 1822 unknown town, parish Larry McClimon
McGeough Banbridge, 1848 Maureen O'Connor
McKever 1820-1850 John Burgess
McKnight Castlewellan and/or Glassdrummon 1780 Donna Graham
McMullin b ca 1821 unknown place, emigrated to Liverpool ca 1840s Herbert Seabrooke
Seely Kircurrin, Ballyobegan William Seely
Snodden Killinchy, 1800- Tom Web
Sterling Banbridge, 1848 Maureen O'Connor


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