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Adair Dromara 1836 Beth Golden
Baxter Donaghadee and Bangor, b ca 1770, related to: Agnew, Wright, Donaldson Jon Baxter
Boyd b 1820, Drumara,, m. George Truesdale Rosemary McCormack
Boyd Belfast and surrounding area, 1790-1840 Mary Ellen Boyd Konopka
Brownlee Magheradartin, Hillsborough Civil Parish,  1700-1800s Pat Connors
Brown(lie) m Robert Pentland ca 1830, poss Tullylish Elizabeth Fraser
Cunningham Killkeel, Townland of Ballymageough, 1840s John Grimes
Daley Co Down, 1854, emigrated to rochester, NY, married Mary Ann Larry
Davis Warrenpoint, > 1832 Australia Marie Riley
Davis Clonallon, 1815-1832 Marie Riley
Dorrian William b 1863, 1902 m Catherine McShane b 1869, Newtownards William Seely
Elsmore Lecale, 1793 Michael Fellows
Fegan Kilbroney/Rostrevor, 1800+ Sheila Foreman
Galbraith Kilkeel, early 1800s Dianne Friden
Grant Comber, early 1800s Dianne Friden
Gray Mullaghdrin, Dromara, 1800-1900 Rosemary McCormack
Gregg Dromara Parish, emigrated to PA ca 1798, married Marha Corbett Lona L. Boudreaux
Halliday Kilcoo 1780 Donna Graham
Hamilton 1800s Kilkeel, Co Down Kathleen Donnelly
Hamilton Lisnaree, Seapatrick > Beaver co, PA, 1842-46, son > Australia 1841 Andrea Fitzgerald
Hanlon, O'Hanlon Bessbrook, Newry, 1800-1850, relatives from Co Armagh Margaret Garvin
Harper Donnaghadee, Ballygrainey Dianne Poore
Henderson Lisnaree, Seapatrick, before 1849 > Australia Andrea Fitzgerald
Hillen Gilford, 1867 Bob Gallagher
Hollywood Bessbrook, Newry, 1800-1850, relatives from Co Armagh Margaret Garvin
Hughs Bessbrook, Newry, 1800-1850, relatives from Co Armagh Margaret Garvin
Hunter Ballycloughan, Co Down, b 1787, d 1854 in Ravara Maureen O"Connor
Jamison Dromore, 1810 Beth Golden
Johnston from 1850s, Tullynagee and Ballygowan Gary Johnston
Kinghil, Kinkell Clonduff Linda Wittman
Kinley not given Dubuque Roots
Kinnear Dromore, 1810 Beth Golden
Laird Clonduff, Hillstown, early 1800s; Newry, mid-late 1800s Dianne Friden
Lavery Ballyvicnakally, 1806-1840 Ann Lavery
Lecky Tullylish, 1800-1857 Roger Gunson
Little Dromore, 1856 Beth Golden
Martin Lisnacurran, 1856 Beth Golden
McCartney dgt of William/Catherine McClarey,, b 1829 Comer,, m Wm McFarlane Denyse Bonney
McClimon b 1822 unknown town, parish Larry McClimon
McClurg Killinchy in the Woods, Killyleagh Parish Nancy Schaalje
McGeough Banbridge, 1848 Maureen O'Connor
McGowan Bangor, Killinchy in the Woods Joan FitzGibbon
McGreevy Killyleah, b  ca1830, wife: Jane Patterson, father:  John, 3 children Pam Trudeau
McIlwaine Magheradrool, ca 1838 Mike McIlwaine
McKeown not given Dubuque Roots
McKever 1820-1850 John Burgess
McKnight 1820s, unknown where from Tom Reynolds
McKnight Castlewellan and/or Glassdrummon 1780 Donna Graham
McMullin b ca 1821 unknown place, emigrated to Liverpool ca 1840s Herbert Seabrooke
McShane b 1821 Armagh? d 1891 Ballyobegan Inishargy Rd. William A Seely
McStay unknown, 1770+ Sheila Foreman
Murray Magheradrool, ca1838 not given
Newell one of six Clerks of Chancellory Linda Wittman
Pentland married Catherine Brown(lie) ca 1830, possibly @ Tullylish Elizabeth Fraser
Plunket, Plunkett Ballaghanery Upper, Castlewella, Moneyslane Sandra Kelleher
Polin, McPolin, McPoland 1840+ Magheramayo, Drumgooland Sheila Foreman
Ricky marriage of Mrs. Bryce Rickey, ca 1685 Tom Ricky
Riky Drumbeg, Will of Brice Riky, 1738 Thomas Ricky
Seely Kircurrin, Ballyobegan William Seely
Shannon 1717 Donaghmore Parish, Tullymore (John) Wayne Shannon
Shannan 1855 Aghaderg Cem,, Loughbrickland, 1855 Wayne Shannon
Sheerin Tullylish Roger Gunson
Sloan 1800s Kilkeel, Co Down Kathleen Donnelly
Snodden Killinchy, 1800- Tom Web
Spence Clogher, Lisburn, Down, ca 1864 Mike McIlwaine
Sterling Banbridge, 1848 Maureen O'Connor
Thomson Dromore, Down Jennifer Cole
Treanor not given Dubuque Roots
Truesdale Dromara & Dromore, from ealry 1800s to present Rosemary McCormick
Workman b Co Antrim, found in Albany NY by 1826 for birth of son C & F Workman



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