Census of Ireland Seamus Pender, editor

circa 1659 Irish Manuscripts Commission

Co Down, Barony of Lecale Townland

Earl of Ardglasse Oliver Cromewell, John Napper Downe towne Downe
Patrick Russell gent. Walthestowne Downe
James Hamiltion gent. Saule and Ballysaugagh Downe
Thomas Lindsay gent. Clogher Downe
Cromwell West gent. Dromyvillans Downe
John Woole gent. Ballyhosett Downe
William Hamilton Esqr. Bright Bright
Michaell Smith gent. Dondrome Killmeagan
John Gibbons gent. Ballykinloe Toreleagh
James Lesley Sheepland begg and Newtowne Dunsford
Daniell Gowne alius Smith Dunsford Dunsford
Nicholas Fitzsymons and Henry his sonn gent. Killcliff towne Killcliff
Bernard Ward & Nicholas Ward Esqrs., Cromwell Ward gent. Castleward Ballyculter
Andrew Grahine, George Hill gent. Strangfoard towne Ballyculter

Principall Irish Names


McBruine, 07; McBryde, 07; McCrerie, 07; Coun, 06; O Killin, 07; O Kelly, 12; O Kenan, 06; O Murphy, 11; Moore, 08; McNuske, 08; McMullan & McMullen, 11; McMellen, 07; McTagart, 06.


County of Downe: Barrony of Lecale: Eng and Scotts, 1071; Irish, 1631; 2702 Tottall.

Upper Iveagh Barony Townland

Marcus Teruor Exqr., John Raynalds, henry Ovinton gent. Rosse Trevor Kilbrony
Barnard Ward Exqr. Ballynedan Kilbrony
John Smith gent. Loghdein Aghedericke
Barnard Magines, Coun Magines gent. Tollymore Mlaghern
Arthur Lesquire gent. Rathryland Dromgagh
John Campbbell gent. Berecra Donoghmore
Edmond McBryan gent. Ballyharnaty mor Donaghmore
Phellomy McGinis, Phellomy McCartan gent. Collerkill Killingan
Tobias Norrice Esqr. Newcastle Kilcowe
Phellomy Magines, Phellomy McCartan gents. Clarkill Kilemeagn

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.


Boy & McIleboy, 20; McBryne, 12; McBrin, 10; McConnell, 09; McIlepatricke, 10; O Kelly, 17; O Fegan, 24; O Heire, 21; McMurphy, 31; O Morgan, 23.


Barrony of Upper Iveagh: Eng & Scotts, 448; Ireish, 2149; 2597 Totall.

Lower Iveagh Barony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Allexr. Waddell gent. Ilandderry Drummore
Francis Hall gent. Ballynoris Drummore
John Verner gent. Drumskea Drummore
Cristopher Marshall gent. Quilly Drummore
Daniell Monro halfe towne of Ballyloch Part of Sea Patrick
John Boide Drumnovoddry Part of Sea Patrick
William Warren Esqr. Anaghnoan Donnaclony
Captn.Barett Esqr. Laughan Tollelistes
John Vance Drumindony Pt. of Drumarah
Arthur Hill Esqr, William and Conway his sonns, Arthur Parsons, gent. Hils borrow town Crumlin Arrabilt and Pt. of Blaris
Carroll Bolton Esqr. Mease Crumlin Arrabilt and Pt. of Blaris
John Costell gent. Magheregary Crumlin Arrabilt and Pt. of Blaris
James Renolls gent. Maghredorun Crumlin Arrabilt and Pt. of Blaris
William Burly, Theophilus Burly, gents. Ballymagin Magharalin
James Manson gent. Ballylynny Magharalin
Andrew Wyke gent. Drommor Magharalin
Symond Bateman Magharalinch Magharalin

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.


McBrinn, 20; McCollogh, 12; McCormack, 10; O Kelly, 08; Martin, 08; Magee, 11; O Neale, 09; O Lawry, 15.


Barrony of Lower Eveagh: Eng & Scotts, 1252; Irish, 1381; 2733 total.

The Barrony of Ye Newry

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Nicholas Bagnall, Richard Rice, Wm. Hatfield, and Robert Fenwicke Esqrs., Ensigne Hyatt gent. The towne of Newry Newry
Michaell Garvy gent. Ballincrag and Crine Newry Lordship
Savadge Leech gent. Mullurtan 1/2 and ye other 1/2 waste Kilkeele
Arthur Monipenny gent. Monydoroghmore & Monydoroghbegg one towne and quarter Kilkeele
Richard Huston gent. Granfield Kilkeele
Patricke Modder O Howen gent. Lisnecree Kilkeele

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.


O Doran, 20; O Feggan, 08; Garvy, 07; McIlroy, 08; O Quinne, 10; Slowan, 08; White, 08.


Barrony of Newry: Eng & Scotts, 166; Irish, 785; 0951 total.

Kinalerty and Duffrane Barronies

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Richd. Loughbeen, James Hamiltone, Mr. St. John, James Hamilton. Killeleagh Castle Killeleagh
John Robinsone, Archballd Hamiltone, Dauid Williamsone, Dauid Pollock. Killeleagh Corporacon Killeleagh
James Waile Esqr. Tollechine Killeleagh
Allexr. Sloane gent. Lissnagh Killeleagh
Capt. James Moore Esqr. B: Bregoch Killinchy
John Stewart gent. B: Marran Killinchy
Allexr. Stewart gent. Killinikin Killinchy
Archbald Wardlaw gent. Dromkey towne Dromkayes
James Meslvyne gent. Clareoch Dromkayes
Richard Sauadge gent. Dromrod Dromkayes
Edmond Sauage gent. Murvagh, Cloagagh Lochon Iland
John Sauage gent. Reshoner Lochon Iland
John Rainalds gent. Farnfade Lochon Iland
Edward Mulckamp Esqr. Drumetikelly Lochon Iland
Richd. Meriman gent. Dunenew Lochlan Iland
James Whatope gent. Drummachlist Magherhaulett, Magheredrole, Pt. of Kilmore &Pt. of Anaghellt
Walter Johnstoune gent. Rademane Magherhaulett, Magheredrole, Pt. of Kilmore &Pt. of Anaghellt

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number


O Kelly, 011; Smith, 14; McKee, 12; O Rogan, 011; O Bern, 012; O Lowry, 009.


Barrony of Kinalertye & Duffrane: Eng & Scotts, 693; Irish, 763; 1456 total.

Castellreagh Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Robert Monro & James Mongomerre Esqrs., John Griffith gent. Cumber Cumber
Hugh Sauage gent. Ballycattock Cumber
Alexdr. McDowell gent. Ballebeane Cumber
Hugh Dundasse gent. Ballycrelly Cumber
John Keish gent. Tullegarvin Cumber
Fergus Kennedy gent. Ballyloghan Cumber
Hugh Montgomery gent. Ballymalady Cumber
John Ross gent. B: Lishbredan Dindonnall
Joseph Strond Esqr. B: Millton Blaris and Bredaghs
William Beares gent. Bally McConnoghy Blaris and Bredaghs
James Dalyell & James Dalyell gent. Ballyglohorne Tollenekill & Kilmood
James McGill gent. Clogher Drumbo
George Montgomerie Esqr. Bellelessan and Edenderry Drumbo
Ever Oge O Nealle gent. Drumen or the Lower Aghindarragh Killileagh and Killinsy
Wm. Sauadge gent. Killinchy in ye Woods Killileagh and Killinsy
James Hamilton gent. Clowneglare Kilmore
Dauid Kenedy Drumgiven Kilmore
Wm. Fairley Esqr. Ballydeine Kilmore
Neale Roe O Kelly gent. Laggegewan Tawnaghnym
Coline Maxwell Esqr, Gawen Hammilton gent. Lisswyne Tawnaghnym
James Maxwell gent. Drumbegg Drumbegg Pt.

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number.


McDowell, 15; Browne, 15; McCome, 08; McCormick, 07; O Kelly, 15; McKie, 10; McMurry & O Murry, 20; McMullen, 15; Martine, 14; Smith, 11.


Barony of Castlereagh: Eng & Scotts, 1363; Irish, 950; 2313 to:

Ards Barrony

Tituladoes Townland Parish
Archibald Moore gent. Porteterry Ballyphillip
Robert Ross gent. Lismore and Ballyspuige Slanes
John Sauadge Esqr, James Sauadge gent. Arkin Arkin
Hugh Coghran Esqr. Kirkestown Arkin
Robert Ward Esqr. Ardwhin Ardwhin
Hugh Sauadge Esqr. Ballymurphy Ardivhin
Robert Maxwell & Coline Maxwell his sonn gents. Ballyquintine & Tollecarnan Woltar
Patrick Sauadge and Patr: Sauadge gents. Ballegalgat Woltar
Hugh Wallace gent. Roddins Ballyhalber
William Hamilton gent. Rowbane Ballyhalber
Thomas Boyde gent. Portevoggy Ballehalbert
James Wallace gent. Ballyobikin Ballywalter
John Moore gent. whyte church Ballywalter
John Hamilton gent. BallyMcGowne Ballywalter
John Bailly Esqr., Alexr. Bailly gent Inshargy and Ballymullen Ballywalter
Edward Bailly gent. Ballygargan & Nuns quarter Ballywalter
William Montgomery Esqr. Gray Abbay Gray Abbay
George Austine gent. Ballymurcock Gray Abbay
John Peacock gent. Tullecavone Gray Abbay
Wm. Buchanan gent. Blackabbay Gray Abbay
Roger Crymble, Robert Brearely, Henry Cresans, Archiblad Mullen & William Browne, gents. Donnadee Village Donnadee
John Cunynghame gent. Drumfad Donnadee
Thomas Nevin gent. Ballycoplan Donnadee
Patrick Montgomery and Hugh Montgomery gent. Ballycreboy Donnadee
Patrick Moore gent. Ballywilliam Donnadee
Robert Ross and James Ross gent. Portavo, Ballyfutherly, and Coplan Iles. Bangor
George Ross gent. Ballow Bangor
William Barclay gent. Rafgill Bangor
Robert Cunynghame gent. Ballysallagh minor Bangor
William Crawfurd gent. Ballemullen Bangor
Robert Hamilton gent. Ballygrott and Ballyskelly Bangor
Hugh Lord Viscount Montgomery of Ards, Hugh Shaw, Hugh Montgomery, charles Campbell & William shaw, gents. Newtowne Corporacon. Newtowne
John Shaw Esqr. Bally witticock Newtowne
Thomas Nevin gent. Drumchay Newtowne
William Montgomery gent. Movilla Newtowne
Hugh McGill gent. Ballyhonney Newtowne
John Moneypeany and Hugh Montgomery gent. Ballyskeagh Newtowne
Dauid Kennedy gent. Killerny Newtowne

Principall Irish Names [and] Their Number


McCormick, 14; Clerk, 18; McConnell, 09; Browne, 19; Carr & O Carr, 07; McDowell, 15; O Gilmor, 11; Gowne, 07; McKie, 14; McMullen, 15; Moore, 23; Martine, 08.


Barrony of Ards: Eng & Scotts, 1447; Irish, 984; 2431 total.