Chesterfield Strays found in the
Alfreton Marriage Register

courtesy of Jan Hargreaves


George Thornton of Mansfield, stockiner & Alice Philips of Chesterfield, lic., 06.04.1735, Alfreton

Samuel Tomlinson & Mary Cowley, both of Chesterfield, lic., 28.09.1735, Alfreton

Robert Scotten of Chesterfield & Hannah Goodall of Mansfield, lic., 05.10.1735., Alfreton

James Richardson of Chesterfield & Hannah Ludlam of North Wingfield, lic., 17.11.1735., Alfreton

Samuel Higgins & Martha Pinder of Chesterfield, lic., 26.03.1740., Alfreton

Bernard Lucas of Chesterfield, & Ann Ward of Swanwick, p. Alfreton, 22.01.1729, Pinxton

George Housfield & Elizabeth Brailsford, of Brimington, lic.,25.02.1738., Alfreton

James Brough of Walton, p. Chesterfield & Frances Parker, lic,. 01.03.1715, Kirk Langley

John Machin of Chesterfield, bachelor & Frances Hoole spinster, lic., 10.02.1777, Osmaston by Derby

Spencer Sims of Chesterfield, bachelor & Mary Robinson spinster, lic., 27.01.1781, Alvaston

Joshua Dale & Ann Fidler p. Chesterfield, lic., 13.02.1740., Alfreton

James Cowlishaw & Ann Makin, both of Chesterfield, lic., 25.02.1741., Alfreton

William Watts of Brampton & Margaret Robinson, alias Clark, lic., 15.06.1743., Alfreton

William Vecars of North Wingfield & Frances Easemate of Chesterfield, lic., 05.02.1744., Alfreton

Thomas Ludcock of Chesterfield & Mary Sykes of Whittington, lic., 05.11.1746., Alfreton

Robert Fidler of Chesterfield, & Hannah Watkinson of Brampton Moor, lic., 23.10.1749., Alfreton

John Vicars of North Wingfield, & Mary Barker of Chesterfield, lic., 26.06.1750., Alfreton

Robert Turner & Elizabeth Stafford both of Brampton, co. Derby, lic., 05.01.1751., Alfreton

Daniel Townsend, p. Chesterfield & Hannah Tupman, 04.11.1833., Alfreton


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