Eng-Derbyshire-Chesterfield, mailing list website


Chesterfield, birth, death, marriage, & census records, history, etc.
Pigot 1828-29 Directory descriptions; Chesterfield, Staveley, Brampton, Brimington, Ashover, Whittington


Various Chesterfield censuses
1901 Derbyshire Census, interactive, you can add lines/pages


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Wingerworth Parish Burials, various records 1600s & 1800s


Wingerworth Parish Registered Voters, 1846-1847
Wingerworth Parish Jurors, 1847
Chesterfield Birth, Baptisms and Marriages, from BVRI
Civil Registration District for Chesterfield


1829 Freeholders of Chesterfield
Chesterfield Strays found in the Alfreton Marriage Register


The History of the Borough of Chesterfield


1828-29 Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory, Chesterfield



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