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ALFRETON, a parish and market town, in the hundred of Scarsdale, is 141 miles from London, 51 from Manchester, 15 from Derby, 9 from Wirksworth and Chesterfield, and 7 from Belper.  The town, which is long and straggling, without any pretensions to uniformity in its arrangement, or beauty in its buildings, is seated upon a small hill.  The church is an ancient rude structure, having embattled towers with pinnacles.  Here is a dissenting meeting house, and at SWANWICH is a free school, and another at HALFIELDGATE.  A considerable manufactory for stockings is here, & in the immediate neighbourhood are iron foundries, and some productive coal mines.  At SOUTH WINGFIELD village, about half a mile hence, are the remains of an ancient manor house, once one of the most stately residences in Derbyshire; and even in its present ruinous state conveys some idea of its original magnificence.  It was erected in the reign of Henry VI. and in 1569 was the place of confinement of the unfortunate Mary Queen of Scots, under the Earl of Shrewsbury.  There are two fairs held in the year at Alfreton, on the 30th of July for horses and cattle, and a statute fair on the 22nd of November.  The market day, which is on Friday, is a considerable one for grain.  In 1821 the number of inhabitants in Alfreton, with Alfreton-outseats parish, was 4,689.

POST OFFICE, near the Market-place, ALFRETON, John Smedley, Post Master.  The London mail arrives at half-past twelve at noon, and is despatched at a quarter past nine in the morning.


Surname First Address Occupational  Category
Alsop George Maltsters
Argile Thomas Common Corn Millers
Askew George Attorneys
Askey Thomas Higham Blacksmiths
Bacon John   Auctioneers
Barber Joseph Angel Inns and Public Houses
Beastall Thomas Tailors, &C.
Beeley Jno (& manufr), Clay cross Stocking Frame Smiths
Bland Joseph Corn Millers
Booth William Butchers
Booth Obadiah Maltsters
Booth William Tailors, &C.
Booth William Tailors, &C.
Botton James gardener & seedsman Miscellaneous
Briffit John Higham Grocers, Shopkeepers, &C.
Brittle Ward & Ward hosiery manufacturers & at Belper Miscellaneous
Burn William George Inn (& posting house) Inns and Public Houses
Calton Richard Tanners
Carey William Stocking Frame Smiths
Cheetham Samuel Plough, Higham Inns and Public Houses
Clarke Samuel Grocers, Shopkeepers, &C.
Clayton Grace Black Bull, Higham Inns and Public Houses
Clee William Plumbers and Glaziers
Coates Geo bookseller & printer Miscellaneous
Cockayne Thomas Boot & Shoe Makers
Coupland & Goodwin Birchwood Coal Masters & Works
Cressy Hall Gervasc Attorneys
Cupit Thomas Castle Inn Inns and Public Houses
Davenport William Plough  Inns and Public Houses
Davenport Wm wheelwright Miscellaneous
Davy David (and draper) Grocers, Shopkeepers, &C.
Dent Wm (boys' day & boarding) Academies and Schools
D'Ewes, esq. Coke Brook hill hall Gentry and Clergy
Eaton Joseph Bakers & Flour Dealrs.
Elliott Frederick Corn Millers
England William Saddlers
Everingham William cooper Miscellaneous
Farnsworth Thomas Boot & Shoe Makers
Fell Samuel rope maker Miscellaneous
Garratt John Painters-House, &C.
Garratt Rowland Painters-House, &C.
Gibson Wm tinman & brazier Miscellaneous
Goodwin & Coupland Birchwood Coal Masters & Works
Green  Thomas wool comber, spinner & tea dealer Miscellaneous
Greenfield, Rev Thos Sherland Gentry and Clergy
Griffin Spencer Surgeons
Hadfield John Red Lion, Sherland Inns and Public Houses
Halton, Colonel South-wingfield Gentry and Clergy
Hardy William Sherland Butchers
Haselwood Wm to W Palmer Morewood, esq Agents
Haslam William Higham Boot & Shoe Makers
Haslam & Brothers Swanwick Corn Millers
Hayes Joseph Ironmongers
Hill Wm Higham Blacksmiths
Holland Mary Ford hall Gentry and Clergy
Holliwell Wm watch maker Miscellaneous
Holmes, Captain John Gentry and Clergy
Hool George Swanwick Butchers
Hoppkinson William Auctioneers
Jepson George Maltsters
Jessop, esq Wm Betterley hall Gentry and Clergy
Kemp James Red Lion  Inns and Public Houses
Lesson & Taylor builders Miscellaneous
Linacre John George and Dragon, Clay cross Inns and Public Houses
Lomas Wm Penterigh Butchers
Marsden Frederick Butchers
May John Clay cross Boot & Shoe Makers
May George Angel, Clay cross Inns and Public Houses
Mellor George Shoulder of Mutton Inns and Public Houses
Millwood Robert Park mill Corn Millers
Moreword, esq Wm Palmer Alfreton hall Gentry and Clergy
Moreword, esq Wm Palmer Swanwick colliery Coal Masters & Works
Nicholas Geo dealer in smallwares Miscellaneous
Nixon Thomas Butchers
Oakes  Jas & Co (& iron), Riddings Coal Masters & Works
Oakes, esq James Riddings hall Gentry and Clergy
Parkes Alexander (and druggist) Grocers, Shopkeepers, &C.
Parsons Richard Riddings hall Butchers
Peech John Queen's Head, Sherland Inns and Public Houses
Pendleton George Bull Inns and Public Houses
Pepper, Rev John Gentry and Clergy
Port Adam hat maker Miscellaneous
Radford William Blue Bell Inns and Public Houses
Radford Joseph Three Horse Shoes Inns and Public Houses
Radford Thomas candle wick manufacturer, Higham Miscellaneous
Richards Henry Surgeons
Riley Henry Wellington, Sherland Inns and Public Houses
Roberts Samuel (and tanner) Maltsters
Roberts Samuel (and malster) Tanners
Rolly Joseph (and draper) Tailors, &C.
Sadler James Clay cross Stocking Frame Smiths
Saxton William Linen Drapers
Shepherd John needle maker Miscellaneous
Simpson John Tailors, &C.
Simpson William Tailors, &C.
Simpson Mary straw bonnet maker Miscellaneous
Slack John wood turner & chair maker Miscellaneous
Smedley John Grocers, Shopkeepers, &C.
Smethurst Robert Royal Oak Inns and Public Houses
Stanley Thos Clay cross Academies and Schools
Stanley Thos Waggon & Horses Inns and Public Houses
Stanley Thomas Maltsters
Storland John Butchers
Sutcliffe John stone mason Miscellaneous
Tagg John Butchers
Taylor & Lesson builders Miscellaneous
Thirkhill Charles Saddlers
Thompson William Plumbers and Glaziers
Towndrow William Maltsters
Turbott Elizabeth Oxton hall Gentry and Clergy
Turbott, Rev Richard Morton Gentry and Clergy
Vardey Philip Three Horse Shoes, Stretton Inns and Public Houses
Waine George Clay cross Tailors, &C.
Wainwright William White Bear, Stretton Inns and Public Houses
Ward Brittle & Ward hosiery manufacturers & at Belper Miscellaneous
Warton Joseph Claycross Blacksmiths
Warton Mary Horns, Higham Inns and Public Houses
Wass William (and cutler) Ironmongers
Webster Wm Barley Mow, Higham Inns and Public Houses
Weston Anthony Butchers
Wheeler James Surgeons
White Thomas Higham Grocers, Shopkeepers, &C.
Widdowson Jas & Co Greyhound, Higham Inns and Public Houses
Wilbraham Paul Clay cross Grocers, Shopkeepers, &C.
Wilkinson, esq John Hilcot hall Gentry and Clergy
Wilson Joseph Carn Field hall Gentry and Clergy
Wilson Wm to Mssrs Wylde & Bolgar, Southwell Agents
Wilson Benjamin Blacksmiths
Wilson William & George Linen Drapers
Wilson George & William Linen Drapers
Wood, esq Robert Ripley Gentry and Clergy
Wood, Rev John Swanwick Gentry and Clergy
Wooding John Bakers & Flour Dealrs.
Woolley Saml Birchwood colliery Coal Masters & Works
Wragg William Blacksmiths
Wragg William Butchers
Wragg Wm (and tallow chandler) Grocers, Shopkeepers, &C.
Wragg James fellmonger Miscellaneous
Wrigglesworth Geo  (&spirit dealr) Grocers, Shopkeepers, &C.
Wrigley George nail maker Miscellaneous



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