U.K. Records - FreeTrial

Surname First Address Occupation
Keeton John Mosbrough Scythe and Sickle Makrs
Kesteven Jno Lord's mill st Needle manufacturer
Kinder Jno (woolln cloth) Brampton Manufactrs of Sundries
King Wm Vicar lane Tallow Chandlers
Kirk Robt Shambles Leather breeches maker
Kirk Wm. Packer's row Boot and Shoe Makers
Knowles Luke (& stone bottle) Brampton moor Earthenware Manufcrs.
Knowles Mary Whittington Corn Millers
Knox Rev. Andrew Holywell st Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Laffbury James Newbold's yard Basket and Skip Makers
Langton  (Castle Inn) Jos Market pl Taverns & Public Houses
Launt John Market Place Coopers
Launt Wm. Beetwell st Coopers
Lawrence Wm bottom of Market pl Tailors
Ledger Richard Tapton mill Corn Millers
Lee (New Inn) Thos Masbrough Taverns & Public Houses
Limb Wm Saint Mary's gate Tailors
Lingard & Wright Vicar lane Iron Merchants
Lingard James Market Place Grocers & Tea Dealers
Lings Elizabeth Glumangate Milliners
Linton Robert New square Stone Masons
Littlewood Peter Glumangate Painters
Lomas John Holywell cross Confectioners
Lomas Sarah New Square Confectioners
Lomas Sarah New Square Grocers & Tea Dealers
Longston (Red Lion) Esther Brampton Taverns & Public Houses
Lovett Wm Packer's row (Commercial Hotel) Inns
Lowe Joseph Beetwell st Tailors
Lucas M.B. New Square Attorneys
Lunn & Swift Staveley Grocers & Tea Dealers
Lunn & Swift Staveley Linen & Woollen Drapers
Madin Aaron (& stone bottle) Whittington moor   (& ground ware) Earthenware Manufcrs.
Malkin esq. Robert Tapton lane Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Maltby & Robinson New Square Bankers; draw on Glyn & Co., London
Mangle Richard Lord's mill street Boot and Shoe Makers
Manknell Samuel Holywell st Wheelwrights
Marples George Staveley Butchers
Marples Isaac South st Boot and Shoe Makers
Marriott Wm. Beetwell st Blacksmiths
Marsden (Sun) John West bar Taverns & Public Houses
Marsh John Lord's mill street Attorneys
Marsh Wm. Market Place Braziers and Tinmen
Marshall Samuel Elder yard and Shambles Conveyancers
Marshall Samuel Shambles & Elder yard (Royal Exchange) Fire, &C. Office Agents
Martin Francis Holywell st  (& veterinary surgeon) Farriers
Martin Richard Staveley Hat Manufacturers
Mason Hen. Market pl Rag merchant
Mason Henry Soresby street national, boys'; Academies and Schools
Mason Henry Market place (& dealer in glass) Ironmongers
Mason (and seedsmen) and Allen Market place Tobacco Manufactures
Mason (Red Lion) Joseph Ashover Taverns & Public Houses
Massey (Star) John Holymoor side Taverns & Public Houses
Mather (Shoulder of Mutton) John Hasland Taverns & Public Houses
Mawkes (Miner's Arms) Wm Welchpool Taverns & Public Houses
May esp Charles Henry Whittington cottage Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Maynard esp. Edm. Gilling West bar Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Mellam (Cock and Magpie) William Whittington Taverns & Public Houses
Melland esq. Wm. Brampton hall Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Mellor Joseph Well Spring House, Holymoor side Cotton Spinners
Mellor Samuel Ashover Wheelwrights
Mettam (White Horse) Dorothy Whittington Taverns & Public Houses
Middleton John Saltergate Tailors
Mills & Elliot Holymoor side Cotton Spinners
Mills Chas Ashover Lead merchant
Mills Jno Ashover Lead merchant
Milner (Three Horse Shoes) Joseph Brimington Taverns & Public Houses
Mitchel (Eagle) Edwd Beetwell st Taverns & Public Houses
Moore Sampson Staveley Tailors
Morrill Samuel Staveley Tailors
Mugliston Geo. Lord's mill street Lace Manufacturer's
Mugliston Jno Lord's mill street Lace Manufacturer's
Mugllston Geo. Lord's mill street Hosiers, &C.
Mugllston Jno Lord's mill street Hosiers, &C.
Nall Robert Beetwell st Butchers
Nall, jun. Robert Shambles Butchers
Nall, sen. Robert Shambles Butchers
Naylor (Wheat Sheaf) Eliz. Market place Taverns & Public Houses
Newbold Charles  Shirebrook Bakers & Flour Dealers
Newbold John Beetwell st Clog and Patten Makers
Newbold John Beetwell st Grocers & Tea Dealers
Newton John Saltergate Rope Makers
Nicholas Wm. Packer's row Auctioneers
Nixon R.M. Market place Linen & Woollen Drapers
Nodder Rev. Jos. Marsh Green hall Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Nutall (George & Dragon) Thos Heath Taverns & Public Houses
Oldfield Thomas (& stone bottle) Brampton moor (& ground ware) Earthenware Manufcrs.
Palmer (Green Dragon) John Mosbrough Taverns & Public Houses
Parker John Wingerworth boys' day; Academies and Schools
Parker George Holywell st Joiners
Parker Wm Market place Saddlers
Parkin John Knifesmith gate Tailors
Parkin John Stubbing  Boot and Shoe Makers
Pearson Haslam Market place Hat Manufacturers
Peat John West bar Plumbers and Glaziers
Peech Rev. Wm. Brampton  Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Pendleton Thos Beetwell st Hat Manufacturers
Pickard Mary Saint Mary's gate Grocers & Tea Dealers
Pickard Thos Newbold land end Wheelwrights
Pinder (King & Miller) Wm Market place Taverns & Public Houses
Plant Thomas Packer's row Clog and Patten Makers
Prince John Market place Fellmongers
Pritchard Wm Welchpool Hat Manufacturers
Pullin Robert Market place Hair Dressers
Redfern George Stavely Bakers & Flour Dealers
Renshaw John Welchpool Grocers & Tea Dealers
Revill  (Barley Mow) Jos Wingerworth Taverns & Public Houses
Reynold Thomas Knifesmith gate Bakers & Flour Dealers
Reynolds Thomas Shambles Butchers
Richards George Brimington Blacksmiths
Richardson (Peacock) Wm New sq. Taverns & Public Houses
Riggard S & R Brown's yard Hat Manufacturers
Riggart Elizabeth Soresby st Straw Hat Makers
Roberts & Hoole Market place Linen & Woollen Drapers
Roberts Jno near Beetwell st Governor of the house of correction
Roberts John High st (Manchester Assurrance) Fire, &C. Office Agents
Roberts John High street Booksellers, Printers & Stationers
Roberts John Holywell Grocers & Tea Dealers
Roberts John near the Silk mill Cabinet Makers
Roberts Richard Knifesmith gate Confectioners
Roberts Thos Newbold Maltsters
Robinson & Son New Square Hosiers, &C.
Robinson & Son New square Linen & Woollen Drapers
Robinson & Son (Dutch gloves) New square Manufactrs of Sundries
Robinson Arthur Wingerworth Corn Millers
Robinson Jonathan Shirebrook Corn Millers
Robinson Wm New Brampton Pipe Makers, Tobacco
Robinson Wm New square wool stapler
Robinson Wm. Wingerworth Corn Millers
Robinson  John Saltergate Butchers
Robinson Rev. Robert Whittington Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Rodger Wm. Saltergate Cabinet Makers
Roe Samuel Wingerworth Joiners
Rooth John Lord's mill st Tanners
Rooth John Saltergate Maltsters
Rooth John Saltergate Timber mercht
Rose Sarah Packer's row Milliners
Rotherham Henry Glumangate Plumbers and Glaziers
Rutherford Jesse Bole hill Stone merchant
Sales James Staveley Tailors
Sales John Staveley Boot and Shoe Makers
Salkeld John Lord's mill st Painters
Savage Cephas Soresby st Joiners
Savage Jno New square (Norwich Union) Fire, &C. Office Agents
Schofield Thos New Square Glass & China Dealers
Scott Dan Knifesmith gate Flax Dressers
Scott Dan Saltergate Rope Makers
Scott John Saltergate Coach Makers
Scott Wm. Saltergate Coach Makers
Shackles Francis Whittington Tailors
Shacklock Francis Standfree Joiners
Shacklock Godfrey Standfree Watch & Clock Maker
Sharp Samuel South st Chair maker
Shaw George Glumangate Stone Masons
Shaw Thos Salter gate Gardeners & Seedsmen
Shaw Wm Glumangate Stone Masons
Shaw Wm Lord's mill street Grocers & Tea Dealers
Shaw Wm. Lord's mill street Clog and Patten Makers
Shaw  (Anchor) Jas Saint Mary's gate Taverns & Public Houses
Shaw (Grape Tavern) Geo. Glumangate Taverns & Public Houses
Sheldon & Colby Welchpool Tobacco Manufactures
Shepherd Thos.  Wingerworth Blacksmiths
Shepley George Knifesmith gate Plumbers and Glaziers
Sherwin (Hat & Feathers) Francis Welchpool Taverns & Public Houses
Short John Saint Mary's gate Curriers & Leathr Selrs.
Short Wm. Holymoor side Boot and Shoe Makers
Short  John Holymoor side Boot and Shoe Makers
Short (White Lion) John Glumangate Taverns & Public Houses
Short Rev. Lawrence Ashover Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Siddall John Whittington Wheelwrights
Silcock Robert Shambles Butchers
Simms James Saint Mary's gate Hat Manufacturers
Simms Wm Beetwell st Wood turner
Simpson George West bar Nail Makers
Sitwell Sir George Bhenishaw Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Slack Geo New sq Breeches maker
Slack Saml. (silk) Lord's mill street Dyers
Slade John Norbriggs Maltsters
Smith Ebenezer & Co (& steam engine makers) Adelphi & Calow works Iron Masters, and Iron and Brass Founders
Smith Ebenezer & Co Staveley Coal Masters and Coal Merchants
Smith Henry Packer's row Grocers & Tea Dealers
Smith John Ashover Gardeners & Seedsmen
Smith John West bar Hat Manufacturers
Smith Matthew Kelstage Wheelwrights
Smith  John Haslend Blacksmiths
Smith esp. John Mosbrough hall Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Spencer (White Lion) John Saltergate Taverns & Public Houses
Stanhope James Glumangate Boot and Shoe Makers
Stansby John Glumangate Corn Millers
Statham Wm. Saint Mary's gate Butchers
Statham Wm. Shambles Butchers
Statham (Turf Tavern) John Holywell street Taverns & Public Houses
Staton Nathaniel Mosbrough Scythe and Sickle Makrs
Steade M. Spital gent.; Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Stevenson Mary Ashover Corn Millers
Stevenson Thos. Beetwell st Cabinet Makers
Stevenson (Red Lion) George Packer's row Taverns & Public Houses
Stoakes Jonathan New square Physicians
Stocks Samuel Lord's mill st Wheelwrights
Stone Thomas Staveley Butchers
Stones (Green Man) Marla Staveley Taverns & Public Houses
Straw James West bar Boot and Shoe Makers
Street Mary Lord's mill street Fellmongers
Stubbing Phillis Market Place Grocers & Tea Dealers
Swift & Lunn Staveley Grocers & Tea Dealers
Swift Godfrey Staveley Blacksmiths
Swift Lunn Staveley Linen & Woollen Drapers
Swift Richard Staveley Butchers
Swift Wm. Knifesmith gate Bakers & Flour Dealers
Swift Wm. Knifesmith gate Boot and Shoe Makers
Swift Wm. Stavely Bakers & Flour Dealers
Swift (Griffin) Geo. New Brampton Taverns & Public Houses
Taylor Benjamin Market place Hair Dressers
Taylor Hurst High st Linen & Woollen Drapers
Taylor John Ashover Tailors
Taylor Samuel Brimington Wheelwrights
Taylor (Cross Keys) James Knifesmith gate Taverns & Public Houses
Taylor (Rodney) Edwd New Brampton Taverns & Public Houses
Tennison Reuben Market place Watch & Clock Maker
Tetley Thos West bar Grocers & Tea Dealers
Thackray Anthony West bar Nail Makers
ThickettMark Anthony Glumangate Boot and Shoe Makers
Thomas W.B. Holywell st Attorneys
Thompson John Hollywell street Watch & Clock Maker
Thompson Jos Ashover hill Engineer
Thompson Thos Heath Wheelwrights
Thorp John Whittington Blacksmiths
Thorp John Whittington Grocers & Tea Dealers
Thorp Joseph Whittington Corn Millers
Thorp (Devonshire Arms) Aaron Holywell st Taverns & Public Houses
Timons John Upper Langworth Boot and Shoe Makers
Todd (Square & Compass) George West bar Taverns & Public Houses
Tomlinson George High street Coal Masters and Coal Merchants
Tomlinson J.R. West bar Curriers & Leathr Selrs.
Tomlinson Joseph Holymoor side Boot and Shoe Makers
Tomlinson  (Board) John Norbriggs Taverns & Public Houses
Towndow & Batteson Saltergate Corn Dealers
Towndrow & Batteson Saltergate Maltsters
Towndrow Wm Market Place Grocers & Tea Dealers
Townsend Ruth (& miller) West bar Corn Dealers
Trueman Elizth Knifesmith gate Confectioners
Tucker Wm Beetwell st Silk throwstr
Turner George Mosbrough Scythe and Sickle Makrs
Turner Isaac Brampton Boot and Shoe Makers
Turner Job Ashover Nail Makers
Turner John Saltergate Coach Makers
Turner Samuel Knifesmith gate Stone Masons
Turner William Packer's row (Old Angel) Inns
Turner Wm. Brampton Butchers
Twelves (Swan) Saml  Saint Mary's gate Taverns & Public Houses
Twig Jas. Ashton Whittington moor Miscellaneous
Twig Jno Ashover Line dealers
Twig John Ashover  Rope Makers
Twig John Ashover hill Rope Makers
Twig Jos Ashover Line dealers
Twig Joseph Ashover Rope Makers
Veans Samuel Keltstage Blacksmiths
Veans (Red Lion) Chas Kelstage Taverns & Public Houses
Vickers (Red Lion) Chas Brampton Taverns & Public Houses
Wain Avery Packer's row Brush Manufacturers
Walker Bath Knifesmith gate Plumbers and Glaziers
Walker John Ashover Boot and Shoe Makers
Walker John Knifesmith gate Saddlers
Walker John Knifesmith gate Surgeons
Walker Joseph South st Gardeners & Seedsmen
Walker Joseph South st Grocers & Tea Dealers
Wall Ann Holywell st ladies' boarding; Academies and Schools
Wall Elizabeth Vicar lane Straw Hat Makers
Wall James Market Place Grocers & Tea Dealers
Wallace Rev. Rbt. gents' boarding; Academies and Schools
Waller New Square Attorneys
Walls (Crispin Arms) Jos. Ashover Taverns & Public Houses
Walton Isaac New Square Grocers & Tea Dealers
Walton Martha Brampton ladies' boarding; Academies and Schools
Walton Mary Brampton ladies' boarding; Academies and Schools
Ward John Market place Linen & Woollen Drapers
Warren Robert Ashover Governor of the workhouse
Watson  (Barley Mow) John Saltergate Taverns & Public Houses
Watts George Holymoor side Boot and Shoe Makers
Watts Joseph Rattle Stone Masons
Watts Joseph Wingerworth Joiners
Watts Joseph Wingerworth Wheelwrights
Watts Joseph, sen. Rattle Maltsters
Watts Thos Holymoor side Blacksmiths
Watts Thos Holymoor side Grocers & Tea Dealers
Webster Wm. Shambles Butchers
Webster (Board) Joseph Saint Mary's gate Taverns & Public Houses
West (George Inn) Thos Whitwell Taverns & Public Houses
Wharhurst Henry High st Confectioners
Wharton Charles Beewell st Machine Makers
Wheatcroft Titus Ashover Gunsmiths
Wheatcroft Wm Ashover Gunsmiths
Wheelhouse George Staveley Joiners
White Grace Lord's mill st Straw Hat Makers
White John Ashover Blacksmiths
Whitworth Charles Heath Blacksmiths
Widdowson Wm South st Tailors
Widdowson (Hare & Hounds) Mary Watch hill Taverns & Public Houses
Wilbourn Wm Church land  Tallow Chandlers
Wilcockson Samuel Saltergate and Bishop mill Corn Millers
Wilcockson Thos New sq pawnbroker
Wild Joseph (worsted) Beetwell st Manufactrs of Sundries
Wild Robert West bar Boot and Shoe Makers
Wildsmith (Three Horse Shoes) Wm High st Taverns & Public Houses
Wilkinson Valentine Beetwell st Rope Makers
Wilkinson  Mrs. Ann Packer's row Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Wilkinson esq. Isaac Tapton house Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Willis Wm Ashover Tailors
Wilson Mathias Market Place Auctioneers
Wilson Robert Holywell st Nail Makers
Wilson (Old Wheat Sheaf) George Packer's row Taverns & Public Houses
Windle William Hasland Wheelwrights
Woodhead John Holywell st boys' day; Academies and Schools
Woodhead Richard Holywell st girls' day; Academies and Schools
Woodhead Thomas New Square Booksellers, Printers & Stationers
Woodrooffe Wm Newbold's yard Tailors
Woremsley Robert Packer's row Tailors
Worrall Jane South st Straw Hat Makers
Worsley esq. Thos. Carroll Overton hall Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Wrag James Market Place Flax Dressers
Wrag James (& sacking) Saltergate Rope Makers
Wrag John Heath Blacksmiths
Wright Edward (& stone bottle) Brampton moor Earthenware Manufcrs.
Wright George Packer's row Linen & Woollen Drapers
Wright John Market place Tailors
Wright John & Son St. Mary's gate Stone Masons
Wright John (& tailor) Market place Linen & Woollen Drapers
Wright Matthew Narrow lane Boot and Shoe Makers
Wright & Lingard Vicar lane Iron Merchants
Wright (Nelson) James Ashover Taverns & Public Houses
Wright (Skinner's Arms) Elizabeth Lord's mill street Taverns & Public Houses
Young Wm Welchpool Grocers & Tea Dealers