U.K. Records - FreeTrial

Surname First Address Occupational  Category
Abercomby esq. M.P. James Stubbing hall Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Adlington Jonathan Packer's row (& dealer in London Hats) Linen & Woollen Drapers
Adlington Joseph Packer's row  (Sheffield) Fire, &C. Office Agents
Alderson Ann Knifesmith gate Straw Hat Makers
Allen & Hides Market Place Grocers & Tea Dealers
Allen James Brimington Bakers & Flour Dealers
Allen John Lord's mill st Tanners
Allen (and seedsment) and Mason Market place Tobacco Manufactures
Alletson George Holywell st Blacksmiths
Alletson Thos. Upper Langworth Wheelwrights
Alsop Richard Beetwell st Tallow Chandlers
Alsop (Star & Garter) Chas. New sq Taverns & Public Houses
Alsop (three Tuns) John Market pl Taverns & Public Houses
Andrew John Staveley Butchers
Andrew John Staveley Maltsters
Anthony Edward Soresby street Blacksmiths
Appleby T. & T. (& irron masters) Rhenishaw Iron Merchants
Armstrong Edward Whaley mill Corn Millers
Ash (White Horse) Wm Kelstage Taverns & Public Houses
Ashbirdge Rev. Joseph Heath Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Ashmore Samuel Saltergate Painters
Askew Michael Tupton Butchers
Askew (Crown) Wm Askew, Lord's mill st Taverns & Public Houses
Askew (Greyhound) George Saint Mary's gate Taverns & Public Houses
Askew (Rose & Crown) Wm Tupton Taverns & Public Houses
Auld John Market st Engraver
Bainbridge Rbt & Co. Whittington moor Earthenware Manufcrs.
Bainbridge Robert Packer's row Grocers & Tea Dealers
Bamford John Ashover Butchers
Banks Thomas Whittington Blacksmiths
Bardsley (Ship) Mary Lord's mill st Taverns & Public Houses
Bargh George Upper Langworth Bakers & Flour Dealers
Barker Alice Lord's mill street Confectioners
Barker (Old Lion) George Ashover Taverns & Public Houses
Barlow Thomas Salter gate Bakers & Flour Dealers
Barnes John Gerrald Ashcroft gent; Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Barnes Mary Soresby st Repository for children's clothes
Barton John Holywell st Butchers
Batteson & Towndow Saltergate Corn Dealers
Batteson George Packer's row Grocers & Tea Dealers
Batteson Market Place Chymists and Druggists
Batty Wm. Gluman gate Boot and Shoe Makers
Batty Wm. Glumangate Curriers & Leathr Selrs.
Beard John Saltergate Painters
Beard Neville Knifesmith gate Hair Dressers
Beard Wm West bar Tailors
Beardmore George Lord's mill street Lace Manufacturer's
Bee jun. Joseph Knifesmith gate Butchers
Bee sen. Joseph High street Butchers
Beedale Wm. Knifesmith gate & Saltergate Braziers and Tinmen
Bennett Mary Market place Saddlers
Bennett Thos. (fustians) Woodthorpe Manufactrs of Sundries
Bennett  (Bull's Head) James Holymoor side Taverns & Public Houses
Bennett (Pheasant) John Over the Moor Taverns & Public Houses
Berresford James Keltstage Boot and Shoe Makers
Bestwick George Whittington Tailors
Bingham John Saint Mary's gate Grocers & Tea Dealers
Bingham John Saint Mary's gate Tallow Chandlers
Blake Wm Saltergate Painters
Blanksby George Ashover Gardeners & Seedsmen
Blanksby  (Bird-in-Hand) Joseph West bar Taverns & Public Houses
Blockley Samuel Lord's mill street Gardeners & Seedsmen
Bloom Wm Knifesmith gate Hair Dressers
Bollington James Vicar lane Tailors
Bonnington Joseph Market Place Boot and Shoe Makers
Booker Wm. High street Chymists and Druggists
Booth Hanah Brampton Bakers & Flour Dealers
Booth John Brampton Tailors
Booth Josephy Upper Langworth Blacksmiths
Booth Titus Shire brook Wheelwrights
Booth (Red Lion) Joseph Upper Longworth Taverns & Public Houses
Booth (White Hart) Wm Walton Taverns & Public Houses
Bosley Mrs. Ann New Square Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Botham & Carledge Glumangate Surgeons
Bottom Richard Packer's row Surgeons
Bowden esq. Henry Southgate Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Bowden esq. John Brunoe Beighton Fields Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Bower Joseph Market Place Braziers and Tinmen, and japanner
Bower Joseph Market place Ironmongers
Bower Wm New square Watch & Clock Maker
Bower (George & Dragon) Ann Brampton Taverns & Public Houses
Bower (Square & Compass) George Whittington Taverns & Public Houses
Bowler Francis Ashover Grocers & Tea Dealers
Brailsford (Nag's Head) Francis Staveley Taverns & Public Houses
Brandy Jeremiah Tapton Tailors
Bridden Samuel Shambles Butchers
Briddon Wm (& stone bottle) New Brampton Earthenware Manufcrs.
Britt Aaron  New square (Old Star) Inns
Britt Richard Falcon yard Plumbers and Glaziers
Bromchcad Rev Robert Whittington gents' boarding; Academies and Schools
Brown J. C. Soresby street Attorneys
Brown Josiah Market place Ironmongers
Brown Richard Ashover Boot and Shoe Makers
Brown Samuel Whittington Butchers
Brown & Mellor Holywell st Surgeons
Brown  (Apple Tree) Godfrey Brookside Taverns & Public Houses
Brunt Thomas Whittington Tanners
Buckley (Board) Hugh New road Taverns & Public Houses
Buckley esq. Henry Stavely Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Bunting Claughton & Co Market pl Wine & Spirits Merchants
Bunting John Ashover Tailors
Bunting Wm. Upper Langworth Corn Millers
Burkitt Wm Hollis lane Maltsters
Burkitt (Feathers) Wm Lord's mill street Taverns & Public Houses
Burrows Joseph Market Place Bakers & Flour Dealers
Burrows Joseph Market Place Corn Dealers
Burton Benjamin Soresby st Surgeons
Burton James Shirebrook Blacksmiths
Bush John West bar Hair Dressers
Butcher John Market place Linen & Woollen Drapers
Cadman Wm. West bar Blacksmiths
Cadman (White Horse) John West bar Taverns & Public Houses
Callington Joseph Brimington Boot and Shoe Makers
Calow Joseph Brimington Wheelwrights
Calton Richard Saint Mary's gate Attorneys
Carrington Samuel Narrow lane Boot and Shoe Makers
Carter William New Square Chymists and Druggists
Cartledge & Botham Glumangate Surgeons
Cartwright James Whittington Boot and Shoe Makers
Cartwright Thos Whittington Boot and Shoe Makers
Cawood George Keltstage Bleachers
Caywood George Keltstage Cotton Spinners
Chapman Wm. Market place Linen & Woollen Drapers
Charge John West bar Attorneys
Charles esq. Wake Tapton grove Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Charlton Ann Packer's row Umbrella manufactuer
Clarke James Knifesmith gate Saddlers
Clarke James Lord's mill st (& stocking fame maker) Machine Makers
Clarke Jas. Lord's mill street Stocking frame maker
Clarke Thomas Elder yard Attorneys
Clarkson James Market place Hair Dressers
Clarkson Jas. (& jeweller) Market Place Glass & China Dealers
Claughton & Son Market Place Chymists and Druggists
Claughton Bunting & Co Market pl Wine & Spirits Merchants
Cock Mrs. Francis Rose Hill Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Cocking Joseph Wingerworth Wheelwrights
Colby & Sheldon Welchpool Tobacco Manufactures
Coller John Packer's row Bankers; draw on Snow & Co. London
Coller John Belsey Holywell st Maltsters
Cooke John Whittington Wheelwrights
Cooke Richard Whittington Grocers & Tea Dealers
Cooke  (Bull's Head) Jn. Whittington Taverns & Public Houses
Cooke (Crown & Cushion) Abraham Market place Taverns & Public Houses
Cooper George Packer's row Boot and Shoe Makers
Cooper John Brown's yard Dyers
Cooper Joseph New Square Bakers & Flour Dealers
Cooper (Cross Daggers) John Market place Taverns & Public Houses
Coulson Daniel Beetwell st Tailors
Coulson Thos Hollymoor side Tailors
Cowley George Wingerworth Tailors
Cresswell Saml. (silk) Newbold's yard Dyers
Cresswick Francis Beetwell st Surgeons
Creswick Wm. New Square Butchers
Croft  (Devonshire Arms) Francis Staveley Taverns & Public Houses
Croft (Queens's Head) Samuel Glumangate Taverns & Public Houses
Crofts (George Inn) Wm Staveley Taverns & Public Houses
Crompton esq. Gilbert Hollywell street magistrate; Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Crompton, Newton & Co  Market Place Bankers; draw on Lees, Brassey & Co., London
Cropper  (Bull's Head) J. Shambles Taverns & Public Houses
Cropper  (Bull's Head) Wm Staveley Wheelwrights
Cundy John Whittington Corn Millers
Cundy Rebecca Holymoor side Grocers & Tea Dealers
Cundy Wm. Holymoor side Coopers
Cundy Wm. Holymoor side Corn Millers
Cutts John & Co White Horse yard, West bar Cotton Spinners
Dammas George Market place Linen & Woollen Drapers
Daniels Robert Glumangate Curriers & Leathr Selrs.
Davenport James Knifesmith gate Hat Manufacturers
Dawson Edward Packer's row Saddlers
Dawson (Green Man) Jas Church la Taverns & Public Houses
Denham Job Heath Butchers
Dickins Hannah Staveley Bakers & Flour Dealers
Dixon Richard Vicar lane Maltsters
Dixon Samuel Lord's mill st Tanners
Dixon esq. Hen. Whittington lodge Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Doc John Brampton moor Blacksmiths
Drabble John Church lane Attorneys
Drabble John Church lane (Pelican Life and Phoenix Fire) Fire, &C. Office Agents
Drabble New Square Attorneys
Dutton George Hollis lane Pipe Makers, Tobacco
Dutton John Beetwell st Music Preceptors
Dutton Wm Glumangate Music Preceptors
Dutton esq. Sml. Knifesmith gate Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Dyson Thomas South st Cabinet Makers
Eadson Joseph Upper Langwith Boot and Shoe Makers
Eaton John Lord's mill street Boot and Shoe Makers
Edwards Wm Church gates Parish clerk
Elam John Packer's row Surgeons
Elliott & Mills Holymoor side Cotton Spinners
Elliott John Brampton moor Joiners
Elliott John Brampton moor Wheelwrights
Elliott Joseph Saint Mary's gate Stone Masons
Elliott William Walton mill Corn Millers
Ellis James Saint Mary's gate Boot and Shoe Makers
Ellis (Three Horse Shoes) John Stone edge Taverns & Public Houses
Eyre (Old Horns) Jos Lord's mill st Taverns & Public Houses
Farman Jno Lord's mill st Stay makr
Fiddler Francis Shambles Butchers
Fiddlers M.A. & J Narrow ladies'; Academies and Schools
Field Rev. Thomas Hollywell street Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Field Rev. Thomas Hollywell street master of the grammar school; Academies and Schools
Fisher Ann Market place Milliners
Fletcher Avery Staveley Brush Manufacturers
Fletcher George Hollis lane Physicians
Fletcher John Staveley Brush Manufacturers
Fletcher Paul Staveley Saddlers
Ford Israel Vicar lane Boot and Shoe Makers
Ford James Lord's mill street Boot and Shoe Makers
Ford John High st  (Sun) Fire, &C. Office Agents
Ford John High street Booksellers, Printers & Stationers
Fox Samuel Mosbrough Scythe and Sickle Makrs
Fox Benjamin Staveley Boot and Shoe Makers
Fox (Duke William) Geo Mosbrough Taverns & Public Houses
Foxlove Rev. Frances Staveley Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
France Edward Staveley Surgeons
Frank (Mallet & Tool) John Knifesmith gate Taverns & Public Houses
Frith Francis Holywell st Wine & Spirits Merchants
Furniss John New square Painters
Garfit George Staveley Tailors
Garthwaite Thomas Staveley gent.; Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Gascoigne Alice Knifesmith gate Blacksmiths
Gascoigne George Staveley Bakers & Flour Dealers
Gascoigne Thomas Knifesmith gate Blacksmiths
Gascoigne Thos Swathwick Boot and Shoe Makers
Gascolgne A & T Knifesmith gate Farriers
Gaskill Alice Packer's row Blacksmiths
Gibbons  (Bay Horse) Samuel Holywell street Taverns & Public Houses
Gill Elizabeth Market Place Grocers & Tea Dealers
Gillett John Market Place Attorneys
Gillett Richard Holywell street Coal Masters and Coal Merchants
Goldthorp George (woollen cloth) Durham green Manufactrs of Sundries
Goodlad Elizabeth Ashover Corn Millers
Goodman Wm Church land  Tallow Chandlers
Goodwin (Elm Tree) Humphry Heath Taverns & Public Houses
Gordon Rev. George Whittington  Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Gosling George Shambles Auctioneers
Gosling George Shambles Conveyancers
Gosling George Shambles Coroner
Graham Messdame Ann Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Graham Messdame Mary Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Gratton Joseph Holywell st Maltsters
Gratton Thomas Soresby st (Tiger) Inns
Gratton Thos. Glumangate Coopers
Gratton (Tiger) Thomas Soresby st Taverns & Public Houses
Gray Wm Saltergate Cow leech
Greaves James Brimington Butchers
Greaves Thos. Carroll Wingerworth Blacksmiths
Greaves Wm. Wingerworth Blacksmiths
Greaves  (Bugle Horn) Mary Brimington Taverns & Public Houses
Gregory George Narrow lane Butchers
Gregory (Rein Deer) John Holywell street Taverns & Public Houses
Grimes (Jug & Glass) Charles Holywell street Taverns & Public Houses
Hacker Lieut.-Colonel Rowland Heathcote Gluman gate Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Hague (Nag's Head) Jos. Derby rd. Taverns & Public Houses
Haigh (Nag's Head) Joseph Ashover Taverns & Public Houses
Hall James New Square Grocers & Tea Dealers
Hall John Saint Mary's gate Confectioners
Hall (Royal Oak) James Tupton Taverns & Public Houses
Hallows esq. Thos Glapwell hall Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Hammond  (Black Swan) Geo. Ashover Taverns & Public Houses
Hancock (Fox & Goose) Nathan Pudding Pie hill Taverns & Public Houses
Hancock (Old King's Head) Archibald Knifesmith gate Taverns & Public Houses
Hand (White Lion) Ann Ashover Taverns & Public Houses
Hardwicke (Blue Bell) Wm Saltergate Taverns & Public Houses
Hardy Adam (& silversmith) High st Ironmongers
Hardy Thomas Heath Butchers
Hardy  (Board) Adam  High st Taverns & Public Houses
Harvey Sarah Beetwell st Grocers & Tea Dealers
Harvey Thos. Beetwell st Butchers
Harvey Thos. Packer's row Butchers
Harvey (Shakspeare) Thomas Saltergate Taverns & Public Houses
Haslam George Lord's mill street Joiners
Haslam Pearson Market place Hat Manufacturers
Haslam William South st Confectioners
Haslchurst John New Square Boot and Shoe Makers
Hattersley John Brampton moor Joiners
Hawkins (Three Horse Shoes) Thos Shambles Taverns & Public Houses
Hawksley John Knifesmith gate Bakers & Flour Dealers
Hayes Thos Holymoor side Corn Millers
Hayes Wm. Heath Clog and Patten Makers
Haywood John Brimington Maltsters
Heathcote Godfrey Market Place Attorneys
Heathcote Thos Beetwell st Butchers
Heaton George Ashover Saddlers
Hewitt Wm. top of Market place Linen & Woollen Drapers
Hewitt & Co. Longson Brampton Bleachers
Hewitt & Co. Longson Walton works Candle Linen Wick Manufacturers
Hibbard James Glumangate Boot and Shoe Makers
Hides & Allen Market Place Grocers & Tea Dealers
Higginbottom Thos Market Place Braziers and Tinmen
Hill Geo Soresby st Clothes broker
Hill  Samuel Packer's row Grocers & Tea Dealers
Hill Rev. Thomas Vicar lane Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Hodgkinson John Woodthorp Corn Millers
Holehouse John High st Tailors
Hollis Charles Beetwell st Basket and Skip Makers
Hollis John West bar Painters
Holmes & Johnson (ginghams) New square Manufactrs of Sundries
Holmes Joseph Normanton Corn Millers
Holmes Wm Birmington Gardeners & Seedsmen
Holmes (Gate) Joseph Norbriggs Taverns & Public Houses
Holmes (White Lion) Joseph Normanton Taverns & Public Houses
Hoole & Roberts Market place Linen & Woollen Drapers
Hopkin Daniel Saltergate Architect & surveyor of county bridges
Hopkinson & Son Market Place Flax Dressers
Hopkinson & Son Market place Rope Makers
Hopkinson Edward Elder yard Curriers & Leathr Selrs.
Hopkinson John (& sacking) Knifesmith gate Rope Makers
Hopkinson (White Hart) James Wingerworth Taverns & Public Houses
Horncastle John Packer's row Tailors
Hoskinson Richard Keltstage Grocers & Tea Dealers
Hounsfiled Thos Holywell st Grocers & Tea Dealers
Howe (Crown & Anchor) William Holywell street Taverns & Public Houses
Humloke esq. James Birdholme Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Hunloke Sir H.J.J. Wingerworth Coal Masters and Coal Merchants
Hunloke Sir Henry John Joseph Wingerworth Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Hunt Robert Salter gate Boot and Shoe Makers
Hurst & Taylor High st Linen & Woollen Drapers
Hurwood R.R. Market Place Chymists and Druggists
Hutchinson George High street Attorneys, & clerks to commissioners for lighting with gas
Hutchinson John High street Attorneys, & clerks to commissioners for lighting with gas
Hutchinson R.G. High street Conveyancers
Hutchinson Richd High street Attorneys, & clerks to commissioners for lighting with gas
Hutton G & T Mosbrough Scythe and Sickle Makrs
Hutton Wm Mosbrough Scythe and Sickle Makrs
Inman (Leopard) Mary Market place Taverns & Public Houses
Jarvis John Upper Langworth Corn Millers
Jebb Colonel Walton magistrate; Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Jenkinson (Old Barrel) Wm West bar Taverns & Public Houses
Jenkinson esq. Geo. Holley house Nobility, Gentry and Clergy
Jennings John Gluman gate Blacksmiths and white smith
Johnson & Holmes (ginghams) New square Manufactrs of Sundries
Johnson Sarah New square (Angel & posting house) Inns
Johnson William (& stone bottle) Whittington moor  Earthenware Manufcrs.
Johnson  (Royal Oak) Wm Shambles Taverns & Public Houses