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Surname American Location Cornwall Location Contact
Adams Wilkes Barre, Luzerne Co, PA Launceston, Cornwall Di Gibbs
Anilley, Angilly, Angilley Ontonagon, Michigan St Austell, St Stephens Juanita Rand
Bawden Michigan and California Breage Jan
Beadon, Beaden not given Mousehole Greg Michell
Beckerleg, Beckerlegge Wisconsin Madron/Paul/St Ives/Breage/Helston John Beckerleg
Bennett Michigan 1870s > ?? unknown Joe Callahan
Benney Mineral Point WI St Clear and St Germans Yvonne Bowers
Benney Ironwood MI St Columb Lisa Benney
Blamey Michigan Gwenapp Jan
Bone not given Newlyn (West) Greg Michell
Boundy not given Perranworthal Carolyn Petty Haines
Bray Morris Co., NJ, Raymond, San Francisco CA St Cleer, Tywardreath Holly Waites
Bray Dover/Wharton,  NJ Kenwyn, St Blazey Barbara K Babbitt
Burley Grass Valley CA, Gold Hill NV Tregorny, St. Blazey Lorraine Keyser
Buscomb(e) Ironwood MI St Columb Lisa Benney
Butler not given not given Dewey Osborn
Carter unknown Phillack Linda
Chappel(l), Chapple Alabama, Anniston & Birmingham Newlyn, Paul, Penzance Melissa Hogan
Clifton West Palm Beach, FL Week St Mary, Camborne, Penzance John W Clifton
Cornish Lower Michigan Wemouth, Dorset Kevin Cornish
Dewey not given not given Dewey Osborn
Donnithorne Salem OR Newkey William Donnithorne
Dunstan USA Ponsanooth, St Gluvias, Stithians Carolyn Petty Haines
Eddy n/a Penzance (Pensans) Robert
Eva Montana Camborne Joe Callahan
Floyd not given Gwinear, Camborne Patricia
Friggens, Fregans, Friggins Mahanoy City, Wilkes Barre,  PA, and NJ Gulval Joanne Brentari
Goudge Mahanoy City, Ashland, &  Philadelphia, PA St Austell, St Blazey, St Teath Joanne Brentari
Hooper Butte, Montana Redruth, Cornwall Patricia
Hosken, Hoskin(s) Alabama, Anniston & Birmingham Newlyn, Paul, Penzance Melissa Hogan
Hugh Phoenix, AZ St Austell, St Stephen Karen H Hall
Jeffery Ohio Newlyn (West, St Levan, St Buryan, Penberth Greg Michell
Jenkin(s) Gold Hill, Rowaan Co, NC Illogan Sandy
Kelynack Michigan, NY, Florida, Ohio Newlyn (West), Paul Greg Michell
Kneebone Australia not given Doug Kneebone
Kneebone Iron Mountain Michigan Gwennap Parish Sue
Lanyon Oceanside, CA, USA Redruth BJ Cummins
Lavars, Lavers USA, Australia Sancreed, St Buryan Carolyn Petty Haines
Lawrence USA, Australia St Keverne, Ludgvan Carolyn Petty Haines
Maclean New Rochelle, NYC, New York Madron, Penzance Pat Connors
Martin Kansas City, MO Ponsanooth, St. Gluvias Mary Ann Rosas
McLean Butte, Montana Camborne, Illogan Maurice McLean
McMahon Iowa, North Dakota Cornwall Lila Watkins
Medlyn, Medlin Michigan Helston/Breage & Sitney Jan
Menheniot Pennsylvania, New York Menheniot Daniel Menhennett
Merritt, Merrett Michigan St. Cleer Ruth Webb
Michell Fort Wayne, IN St Day Greg Michell
Mills Southwest Pennsylvania USA St Germans Kenneth R Mills
Moyle USA Porkellis, Wendron Carolyn Petty Haines
Nancarrow Ft. Smith, Arkansas Redruth Douglas Nanarrow
Nankervis Ely, Minesota St. Ives Jan Mackey
Nicholls Gilpin Co area, Colorado, Utah, Michigan West Penwith, Cornwall Vivianne Kay T. Bradley
Noall not given St Ives, Hellesveor Jan Mackey
Oliver Grass Valley, CA poss St. Just-in-Penwith Yvonne Bowers
Osborn not given not given Dewey Osborn
Paul Kansas City, MO Ponsanooth, St. Gluvias Mary Ann Rosas
Paull Michigan Cornwall Kay Russell
Perry Australia, Michigan Gulval Carolyn Petty Haines
Phillips New Rochelle, Williamsburgh, NYC, New York Redruth Pat Connors
Philp Raymond, San Francisco, Oakland CA Pelynt Holly Waites
Prouse, Prowse Michigan St Buryan Carolyn Petty Haines
Rabey Houghton, Michigan Twelveheads, Truro area Diane Rabey
Roberts Montana Camborne Joe Callahan
Rule Michigan 1860-87 > Butte, Montana unknown Joe Callahan
Sanders Michigan, California Camborne, Tucking Mill, Redruth T Leonard Sanders III
Smith Calumet, MI > Mariposa & Grass Valley, California St. Just, Penzance Amy Stratman
Stevens Michigan Penzance, Madron Carolyn Petty Haines
Stevens Tennessee St Ives Bill Stevens, Jr
Tonkin not given Gwinear Carolyn Petty Haines
Tomlin not given not given Dewey Osborn
Treloyn not given all areas Kerry
Trembath San Francisco CA St Just in Penwith Evelyn Hall
Trenberth Phoenix, Arizona St. Austell Adrian Trenberth
Trestrail Michigan Redruth John H Trestrail
Trevarrow, Trevorrow USA, Australia St Ives, Lelant Carolyn Petty Haines
Trevithick Gilpin County area Colorado, near Utah, Michigan Sithney, St. Austell Vivianne K T Bradley
Trewartha not given St Day Greg Michell
Uren Florida Chacewater Raymond Uren
Uren Anaheim CA not given Michael L
Uren Iron Mountain Michigan Gwennap Parish Sue
Wales Michigan Camborne, Cornwall Mary Tanner
Waters Crowan not given Carolyn Petty Haines
Watters Rockaway Twsp, Morris Co NJ Gwinear Kent Wellington
Welch USA Perranworthal Carolyn Petty Haines
Wellington Rockaway Twsp, Morris Co NJ Lanlivery Kent Wellington
Wills Centralia PA St Agnes, St Michael, Caerhays, Veryan Don Wills
Wills Butte, Montana Camborne, Illogan Maurice McLean
Yeo Michigan Camborne, Cornwall Mary Tanner

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