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First Name Parents Born Spouse Yr Emig & Place Died Contact
Benjamin unknown 1756 Jane Wright did not emig Oct 9, 1833
Toton, Attenborough Parish, Nottinghamshire, England
Pat Connors
Henry William Carter, Ann Bell 1834-35
Nottinghamshire, England
Mary Jane Boyle bef 1851
Thorold, Welland Co, Ontario, CAN
Dec 16, 1897
Pat Connors
John Thomas Carter, Mary ca 1743
Goochland, VA
1.  Lucy Blakely Winefred
2.  not given
n/a ca 1815
Beth Golden
John Justis James Carter,
Jehoda Wilson
Sept 18, 1838
Hope, Bartholomew County, Indiana
Nancy Ann Butner n/a Feb 10, 1923
Tacoma, Pierce Co, Washington
Thomas (Capt.) Carter 1630
October 16
Lady Katherine Skipwith Dale (1649-1703) ca 1650, Virginia Oct 22, 1700
White Chapel, Virginia
Patricia Carter
William Benjamin Carter
Jane Wright
November 23, 1789
Toton, Attenborough Parish, Nottinghamshire, England
Ann Bell betw 1833/34 and 1842
Moulton, Ontario, Canada
Sept 5, 1842
Moulton, Ontario, Canada
Pat Connors
William Benjamin Anderson unknown Carter 1813
Tempy Adams
not given n/a Wood River
Hall, Nebraska
Pat Carter Morgan


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