DEATHS,  by first name
Welland County, Ontario, Canada



Database gleaned from's website using a number of search variables.  Main search was for deaths for people with 'Carter' surname in Welland County. 
1.  Under death dates, those looking like this '1-Jun-06' are for 1900s, so this would be June 1, 1906.
2.  Data is only as good as the Ancestry transcribers.  Never use this data transcribed by others as 'source' documents.  You can obtain films of the actual records from the Archives of Ontario through an interloan via your library.  Check this site out for instructions:


Name   Est Birth Year   Death Date   Death Location  
Albert Boyle Carter  abt 1885  11 Jun 1888  Welland 
Baby Carter  abt 1918  9-Oct-18 Welland 
Bertha Mabel Carter  abt 1915  10-Jun-15 Welland 
Carter, no first given     10-Jan-32 Welland 
Carter, no first given  abt 1833  Sep-30 Welland 
Carter, no first given abt 1889  17 Nov 1889  Welland 
Carter, no first given  abt 1890  30 Nov 1890  Welland 
Carter, no first given  abt 1916  18-Mar-16 Welland 
Charles Carter  abt 1863  25-Oct-32 Welland 
Charles H Carter  abt 1822  Mar 1897  Welland 
Charles Sperry Carter  abt 1851  24-Mar-06 Welland 
Dewitt Carter  abt 1850  14-May-33 Welland 
Diana Carter  abt 1918  3-Aug-31 Welland 
Doris Olive Carter  abt 1913  4-Feb-13 Welland 
Dorothy Edythe Carter  abt 1921  23-Nov-21 Welland 
Edith Belle Carter   abt 1886  18-May-36 Welland 
Edward Carter  abt 1817  3 Jun 1888  Welland 
Edward Charles Carter  abt 1852  Sep-00 Welland 
Edward R B Carter  abt 1859  22 Oct 1889  Welland 
Elizabeth Carter  abt 1844  Mar 1882  Welland 
Elizabeth Carter  abt 1849  12-Jul-16 Welland 
Elizabeth Maude Carter   abt 1868  20-Jan-36 Welland 
Fanny Carter   abt 1861  21-Mar-33 Welland 
Florence Fredrica Carter  abt 1889  12 Jul 1889  Welland 
Florence I Carter  abt 1882  15 Aug 1883  Welland 
Francis Herbert Carter  abt 1872  29 Jul 1872  Welland 
Frederick Wm Carter  abt 1873  29-Nov-33 Welland 
Hannah Adeline Zavitz   abt 1851  17-Aug-35 Welland 
Harry Carter  abt 1873  27 Feb 1881  Welland 
Harry Carter  abt 1918  Dec-18 Welland 
Hattie Belle Carter  abt 1882  19-Oct-18 Welland 
Henry Carter  abt 1834  17 Dec 1897  Welland 
Herbert Ingram Carter  abt 1880  30-Sep-32 Welland 
Ida Jane Carter  abt 1872  6 Dec 1872  Welland 
Ira James Carter  abt 1924  Oct-24 Welland 
Isabella Carter  abt 1818  Mar 1897  Welland 
James Carter  abt 1843  12 Jan 1882  Welland 
James Emory Carter  abt 1864  20-Jun-27 Welland 
Jennie Carter  abt 1876  22 Feb 1880  Welland 
John Harry Carter  abt 1876  19-Feb-27 Welland 
John Henry Carter  abt 1867  26-Sep-12 Welland 
John Richard Carter  abt 1879  31 Aug 1879  Welland 
Joshua Carter  abt 1856  1 Dec 1890  Welland 
L G Carter  abt 1828  30 Dec 1896  Welland 
Lachlan Carter  abt 1849  1-Nov-26 Welland 
Leslie Neville Carter  abt 1923  28-Jun-23 Welland 
Margaret Carter  abt 1796  24 Apr 1873  Welland 
Margaret Carter  abt 1796  24 Apr 1873  Welland 
Margaret Carter  abt 1837  30-Sep-21 Welland 
Martha Jane Carter  abt 1839  15 Dec 1881  Welland 
Mary Carter  abt 1858  7-Aug-04 Welland 
Mary Elizabeth Rutney   abt 1853  4-Jan-33 Welland 
Mary Jane Carter  abt 1854  27-May-29 Welland 
Nellie Carter  abt 1872  Feb-05 Welland 
Nora Elizabeth Carter  abt 1893  4 Oct 1893  Welland 
Rhoda Carter  abt 1908  6-Feb-17 Welland 
Richard Frederick Carter  abt 1846  6-Oct-21 Welland 
Richard Moore Carter  abt 1817  12 Oct 1891  Welland 
Thomas H Carter  abt 1861  19-Nov-21 Welland 
William Carter  abt 1846  21-Sep-23 Welland 
William John Carter  abt 1884  17-Jun-36 Welland 



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