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First Name Parents Born Spouse Yr Emig & Place Died Contact
Alan Samuel Patrick Campbell 1915 Violet May Co Cork, Ireland > UK 1978
@ 63 yr
Andrew Hugh Campbell, Margaret McInnes 1819 Catherine Macara n/a Perthshire, Scotland John Campbell
Andrew Malcom Andrew Campbell, Margaret Hickey 1831
Ennis, County Clare
Elizabeth Lynch not given 1909
Smethport PA
Arthur (Mathew) Campbell Loughgall, County Antrim, Ireland Hanna Creally bef July 1849 not given Mary Rossi
Catherine Archibald Campbell, Elizabeth Stewart County Tyrone
Hugh Gibney
(Gibbony, Gibbney)
bef 1864
Ontario, Canada
Oct 1, 1896 Mary Rains
Douglas John Paton Campbell 1902 Eileen Constance Bleaney Australia 1974 Douglas P Campbell
Edward Alexander Campbell, Mary Baxtor ca 1849
Eliza Dale not given 1873
Mary Rodriguez
Ferdinand unknown ca 1820
Inverness-shire, Scotland
Catherine Coen Yr unknown
Co. Galway
Co. Galway
Andy Moynihan
George George Campbell, Mary Fox (Todd) 1849, Columkille, Derrylard, Loughgall RC Parish, Co Armagh, Ireland Bridget Flynn ca 1870
Troy NY
may have gone to Australia before NY
Troy NY
Pat Connors
Hugh Campbell 1830
Co Tyrone, Ireland
Winifred Roper ca 1850
New Orleans LA
Jan 1891
New Orleans LA, USA
Julie Campbell Hernandez
James James Campbell, Elizabeth O'Toole Co Kildare
Mary Gellie 1840 on Himalaya, to Victoria Aus 1878
Cowies Creek
Coria, Vic. AUS
Marion Kelly
James David Campbell, Eliza Bennett ca 1845
Cannyreagh, Ireland
Mary Jane McDowell did not emigrate 1906 Alice Daniel
James Arthur Campbell, Hanna Creally Loughgall, County Antrim, Ireland not given Lisburn, Ire. >>
Channel Islands
late 1800s
Belfast, Ireland Mary Rossi
John Hugh Campbell, Margaret McInnes 1819 Catherine Macara n/a Perthshire, Scotland John Campbell
John John Campbell, Mary Dalton 1852
Annie O'Hearn/Ahearn bef 1877
Brookline MA
Joanne Campbell Close
John Alexander John Campbell, Sarah Edgar Oct 23, 1887
Margaret Erskin Findlay/Findley 1913 Boston MA 9/22/1952
East Cleveland, OH
Bruce R Campbell
John H Campbell July 1929
Northern Ireland
1. Mary Carney
2. Kate T Dennie
ca 1852 15 Oct 1852
Sacramento CA
Karen Ford
Kenneth Kenneth William Campbell 1912
Ontario, Canada
n/a family emig to CAN 1818 1978 Janine Sobiski
Lewis Henry Campbell 1783
Galway, Ireland
Mary Gordon
m 1815, Limerick
1817 Australia
on the 'DICK'
April 7, 1854
Prospect, NSW, Australia
Bev Campbell
Lewis Henry Campbell 1783
Galway, Ireland
Mary Gordon
m 1815, Limerick
not given not given Helen Balkin (Campbell)
Lockwood King John Campbell, Rachel Mead b 12/13/1809
Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY
Julia A Wynkoop n/a 11/24/1881 Dawn Lee Houle
Mahala William Campbell, Rachel Elliot April 29, 1845 Edward Doctor Kanan D.K. Cook not given 2/14/1941
Wintersville, Missouri
Mary Knight McGarr
Margaret Campbell 1771
Northern Ireland
William Wood VA & NC 1823
Stonelick OH
Kathleen Wass McIntyre
Mathew Campbell ca 1781
Killeen, County Armagh, Ireland
Barbara (Betty) n/a Killeen?
John Campbell
Rachel(le) unk Campbell, Mary 1830 Luther B Mason unknown Apr 14, 1897 Teresa
Robert Campbell ca 1802
Co Down
Matilida Plunkett not given not given Laurie Campbell
Robert Robert J Campbell Jr 1916 not given not given 1962 Robert
Robert Potts George Campbell, Marion Potts May 22, 1864
Rexton, New Brunswick, Canada
Julia Ellen Delano Fitchburg, MA, USA, unknown date July 24, 1923
Fitchburgh MA
Frank Brzostek
Thomas Lopton John Campbell 1784 Oneida NY or MA, USA not given left Argyll, SCOT ca 1760 1837 Ohio Jane Campbell Downing
William Campbell not given Frances Tanner Canada May 22, 1839 Name not given
William, Rev. (Rev) Moses Campbell, Elizabeth Johnson 1735
Mary McCammon or McCamon did not emigrate Jun 8, 1804
Newry, Co Down, Ireland
Ray in Oz
William Campbell 1790
Loughbrickland, Co Down, Ireland
1. Nancy Robinson
2. Lillian 'Lilly" Cunningham
11 July 1809
New York City > Newark > Washington, MO
31 Mar 1866
Iron Co. MO
Tom Caulley
William unk Campbell, Mary July 1840 Ellen Rice 1848 Sep 29, 1929
Hampton VA

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