Name Gender Date of Birth Place of Birth Father Mother
Agnes Brownlee F 01 Nov 1871 Down  William Brownlee Mary Jane Mc Master
John Alfred Brownlee M 03 Oct 1871 Armagh  David Brownlee Mary Ann Coale
John Brownlee M 09 Oct 1871 Armagh   Sophia Brownlee
Sarah Brownlee F 22 Oct 1872 Lisburn, Antrim William Brownlee Sarah Johnston
Robert Brownlee M 24 Apr 1873 Armagh James Brownlee Elizabeth Cochrane
Margaret Brownlee F 16 Sep 1873 Fermanagh James Brownlee Margaret Rankin
Hugh Brownlee M 24 Apr 1875 Armagh   Susan Brownlee
Robert James Brownlee M 17 May 1875 Ireland James Brownlee Elizabeth Cosgrove
Margaret Brownlee F 03 Aug 1875 Armagh David Brownlee Mary Ann Cole
Jane Brownlee F 21 Jul 1875 Down John Brownlee Elora Balmer
Robert Brownlee M 06 Oct 1875 Cavan   Anne Jane Brownlee
Isabella Brownlee F 02 Jan 1878 Antrim, Antrim Thomas Brownlee Agnes Brownlee Adams
Anne Brownlee F 20 Jan 1878 Down Joseph Brownlee Esther Brownlee Brown
Matthew Shaw Brownlee M 06 Dec 1877 Antrim, Antrim James Brownlee Jane Brownlee Bell
Matthew Brownlee M 26 Jan 1878 Derry Matthew Brownlee Mary Brownlee White
Thomas John Brownlee M 25 Dec 1876 Armagh   Martha Brownlee
Brownlee F 03 Jan 1880 Mogkeel, Fermanagh James Brownlee Margaret Rankin Brownlee
May Catherine Brownlee F 21 Jul 1878 Fermanagh Robert Brownlee Mary Anne Brownlee Collum
Anne Eliza Brownlee F 02 Feb 1876 Banbridge, Armagh   Anne Eliza Brownlee
Brownlee F 24 Feb 1876 Coleraine, Derry Matthew Brownlee Mary Brownlee White