Tithe Applotments 1833-34

 Kilclooney Civil Parish

Fews Lower & Orior Lower Baronies
Armagh Poor Law Union 

Markethill Town Clady More

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Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotments' entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from the Tithe Applotment Books Index.  Only surname and townland for the civil parish was transcribed.  Both Kilclooney Civil Parish and the Mullaghbrack Civil Parish tithes were together under Kilclooney.  They are now separated, since some townlands are in both, the tithes for those town are reported in both transcriptions.


Name Townland Civil Parish
Acheson, John Markethill both
Acheson, William Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Acheson, William Sebochan Kilclooney
Agnew, F. Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Agnew, J. Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Alexander, John Markethill both
Allen, John Drumelaragh Kilclooney
Anderson, George Markethill both
Anderson, James Carrickleany Kilclooney
Anderson, John Markethill both
Anderson, Robert Markethill both
Anderson, Widow ??? Corhammock Kilclooney
Archer, John Markethill both
Armstrong, John Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Armstrong, Widow ??? Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Aston, Archibald Maroarkin unknown
Aston, James Maroarkin unknown
Aston, Thomas Maroarkin unknown
Aston, Thos. Maroarkin unknown
Aston, William Maroarkin unknown
Barker, Arthur Markethill both
Barker, Arthur, Esq. Markethill both
Barker, William, Esq. Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Bell, James Markethill both
Bell, Mrs. ??? Markethill both
Bell, Rev. John Maroarkin unknown
Black, Daniel Maroarkin unknown
Blair, John Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Blow, William Maghnavery Kilclooney
Boyd, John Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Boyd, Robert Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Boyd, Robert Markethill both
Boyd, Widow ??? Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Branigan, Daniel Drumelaragh Kilclooney
Bratty, John Markethill both
Brown, Thomas Maroarkin unknown
Burns, Alexander Brackley Kilclooney
Burns, Widow ??? Brackley Kilclooney
Burrowes, John Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Burrowes, John Markethill both
Calvert, Patrick Markethill both
Campbell, Cornelius Maghnavery Kilclooney
Campbell, Michael Maroarkin unknown
Campbell, Willm. Maroarkin unknown
Car, James Markethill both
Carlisle, John Sebochan Kilclooney
Carlisle, Samuel Sebochan Kilclooney
Carroll, William Markethill both
Chambers, J. Corhammock Kilclooney
Chambers, James Corhammock Kilclooney
Clarke, Isaac Brackley Kilclooney
Clarke, Thomas Brackley Kilclooney
Clarke, Thomas Brackley Kilclooney
Clarke, William Brackley Kilclooney
Cleland, William Maghnavery Kilclooney
Cochran, Joseph Maroarkin unknown
Cochran, William Maghnavery Kilclooney
Collins, David Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Convery, Hugh Markethill both
Convery, James Markethill both
Corr, Peter Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Corr, William Markethill both
Coulter, James Cordrummond Kilclooney
Creighton, Robert Carrickleany Kilclooney
Crothers, John Brackley Kilclooney
Crothers, William Markethill both
Cunningham, James Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Cunningham, Jno. Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Daily, Patrick Markethill both
Dalzell, Thomas Maghnavery Kilclooney
Dalzell, William Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Davidson, John Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Davidson, John Markethill both
Davidson, Willm. Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Denismullen, Gray Brackley Kilclooney
Digney, Owen Brackley Kilclooney
Donnelly, Edward Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Donnelly, John Markethill both
Donnelly, Patrick Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Doory, Francis Markethill both
Dougan, David Carrickleany Kilclooney
Dougan, John Carrickleany Kilclooney
Dougan, Mary-Anne Carrickleany Kilclooney
Dougan, Robert Drumelaragh Kilclooney
Dougan, Thomas Carrickleany Kilclooney
Dougan, Thomas Sebochan Kilclooney
Dougan, William Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Douglas, Alexander Sebochan Kilclooney
Douglas, John Markethill both
Douglas, Margaret Maroarkin unknown
Douglas, Robert Maghnavery Kilclooney
Douglas, Widow ??? Carrickleany Kilclooney
Earl, Gosford Cordrummond Kilclooney
Earl, Gosford Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Earl, Gosford Markethill both
Ellison, John Markethill both
English, Thomas Cordrummond Kilclooney
Evans, John Brackley Kilclooney
Evans, William Maroarkin unknown
Farley, William Brackley Kilclooney
Farley, William Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Farrell, William Corhammock Kilclooney
Feenan, Patrick Drumelaragh Kilclooney
Fisher, Widow ??? Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Fullerton, James Carrickleany Kilclooney
Fullerton, John Carrickleany Kilclooney
Fullerton, Robert Markethill both
Gibson, John Corhammock Kilclooney
Gilles, Joseph Cordrummond Kilclooney
Douglas, Alexander Derrycuhan Kilclooney
Gordon, Jane Derrycuhan Kilclooney
Gordon, Samuel Derrycuhan Kilclooney
Leacock, William Derrycuhan Kilclooney
McClean, Hugh Derrycuhan Kilclooney
Gilles, Joseph Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Gilles, Joseph Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Gilles, Joseph Markethill both
Gilles, William Markethill both
Gilpin, John Cordrummond Kilclooney
Glassey, James Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Glassy, James Maghnavery Kilclooney
Glassy, William Cordrummond Kilclooney
Glassy, William Corhammock Kilclooney
Gordon, George Drumelaragh Kilclooney
Gordon, Jane Drumelaragh Kilclooney
Gordon, Nathaniel Drumelaragh Kilclooney
Gordon, William Drumelaragh Kilclooney
Gorman, David Maroarkin unknown
Gosford, Earl ??? Cordrummond Kilclooney
Gosford, Earl ??? Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Gosford, Earl ??? Markethill both
Graham, Robert Maghnavery Kilclooney
Grant, Patrick Markethill both
Gray, Dr. R. Markethill both
Gray, Francis Markethill both
Gray, John Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Gray, Robert Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Gray, Robert Markethill both
Gray, Sarah Markethill both
Gray, Widow ??? Cordrummond Kilclooney
Gray, William Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Gray, William Markethill both
Greer, John Cordrummond Kilclooney
Greer, John Markethill both
Greer, William Cordrummond Kilclooney
Gregory, Francis Markethill both
Grory, James Maghnavery Kilclooney
Hagan, Daniel Markethill both
Hall, Henry Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Hamill, John Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Hampton, William Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Hanlon, Ardle Corhammock Kilclooney
Hanlon, Ardle Markethill both
Harshaw, James Brackley Kilclooney
Heaney, Andrew Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Henderson, Oliver Corhammock Kilclooney
Hendron, James Corhammock Kilclooney
Hendron, Rev. Saml. Carrickleany Kilclooney
Hendron, Widow ??? Brackley Kilclooney
Hewitt, George Brackley Kilclooney
Hill, William Drumelaragh Kilclooney
Holmes, William Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Horner, John Markethill both
Hutcheson, D. Maghnavery Kilclooney
Hutcheson, G. Maghnavery Kilclooney
Hutcheson, John Sebochan Kilclooney
Jackson, Joseph Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Jackson, Joseph Markethill both
Jackson, Thomas Corhammock Kilclooney
Jennings, Robert Markethill both
Johnston, William Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Johnston, William Markethill both
Kay, Capt. ??? Markethill both
Kearney, Dominick Maroarkin unknown
Kelly, Francis Markethill both
Kilpatrick, James Markethill both
Kinney, Bernard Maroarkin unknown
Kinney, Francis Maroarkin unknown
Kirkland, Robert Maroarkin unknown
Kirkland, Robert, Jr. Maroarkin unknown
Kirkland, Thomas Maroarkin unknown
Lee, A. Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Lee, J. Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Lennon, Bernard Markethill both
Lennon, Daniel Markethill both
Lindon, Bryan Brackley Kilclooney
Lindon, John Brackley Kilclooney
Lindsay, John Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Lindsay, John Markethill both
Little, D. Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Little, W. Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Little, Widow ??? Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Little, William Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Livingston, James Carrickleany Kilclooney
Livingston, Robert Carrickleany Kilclooney
Lockhart, George Maghnavery Kilclooney
Lockhart, James Maghnavery Kilclooney
Lockhart, John Maghnavery Kilclooney
Lockhart, Robert Maghnavery Kilclooney
Loughead, Joseph Cordrummond Kilclooney
Loughead, Joseph Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Loughead, Joseph Markethill both
Loughlin, William Corhammock Kilclooney
Love, William Markethill both
Lowden, Maria Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Mack, William Brackley Kilclooney
Mann, Robert Sebochan Kilclooney
Marshall, Ankram Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Marshall, Ankram Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Marshall, Ankram Markethill both
Marshall, Gilbert Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Marshall, Gilbert Sebochan Kilclooney
Marshall, Gilbert, Jr. Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Marshall, Gilbert, Sr. Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Marshall, John Markethill both
Marshall, John, Jr. Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Marshall, John, Sr. Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Martin, James Markethill both
Martin, Samuel Brackley Kilclooney
Martin, Widow ??? Brackley Kilclooney
Martin, William Sebochan Kilclooney
Martin, William, Sr. Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Mason, John Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Mawherter, John Drumelaragh Kilclooney
McBurney, A. Brackley Kilclooney
McBurney, R. Brackley Kilclooney
McCall, Robert Cordrummond Kilclooney
McCall, Robert Ednakennedy Kilclooney
McCall, Robert Maghnavery Kilclooney
McCall, Robert Markethill both
McCammon Trew, John Maghnavery Kilclooney
McCann, Edward Markethill both
McCann, John Maroarkin unknown
McClean, Hugh Drumelaragh Kilclooney
McClean, John Markethill both
McConnell, Francis Brackley Kilclooney
McConnell, Hugh Markethill both
McConnell, Mathew Brackley Kilclooney
McConnell, Widow ??? Markethill both
McConville, Michael Maghnavery Kilclooney
McConville, Patrick Sebochan Kilclooney
McCoy, Samuel Markethill both
McCreedy, Thomas Ednakennedy Kilclooney
McCreery, John Markethill both
McCreery, Lewis Carrickleany Kilclooney
McCreery, Thomas Markethill both
McCullagh, James Brackley Kilclooney
McCullagh, James Cordrummond Kilclooney
McCullagh, Samuel Brackley Kilclooney
McCune, Robert Maghnavery Kilclooney
McDonald, John Ednakennedy Kilclooney
McDonald, Robert Ednakennedy Kilclooney
McDonald, Robert Markethill both
McElroy, Barthw. Markethill both
McElroy, Francis Drumelaragh Kilclooney
McElroy, James Drumelaragh Kilclooney
McFadden, James Maroarkin unknown
McFerron, Andrew Cordrummond Kilclooney
McGaghan, Samuel Derrycuhan Kilclooney
McGarrity, Patrick Markethill both
McGeone, John Markethill both
McGill, Samuel Glassdrummond Kilclooney
McGuill, Samuel Glassdrummond Kilclooney
McKean, James Lisnagatt Kilclooney
McKee, Barnett Ednakennedy Kilclooney
McKee, Barnett Maroarkin unknown
McKee, Joseph Markethill both
McKee, Mathew Corhammock Kilclooney
McKee, Mr. ??? Carrickleany Kilclooney
McKeown, J. Brackley Kilclooney
McKeown, P. Brackley Kilclooney
McKeown, Samuel Ednakennedy Kilclooney
McKey, Barnett Markethill both
McKinley, A. Carrickleany Kilclooney
McKinley, David Markethill both
McKinley, S. Carrickleany Kilclooney
McLoughlin, Edward Lisnagatt Kilclooney
McMurdie, Dr. ??? Cordrummond Kilclooney
McMurdie, Dr. ??? Markethill both
McNally, Charles, Esq. Ednakennedy Kilclooney
McNally, Charles, Esq. Markethill both
McParland, Michael Markethill both
McQuade, ??? Maghnavery Kilclooney
Mercer, William Markethill both
Miller, William Maghnavery Kilclooney
Moneypenny, Charles Corhammock Kilclooney
Moneypenny, David Cordrummond Kilclooney
Moneypenny, David Markethill both
Moneypenny, Elizabeth Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Moneypenny, Mrs. ??? Markethill both
Moneypenny, Widow ??? Cordrummond Kilclooney
Monroe, Lodowick Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Monroe, Lodowick Markethill both
Morgan, Joseph Maroarkin unknown
Morgan, William Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Mulhall, James Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Mulhall, James Markethill both
Mulligan, John Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Mulligan, John Markethill both
Murdock, Andrew Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Murdock, Robert Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Murphy, Bernard Brackley Kilclooney
Murphy, James Markethill both
Newman, George Markethill both
Nogher, James Markethill both
Nougher, Francis Cordrummond Kilclooney
Ocheltree, David Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Ocheltree, David Markethill both
Ocheltree, Mathew Markethill both
Ocheltree, Robert Cordrummond Kilclooney
Ocheltree, Robert Markethill both
O'Neill, Felix Markethill both
O'Neill, Patrick Corhammock Kilclooney
O'Neill, Paul Ednakennedy Kilclooney
O'Neill, Paul Markethill both
Orr, Simonn Markethill both
Orr, William Derrycuhan Kilclooney
Parks, John Markethill both
Parks, Samuel Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Parr, Benjamin Corhammock Kilclooney
Parr, Nathaniel Corhammock Kilclooney
Parr, William Corhammock Kilclooney
Patterson, John Maroarkin unknown
Perry, John Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Perry, Robert Maroarkin unknown
Phelan, John Markethill both
Pollard, Mathew Corhammock Kilclooney
Porter, Hugh Sebochan Kilclooney
Porter, James Brackley Kilclooney
Porter, Robert Markethill both
Qua, William Maghnavery Kilclooney
Raverty, Hugh Maroarkin unknown
Redmond, Francis Cordrummond Kilclooney
Redmond, George Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Redmond, John Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Redmond, William Cordrummond Kilclooney
Redmond, William, Jr. Cordrummond Kilclooney
Robinson, Joseph Corhammock Kilclooney
Robinson, Lewis Carrickleany Kilclooney
Robinson, William Carrickleany Kilclooney
Robinson, William Markethill both
Rocks, Edward Markethill both
Russell, Robert Derrycuhan Kilclooney
Scofield, William Markethill both
Sheals, James Cordrummond Kilclooney
Sheals, John Cordrummond Kilclooney
Sheals, Nicholas Markethill both
Sheals, T. Carrickleany Kilclooney
Sheals, Thomas, Jr. Carrickleany Kilclooney
Sheals, W. Carrickleany Kilclooney
Sheals, William Carrickleany Kilclooney
Sheals, William Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Sheppard, George Maghnavery Kilclooney
Sheppard, John Corhammock Kilclooney
Sinclair, Dr. ??? Cordrummond Kilclooney
Sinclair, Dr. ??? Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Sinclair, Dr. ??? Markethill both
Singleton, Henry Markethill both
Sleeth, David Markethill both
Sleeth, James Sebochan Kilclooney
Sleeth, Samuel Brackley Kilclooney
Smith, John Markethill both
Smith, Sanmuel Markethill both
Smyth, Francis Maroarkin unknown
Smyth, William Maroarkin unknown
Stevenson, Widow ??? Markethill both
Stewart, Mifs. Markethill both
Stitt, Alexander Brackley Kilclooney
Stitt, Alexander Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Stretton, Mrs. ??? Cordrummond Kilclooney
Stretton, Mrs. ??? Markethill both
Suirs, Thomas Brackley Kilclooney
Suirs, William Brackley Kilclooney
Taylor, Esther Brackley Kilclooney
Taylor, James Brackley Kilclooney
Taylor, John Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Taylor, William Brackley Kilclooney
Todd, John Markethill both
Toner, John Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Toner, John Markethill both
Toner, Michael Markethill both
Toner, Michl. Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Toner, Thomas Markethill both
Treanor, Thomas Markethill both
Trew, Andrew, Esq. Derrycuhan Kilclooney
Trew, Archibald Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Turner, Acheson Corhammock Kilclooney
Turner, Francis Corhammock Kilclooney
Turner, John Markethill both
Vallely, Patrick Corhammock Kilclooney
Walker, William Markethill both
Wallace, Thomas Markethill both
Ward, Hugh Markethill both
Warnock, James Lisnagatt Kilclooney
Watson, James Maroarkin unknown
Watson, Thomas Markethill both
Watson, William Markethill both
Watson, William Maroarkin unknown
Watt, John Derrycuhan Kilclooney
Waugh, Alexander Markethill both
Whiteside, J. Drumelaragh Kilclooney
Whiteside, James Derrycuhan Kilclooney
Whiteside, R. Drumelaragh Kilclooney
Willis, George Maghnavery Kilclooney
Wilson, Andrew Maghnavery Kilclooney
Wilson, Robert Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Wilson, Thomas Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Wilson, William Corhammock Kilclooney
Woodhouse, Reford Carrickleany Kilclooney
Woodhouse, Reford Ednakennedy Kilclooney
Woodhouse, Reford Markethill both
Woods, Robert Drumelaragh Kilclooney
Woods, Samuel Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Woods, Thomas, Jr. Glassdrummond Kilclooney
Woods, William Drumelaragh Kilclooney
Wray, Arthur Maroarkin unknown





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