Tithe Applotments 1825

 Keady Civil Parish

Baronies: Tiranny, Armagh
Poor Law Union: Armagh

Darkley Keady

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Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotments' entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from the Tithe Applotment Books Index.  Only surname and townland for the civil parish was transcribed.  For the full record, one should refer to the LDS Family History Film #258460


Name Townland
Allen, John Tullaglush
Allen, Joseph Cargaduff
Allen, Joseph Tivnamara
Anderson, James Clea
Anderson, Joseph Clea
Anderson, Moses Clea
Anderson, Samuel Clea
Anderson, Samuel Dunlarge
Archibald, Foster Brackley
Armstrong, Andrew, Jr. Drumdirge
Armstrong, Andrew, Sr. Drumdirge
Armstrong, James Iskemedies
Armstrong, John Lagan
Armstrong, Mary Clea
Ash, William Tullanamalog
Askin, Robert Dunlarge
Beard, John Brackley
Beaty, John Crossmore
Beaty, William Tullaglush
Bell, James Crossmore
Blackstock, James Tullaglush
Blair, William Iskemedies
Blair, William Lagan
Blair, William Tullanamalog
Bodle, James Iskemedies
Boyd, Andrew Brackley
Boyd, Daniel Kilcam
Boyd, Francis Kilcam
Boyd, John Clea
Boyd, Robert Crossnenagh
Boyd, Thomas Brackley
Boyd, William Clea
Boyd, Wm. Clea
Boylen, Hugh Cargacloher
Breakey, Rev.  Dunlarge
Breen, Francis Clea
Brennan, Pat. Clea
Bridget, James Crossdaned
Brown, Samuel Clea
Brown, Wm. Dunlarge
Bryson, Oliver Crossdaned
Burke, Bernard Racerbry
Burke, Edward Tullanamalog
Burke, Francis Racerbry
Burke, John, Jr. Darkley
Burke, John, Sr. Darkley
Burke, Martha Racerbry
Burke, Mary Racerbry
Burke, Owen Darkley
Burke, Pat. Darkley
Burke, Pat. Racerbry
Burke, Peter Racerbry
Bush, James Darkley
Byrne, Rev. James Clea
Byrne, Rev. James Lagan
Callaghan, Carny Clea
Callaghan, Cormick Clea
Callaghan, Edward Clea
Callaghan, Francis Clea
Callaghan, Laurence Brackley
Callaghan, Michael Clea
Callaghan, Owen Drumdirge
Callaghan, Pat. Clea
Callaghan, Pat., Jr. Brackley
Callaghan, Pat., Sr. Brackley
Callaghan, Widow Lagan
Campbell, James Lagan
Campbell, John Racerbry
Campbell, John Tullanamalog
Campbell, Samuel Lagan
Campbell, Thomas Lagan
Campbell, Thomas Tullaglush
Campbell, Thomas. Lagan
Caraher, Pat. Kilcam
Caraher, Peter Kilcam
Carbry, Owen Tullaglush
Carbry, Phillip Tullaglush
Carron, Thomas Clea
Cassidy, Peter Drumdirge
Cassidy, Widow  Cargaduff
Cassily, Daniel Crossnamoil
Cassily, Felix Crossnamoil
Cassily, Francis Brackley
Cassily, Francis, Jr. Crossnamoil
Cassily, Francis, Sr. Crossnamoil
Cassily, Mrs.  Crossmore
Cassily, Patrick Lagan
Cathony, Bryan Clea
Cathony, Daniel Clea
Cathony, Francis Clea
Cathony, Micheal Clea
Cavanagh, Dennis Clea
Clarke, Hugh Lagan
Clarke, Thomas Lagan
Clarke, Thos. Lagan
Conlon, Francis Clea
Conlon, James Clea
Conlon, John Clea
Conlon, Thos. Clea
Conly, Ardle Tivnamara
Conly, Bryan Clea
Conly, James Tullaglush
Conly, John Tivnamara
Conly, Michael Crossnamoil
Conly, Michl. Tivnamara
Conly, Mr.  Crossdaned
Conly, Pat. Tivnamara
Coulter, Andrew Cargacloher
Cowan, George Tullanamalog
Cowan, John Dunlarge
Craige, Wm. Dunlarge
Cughan, Thomas Lagan
Cullen, John Darkley
Cunningham, John Darkley
Cunningham, Pat. Crossdaned
Curry, George Cargacloher
Curry, James Iskemedies
Curry, James Tivnamara
Curry, James (Giant) Iskemedies
Curry, James, Jr. Iskemedies
Curry, John Clea
Curry, John Iskemedies
Curry, Robert Iskemedies
Curry, Thomas, Jr. Dunlarge
Curry, Thomas, Sr. Dunlarge
Curry, William Iskemedies
Daily, Hugh Tivnamara
Daily, James Clea
Daily, James Crossdaned
Daily, Patrick Crossnamoil
Daily, Terence Crossdaned
Davison, Edward Dundrum
Devlin, Patrick Cargacloher
Dickson, James Darkley
Dobbin, James Cargacloher
Dobbin, James Racerbry
Dobbin, James Tullaglush
Dobbin, John Clea
Dobbin, Saml. Racerbry
Dobbin, Thos. Racerbry
Dobbin, William Cargacloher
Dobbin, William Clea
Dobbin, William Dunlarge
Donaghy, Roger Drumdirge
Donnelly, Bryan Crofsnamoil
Donnelly, Francis Cargacloher
Donnelly, Peter Racerbry
Donnelly, Terence Cargacloher
Doran, David (William) Lagan
Doran, Michael Tullaglush
Doran, Peter Darkley
Doran, William (David) Lagan
Downy, Mr.  Lagan
Doyle, John Tullaglush
Duffy, Phillip Cargacloher
Dunlop, James Tullaglush
Dunlop, Rev.  Clea
Dunlop, Rev.  Lagan
Ealy, John Crossnamoil
Early, Wm. Lagan
Eccles, Thomas Dunlarge
Ewart, Samuel Drumdirge
Ewart, Thomas Drumdirge
Farrell, James Crossdaned
Farrell, James Tullanamalog
Farrell, John Darkley
Feigan, John Kilcam
Feighan, Arthur Clea
Feighan, Daniel Clea
Feighan, David Racerbry
Feighan, Edward Crossnenagh
Feighan, Edwd. Tullaglush
Feighan, Felix Tullaglush
Feighan, Francis Clea
Feighan, Fras. Clea
Feighan, Hugh Racerbry
Feighan, John Clea
Feighan, John Drumdirge
Feighan, Nancy Racerbry
Feighan, Owen Clea
Feighan, Pat. Kilcam
Feighan, Patrick Clea
Feighan, Peter Crossdaned
Feighan, Simon Lagan
Feighan, Terence Tullaglush
Feighan, Thomas Clea
Feighan, Widow  Darkley
Flanigan, Michael Cargacloher
Flanigan, Owen Clea
Fleming, David Dundrum
Foster, John Brackley
Foster, Widow  Brackley
Freeland, Isaac Lagan
Freeland, James Crossmore
Freeland, Mr.  Tivnamara
Garaway, John Crossmore
Garaway, John Lagan
Garaway, John Racerbry
Garland, James Darkley
Garland, John Darkley
Gass, Benjamin Clea
Gass, Robert Crossdaned
Gass, Robert Dunlarge
Gass, Thomas Clea
Gervan, James Tullaglush
Gervan, Mr.  Tullanamalog
Gervan, Robert Dundrum
Gibson, Saml. Clea
Gibson, Samuel Crossmore
Gibson, Samuel Tullanamalog
Giffen, William Lagan
Gilleland, James Cargacloher
Gillespie, Thomas Brackley
Girmley, Felix Racerbry
Gonnell, James Dunlarge
Gordan, Francis Tullaglush
Gordan, William Tullaglush
Gormell, Bernard Tullaglush
Gormell, Henry Racerbry
Gormell, John Crossmore
Gormell, John Racerbry
Gormell, Michael Racerbry
Gormell, Patrick Crossmore
Graham, Peter Dunlarge
Gray, Andrew Brackley
Gray, John Brackley
Gray, Joseph Brackley
Gray, William Brackley
Gray, William Crossmore
Greer, Timothy Cargacloher
Gribben, James Tullaglush
Grimes, Henry Tullaglush
Grimes, Samuel Drumdirge
Guining, George Crossmore
Hagan, Corny Lagan
Hagan, Henry Darkley
Hagan, James Drumdirge
Hagan, Widow  Darkley
Hall, ? Tivnamara
Hamilton, Mrs.  Crossdaned
Hanlon, Felix Tullaglush
Hanna, David Darkley
Hanna, John Crossnamoil
Hanratty, Edward Crossnenagh
Harper, John Darkley
Harvey, Daniel Cargacloher
Harvey, Robert Darkley
Harvey, Samuel Darkley
Harvey, Wm. Darkley
Hay, James Lagan
Hearty, Pat. Dundrum
Hill, John Dunlarge
Hill, Robert Dunlarge
Hill, Shilling Dunlarge
Hill, Wm. Dunlarge
Holmes, William Cargacloher
Holmes, William Crossdaned
Holmes, Wm. Clea
Holmes, Wm. Crossdaned
Hughes, Arthur Cargaduff
Hughes, Arthur Tullanamalog
Hughes, Cormick Clea
Hughes, Edward Racerbry
Hughes, Fardy Crossnenagh
Hughes, Felix, Jr. Crossdaned
Hughes, Felix, Sr. Crossdaned
Hughes, Francis Crossnenagh
Hughes, Francis Tivnamara
Hughes, Geo. Drumdirge
Hughes, Geo. Kilcam
Hughes, James Lagan
Hughes, John Cargaduff
Hughes, John Clea
Hughes, John Tivnamara
Hughes, Owen Tivnamara
Hughes, Owen Tullaglush
Hughes, Pat. Cargaduff
Hughes, Pat. Clea
Hughes, Pat. Tullaglush
Hughes, Pat. (Harly) Cargaduff
Hughes, Patrick Tullaglush
Hughes, Peter Clea
Hughes, Sally Crossnamoil
Hughes, Thomas Cargaduff
Hughes, Thomas Tivnamara
Hughes, Widow  Crossnenagh
Hughes, William Lagan
Irwin, Arthur, Jr., Esq. Cargaduff
Irwin, Arthur, Jr., Esq. Tivnamara
Irwin, Arthur, Sr., Esq. Cargaduff
Irwin, Arthur, Sr., Esq. Tivnamara
Irwin, James Darkley
Irwin, John Darkley
Irwin, William, Esq. Crossnenagh
Irwin, Wm. Kilcam
Irwin, Wm., Esq. Tivnamara
Jarden, Rev.  Brackley
Jelly, William Tullaglush
Jelly, Wm. Darkley
Jenkin, Rev. Joseph Crossdaned
Jenkin, Rev. Joseph Drumdirge
Johnston, Thomas Racerbry
Keary, Hugh Iskemedies
Keating, Cormick Racerbry
Keating, Francis Crossdaned
Keating, Mary Clea
Keating, Pat Darkley
Keating, Peter Cargacloher
Keating, Widow  Darkley
Keegan, Michael Racerbry
Keegan, Michael Tullaglush
Keegan, Mr.  Darkley
Keegan, Peter Darkley
Keenan, Owen Crossdaned
Keenan, William Tullaglush
Kells, David Tullanamalog
Kelly, Thomas Clea
Kelly, William Cargaduff
Kenedy, John Darkley
Kent, James Drumdirge
Kent, James Dunlarge
Kernahan, Bernard Cargacloher
Kerr, Peter Kilcam
Kerr, William Cargaduff
Kidd, Benjamin Crossmore
Kidd, James Darkley
Kidd, James Dunlarge
Kidd, James Racerbry
Kidd, James Tullaglush
Kidd, James A. Tullaglush
Kidd, John Drumdirge
Kidd, John Dunlarge
Kidd, Josiah Crossdaned
Kidd, Josiah Racerbry
Kidd, Samuel Darkley
Kidd, Samuel Iskemedies
Kidd, Samuel Tullaglush
Kidd, William Dundrum
Kidd, Wm. Dunlarge
King, John Iskemedies
King, Mr.  Tullanamalog
Kirk, Mr.  Tullanamalog
Kirk, William Racerbry
Kirk, Wm. Dunlarge
Kisher, Archd. Drumdirge
Knight, James Clea
Laughlin, Bryan Crossdaned
Laughlin, Felix Crossdaned
Laughlin, James Crossdaned
Laughlin, John Crossdaned
Laughlin, Michael Crossdaned
Lawson, James Crossmore
Lawson, Robert Cargacloher
Lawson, Robert Lagan
Lawson, Samuel Tullanamalog
Lawson, William Lagan
Leegan, Hugh Darkley
Leegan, Hugh Tullaglush
Leeman, Geo. Iskemedies
Leeman, John Iskemedies
Leeman, Robert Iskemedies
Lenagh, Arthur Racerbry
Lenagh, Hugh Tullaglush
Lenagh, James Racerbry
Lenagh, Laughlin Racerbry
Lenagh, Michael Racerbry
Lenagh, Owen Racerbry
Lenagh, Phillip Cargaduff
Lenagh, Thomas Racerbry
Lennan, John Clea
Little, George Dunlarge
Little, William Dunlarge
Loughran, Widow  Clea
Lucas, Margaret Crossdaned
Luke, Geo. Tullanamalog
Luke, John Tullanamalog
Luke, Robert Tullanamalog
Macan, Bernard Drumdirge
Macan, Widow  Crossmore
Magee, Dr.  Dunlarge
Magee, John Dunlarge
Magin, Pat. Cargaduff
Malia, Edward Cargacloher
Malia, Hugh Clea
Malia, James Crossdaned
Malia, James, Jr. Clea
Malia, James, Sr. Clea
Malia, John Lagan
Malia, Michael Crossdaned
Malia, Thomas Clea
Mallon, Edward Crossnamoil
Mallon, Michael Cargaduff
Mallon, Owen Brackley
Mallon, Owen Crossnamoil
Mallon, Patrick Crossdaned
Marley, John Dunlarge
Marley, William Iskemedies
Marlow, Hugh Tivnamara
Marr, Geo. Drumdirge
Marshal, James Darkley
Martin, Geo. Iskemedies
Martin, Robert Dunlarge
Maxwell, James Drumdirge
Maxwell, James Iskemedies
Maxwell, John Crossmore
Maxwell, Robert Crossmore
Maxwell, Robert Drumdirge
Maxwell, Wm. Dunlarge
McAdam, David Crossnamoil
McAdam, David Dundrum
McAdam, Edward Dunlarge
McAdam, Gilbert Dundrum
McAdam, James Crossnamoil
McAdam, John Dundrum
McAlin, Anne Dundrum
McAnally, Arthur Clea
McAnally, Arthur Crossnamoil
McAneny, Arthur Cargaduff
McAnulty, Roger Darkley
McArdle, Bernard Dundrum
McArdle, Con. Iskemedies
McArdle, Francis Racerbry
McArdle, Henry Kilcam
McArdle, Henry Racerbry
McArdle, Henry Tullaglush
McArdle, James Cargacloher
McArdle, John Dundrum
McArdle, John Iskemedies
McArdle, Michael Dundrum
McArdle, Pat Dundrum
McArdle, Pat. Drumdirge
McArdle, Pat. Dundrum
McArdle, Pat. Iskemedies
McArdle, Pat. Kilcam
McArdle, Patrick Dundrum
McArdle, Peter Kilcam
McArdle, Peter Tullaglush
McBennet, Michl. Tullaglush
McBennet, Pat. Tullaglush
McBride, Adam Dundrum
McBride, Adam Tullaglush
McBride, George Crossdaned
McBride, John Crossdaned
McBride, Thomas Crossdaned
McBride, William Crossdaned
McBurny, Widow  Tullaglush
McCabe, Charles Darkley
McCabe, Edward Tullaglush
McCabe, John Darkley
McCabe, William Crossmore
McCabe, William Racerbry
McCaffry, John Clea
McCaraher, Francis Crossdaned
McCaraher, Henry Crossdaned
McCaraher, James Crossdaned
McCaraher, John Drumdirge
McCartin, Patrick Lagan
McCartin, Thomas Lagan
McClare, John Dundrum
McClelland, Allen Crossdaned
McClelland, Allen Racerbry
McComb, Mr.  Racerbry
McComb, Robert Crossmore
McComb, William Racerbry
McConnell, James Tullaglush
McConnell, John Lagan
McCooey, Arthur Tullaglush
McCooey, Bryan Racerbry
McCooey, Felix Tullaglush
McCooey, James Cargacloher
McCooey, James Racerbry
McCooey, John Racerbry
McCooey, Pat. Cargacloher
McCraven, Terence Tivnamara
McCreery, Samuel Tullaglush
McCrum, Andrew Brackley
McCrum, Henry Racerbry
McCullagh, John Drumdirge
McDowell, Francis Crossdaned
McElheran, Owen Lagan
McElheran, Pat. Racerbry
McElheran, Peter Drumdirge
McElvana, Felix Lagan
McElvana, Murty Lagan
McGeegan, James Tullaglush
McGin, Edward Tullanamalog
McGin, Widow  Tullanamalog
McGinny, Felix Darkley
McGleenan, Francis Tullaglush
McGleenan, Pat. Dundrum
McGleenan, Pat. Racerbry
McGleenan, Widow  Tullaglush
McGort, Owen Clea
McGrawn, Pat. Clea
McGrory, Dolly Darkley
McGrory, Francis Cargacloher
McGrory, Francis Crossdaned
McGrory, James Tivnamara
McGrory, John Clea
McGrory, John Darkley
McGrory, Michael Clea
McGrory, Pat. Cargaduff
McGrory, Pat. Tullaglush
McGrory, Phillip Crossdaned
McGurgan, Mathew Clea
McGurk, Peter Darkley
McKean, James Darkley
McKee, Bernard Kilcam
McKee, Bryan Kilcam
McKee, Francis Kilcam
McKee, Francis, Jr. Kilcam
McKee, Pat. Clea
McKee, Pat. Darkley
McKee, Thomas Clea
McKee, Thomas Tullaglush
McKee, Widow  Kilcam
McKeever, John Clea
McKeever, Pat. Clea
McKenna, James Iskemedies
McKenna, John Cargaduff
McKenna, John Racerbry
McKenna, Owen Racerbry
McKew, John Drumdirge
McKinstry, Lee Cargacloher
McKinstry, Lee Clea
McKinstry, Lee Crossdaned
McKinstry, Lee Crossmore
McKinstry, Lee Darkley
McKinstry, Lee Dunlarge
McKinstry, Lee Racerbry
McKinstry, Mr.  Clea
McKnight, Pat. Dunlarge
McMahon, Edward Lagan
McMahon, Mrs.  Crossmore
McMahon, Mrs.  Dunlarge
McMahon, Robert Racerbry
McMurry, Pat. Tullaglush
McNary, John Cargacloher
McNary, Samuel Cargacloher
McShane, Laurence Racerbry
McShane, Terence Darkley
McWilliam, James Iskemedies
McWilliam, Thomas Iskemedies
Merry, Bernard Tullaglush
Merry, Daniel Darkley
Merry, Francis Darkley
Merry, Thos. Darkley
Moan, Bryan Clea
Moan, Edward Kilcam
Moan, Edward Tivnamara
Moan, Widow  Cargacloher
Moans, Charles Cargaduff
Moany, Bryan Cargacloher
Moany, John Cargaduff
Moany, Nicholas Cargaduff
Montgomery, Wm. Lagan
Moore, David Dundrum
Moore, James Crofsnenagh
Moore, James Tullaglush
Moore, Miss  Crossmore
Moore, Thomas Tullanamalog
Moore, William Iskemedies
Moore, Wm. Cargaduff
Moore, Wm. Tullanamalog
Moorhead, Charles Tullaglush
Morgan, Edward Cargacloher
Morgan, Francis Clea
Morgan, Pat. Clea
Morgan, Terence Cargacloher
Morgan, Terence Crossdaned
Morison, John Dunlarge
Morison, Samuel Dunlarge
Morrice, Mary Crossnamoil
Mulligan, Phillip Crossnamoil
Mullin, Bernard Tivnamara
Mullin, John Drumdirge
Mullin, Margaret Racerbry
Murphy, Francis Cargaduff
Murphy, Peter Cargaduff
Murry, Mr.  Cargacloher
Murry, Owen Tivnamara
Murry, Thomas Cargacloher
Neisbet, Allen Kilcam
Neisbet, Allen Tivnamara
Neisbet, John Tivnamara
Neisbet, Widow  Darkley
Neisbet, Wm. Tivnamara
Nicholson, James Crossdaned
Nicholson, Mr.  Crossdaned
Noher, Thomas Cargacloher
Nugent, Arthur Cargacloher
Nugent, Fardy Clea
Nugent, Mary Cargacloher
Nugent, Mathew Crossdaned
Nugent, Owen Racerbry
Nugent, Pat. Cargacloher
Nugent, Pat. Tullaglush
Nugent, Peter Racerbry
Nugent, Terence Crossdaned
Nugent, Thomas Cargacloher
Nugent, Widow  Crofsdaned
Nugent, Widow  Crossmore
Nugent, Wm. Dunlarge
O'Hanlon, Ardle Drumdirge
O'Hare, Cain Lagan
O'Hare, James Lagan
O'Hare, Mary Dunlarge
O'Hare, Nesly Lagan
O'Neill, Bernard Clea
O'Neill, Cormick Crossnamoil
O'Neill, Francis Crofsdaned
O'Neill, James Clea
O'Neill, Terence Clea
Patison, Elijah Darkley
Patison, Jo. Darkley
Patty, John Cargacloher
Patty, Widow  Cargacloher
Paty, James Tullanamalog
Paty, William Tullanamalog
Penny, Thomas Tullaglush
Pots, Ephraim Crossmore
Pots, John Drumdirge
Pots, Joseph Crossmore
Pots, Saml. Racerbry
Potter, Robert Tullaglush
Preston, William Clea
Price, Andrew Tullaglush
Rankin, Henry Cargacloher
Raverty, Edward Clea
Raverty, Edward Drumdirge
Raverty, Jal. Clea
Raverty, James Crossdaned
Raverty, James Drumdirge
Raverty, John Clea
Raverty, John Lagan
Raverty, Laughlin Lagan
Raverty, Michael Clea
Raverty, Michael Crossnamoil
Raverty, Owen Clea
Raverty, Owen Darkley
Raverty, Owen Drumdirge
Raverty, Pat. Clea
Raverty, Terence Cargacloher
Raverty, Widow  Lagan
Raverty, Wm. Clea
Reavey, John Crofsdaned
Reily, Bernard Racerbry
Reily, Francis Tullaglush
Reily, John Clea
Reily, Michael Cargacloher
Roach, Michael Dunlarge
Rob, John Clea
Robinson, John Darkley
Robinson, John Dundrum
Rogers, Geo. Racerbry
Rogers, George Cargacloher
Rogers, George Crossdaned
Rogers, Hugh Crossnamoil
Rogers, James Crossdaned
Rogers, Mary Crossdaned
Rolston, James Crossmore
Roony, Andrew Crossnamoil
Runahan, James Crossdaned
Runahan, Thomas Cargacloher
Rush, James Crossnamoil
Rush, Owen Crossnenagh
Rush, Peter Cargaduff
Rush, Peter Crossnenagh
Sanderson, David Cargacloher
Sanderson, Wm. Darkley
Scanlon, John Cargaduff
Seymor, Henry Crossnenagh
Seymor, John Crossnenagh
Seymor, Joseph Crossnenagh
Seymor, Thos. Tivnamara
Sherry, Widow  Cargacloher
Shiels, Bernard Lagan
Shiels, Francis Clea
Shiels, Francis Lagan
Shiels, Hugh Lagan
Shiels, Patrick Clea
Shiels, Terence Clea
Shiels, William Clea
Shilady, Joseph Darkley
Shillady, Thomas Darkley
Short, James Lagan
Short, Miles Lagan
Short, Pat. Clea
Simonton, Arthur Dunlarge
Simpson, John Dunlarge
Simpson, Saml. D. Tullaglush
Simpson, Saml. D. Tullanamalog
Singleton, Mrs.  Crossnamoil
Slator, Samuel Iskemedies
Sleaven, Francis Lagan
Sleaven, James Clea
Sleaven, James Lagan
Sleaven, Owen Lagan
Sleaven, Pat. Clea
Sleaven, Peter Clea
Sleaven, Peter Crossnamoil
Slevin, John Darkley
Sloan, Widow  Cargacloher
Smith, Pat. Cargaduff
Steel, Henry Tullaglush
Steel, James Dunlarge
Straghan, Isabella Kilcam
Straghan, John Kilcam
Straghan, Thomas Clea
Straghan, Wm. Lagan
Strahan, James Kilcam
Strahan, John Kilcam
Stuart, Alexander Cargacloher
Stuart, Joseph Darkley
Stuart, Thomas Lagan
Stuart, William Darkley
Stuart, William Dunlarge
Sturgeon, Nathaniel Clea
Sturgeon, Nathaniel Tivnamara
Sturgeon, Saml. Crossdaned
Sutton, James Clea
Sutton, Joseph Clea
Swan, Mrs.  Tullanamalog
Tamony, James Cargaduff
Tamony, Michael Darkley
Tamony, Neal Darkley
Tamony, Owen Crossdaned
Tamony, Thomas Darkley
Tamony, Thomas Tivnamara
Tate, Alexander Crossnamoil
Taylor, ? Clea
Thompson, Jo. Kilcam
Thompson, John Tivnamara
Thompson, Robert Kilcam
Thompson, Robert Tivnamara
Todd, Edward Iskemedies
Toner, Bernard Lagan
Toner, Bryan Crossdaned
Toner, Francis Lagan
Toner, Owen Lagan
Toner, Widow  Lagan
Tosh, William Cargaduff
Totten, Joseph Tivnamara
Totten, Mr.  Tivnamara
Totten, Thomas Tivnamara
Trimbil, John Tullaglush
Trodan, Bernard Tullaglush
Trodan, Francis Cargacloher
Twinam, John Tullaglush
Valily, Arthur Darkley
Valily, James Darkley
Valily, Patrick Tullaglush
Vint, Samuel Tullaglush
Wallace, Hanna Tullanamalog
Ward, Henry Darkley
Watson, David Crossmore
Watson, David Dunlarge
Watson, Mathew Drumdirge
Watson, Thomas Crossmore
Watson, Thomas Drumdirge
Watson, William Kilcam
White, John Crossnamoil
White, Michael Crossnamoil
White, Patrick Crossnamoil
Wiere, James Dundrum
Wilay, John Tullanamalog
Wilay, Margaret Tullanamalog
Williams, Robert, Jr. Dunlarge
Williams, Robert, Sr. Dunlarge
Williamson, Geo. Tullaglush
Williamson, Mary Dunlarge
Wilson, Andrew Cargaduff
Wilson, John Crossnamoil
Wilson, Joseph Cargaduff
Wilson, Mrs.  Darkley
Wilson, Mrs.  Dundrum
Wilson, Mrs.  Tullaglush
Wilson, William Crossdaned
Wilson, Wm. Crossdaned
Woods, Arthur Crossnamoil
Woods, Francis Lagan
Woods, James Lagan
Woods, James Tullanamalog
Woods, Owen Lagan
Woods, Phillip Lagan
Woods, Thomas Lagan
Woods, Tye. Lagan
Wright, Robert Dundrum
Young, James Iskemedies
Young, John Iskemedies

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