Tithe Applotments 1832

 Grange Civil Parish

Grange Blundel

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Baronies:  Armagh & Oneilland West
Poor Law Union:  Armagh


Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotments' entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from the Tithe Applotment Books Index.  Only surname and townland for the civil parish was transcribed.  For the full record, one should refer to the LDS Family History Film #258459.


Name Townland
Abeney, William Mullyloughran
Acheson, Hugh Tirnascobe
Adams, John Corporation
Adams, Thomas Munacree
Adamson, Joseph Ballinahone More
Aiken, William Alistragh
Alexander, Henry Mullynure
Algeo, Wm. Corporation
Allen, Alexander Drummond Beg
Allen, George Ardrea
Allen, John Ardrea
Allen, John Tirnascobe
Allen, Lawrence Tirnascobe
Allen, William Ardrea
Allott, Rev.  Corporation
Allott, John Tullygoonigan
Allott, Rev. Richd. Corporation
Anderson, Allen Tullgarron
Anderson, Margaret Tullgarron
Anderson, Thomas Tullgarron
Arbuthnol, Mrs.  Corporation
Ash, John Corporation
Atkinson, Dr.  Corporation
Baldwin, Mr.  Corporation
Barnes, George Corporation
Barnes, John Corporation
Barnes, Robert Corporation
Barnes, Mr. Wm. Corporation
Barrett,  Corporation
Barrett, Miss  Tirnascobe
Barrett, Jacob Corporation
Barrett, John Tirnascobe
Barrett, William Tirnascobe
Baxter,  Corporation
Baxter, Edward Corporation
Baxter, Richard Corporation
Beatty,  Corporation
Beatty, David Teera
Beatty, John Drumarg and Downs
Beggs, Joseph Anacramp
Bell, James Corporation
Bell, Jas., Jr. Corporation
Bell, John Corporation
Bell, Mathew Corporation
Bennett, James Corporation
Bennett, James Drumcairn
Birch, Adam Mullyloughran
Birch, George Tirnascobe
Birch, James Tirnascobe
Birch, William Tirnascobe
Blacker, William Corporation
Blacker, Wm. Mullynure
Blevens, David Ballybrannon
Boland, George Ballybrannon
Bolton, Mrs.  Corporation
Bond, Walter Drumsill
Boyd, James Tirnascobe
Boyd, William Ballinahone More
Boyd, William Corporation
Bradley, James Drumadd
Bradly, James Ballinahone More
Brady, Philip Drummart
Bran, J. Ballinahone More
Brannigan, Ellen Drumcairn
Brannigan, Henry Tullgarron
Brannigan, John Tirnascobe
Brannigan, Mary Tullgarron
Brannigan, Patrick Knockaconey
Brannigan, Thomas Terrygarve
Brannigan, Thomas Tullygoonigan
Brawly, Samuel Corporation
Briars Corporation
Briars, James Ballymacmurry
Briars, James Lisdonwilly
Briars, James, Jr. Lisdonwilly
Brooks, James Tirnascobe
Brooks, John Tirnascobe
Brooks, William Tirnascobe
Brown,  Ballinahone More
Bruce, William Ballybrannon
Bruce, William Kilmachugh
Burns, Rev.  Drumarg and Downs
Caldwell, William Corporation
Callagher, Thomas Corporation
Calvert, John Lurgyvallen
Campbell, Miss  Corporation
Campbell, Mrs.  Corporation
Campbell, Arthur Drumsill
Campbell, Hugh Drumarg and Downs
Campbell, John Teera
Campbell, Widow  Mullyloughran
Carberry, John Lisdonwilly
Cardwell, J. Lurgyvallen
Cardwell, William Drumcairn
Cardwell, Wm. Lurgyvallen
Carlow, Andrew Tullyashna
Carroll, Edward Corporation
Carroll, Edward Demesne Corporation
Carroll, Elen Ballynick
Carroll, Sinclair Corporation
Carroll, William Ballinahone More
Carroll, William Drumadd
Carroll, William Drummond Beg
Carroll, William Drummond More
Carroll, Wm. Corporation
Carson, James Navan
Carson, William Ballinahone More
Cartmill, Francis Knockaconey
Caufield, Hon.  Drummaugher
Caulfield, Hon.  Kilmachugh
Cherry, William Corporation
Clark, James Terrygarve
Clark, James, Jr. Terrygarve
Clark, Thomas Terrygarve
Clendinning, James Ardrea
Close, James Corporation
Close, Jas. Corporation
Clougher, Henry Drummond Beg
Coburn, Widow  Kilmachugh
Cochran, John Corporation
Cochran, Robert Corporation
Cochran, Robert Killuney
Colgan, John Greenan
Collins, Miss  Corporation
Colvan, Dr.  Corporation
Colvan, Jane Ballybrannon
Conlan, Patrick Drumadd
Conn, John Alistragh
Conn, John Ballymacmurry
Connelly, Patrick Mullyloughran
Connolly, Chritr. Mullynure
Connor, Patrick Legarhill
Conway, Francis Drummart
Conway, Francis Knockaconey
Conway, John Knockaconey
Conway, Michael Drumsill
Conway, Patrick Drummond More
Conway, Patrick Knockaconey
Conway, Robert Corporation
Cooper, Jane Ballynick
Cope, Wm. Ardrea
Corr, Mary Tullygoonigan
Corrigan, Michl. Ballynick
Corrigan, Patrick Tullgarron
Corvan, Bryan Ballinahone More
Corvan, Francis Ballinahone More
Corvan, M. Ballinahone More
Corvan, Patrick Ballinahone More
Corvan, Terence Drummond Beg
Corvan, Terence Kilmachugh
Corvan, Widow  Ballinahone More
Cosgrave, James Corporation
Courtney, Thomas Ballybrannon
Courtney, Thos. Kilmachugh
Craig, James Corporation
Craig, Samuel Ballinahone More
Cremorne, Lord  Corporation
Cromie, Patrick Drumcairn
Cross, Maxwell Corporation
Cross, Richard Corporation
Cross, William Corporation
Cullen, John Navan
Cullen, John Terrygarve
Cullen, John Tullgarron
Cullen, Michael Tullgarron
Cullen, Peter Terrygarve
Cullen, Peter Tullgarron
Cullen, Roger Tullgarron
Cullen, William, Jr. Drumcairn
Cullin, Daniel Ballygassoon
Cuming, James Ballinahone More
Cuming, James Corporation
Cuming, James Mullynure
Cuming, William Mullynure
Cumings, James Mullynure
Cunningham,  Corporation
Curry, Widow  Lurgyvallen
Curry, William Mullynure
Cutler, Samuel Lisdonwilly
Darlington, Mrs.  Mullyloughran
Darlington, Mrs.  Mullynure
Davidson, Robert Ballinahone More
Davidson, Widow  Mullyloughran
Davison, Jno. Corporation
Davison, John Corporation
Deacon, Robert Tirnascobe
Deacon, Thomas Tirnascobe
Delany, Peter Corporation
Denison, Samuel Ballynick
Dennis, William Ballycrummy
Dennis, William Carricktrodden
Dennison, Saml. Drummart
Devlin, Patrick Corporation
Devlin, Widow  Corporation
Dillon, John Drumcairn
Dobbin, James Tiinascobe
Dobbin, Leo. Corporation
Dobbin, Leo., Jr. Corporation
Dobbin, Leo., Jr. Drumarg and Downs
Dobbin, Leonard Ballinahone More
Dobbin, Leonard Corporation
Dobbin, Robert Tirnascobe
Dobbin, Thomas Tirnascobe
Dobbin, Thos. Corporation
Dobbin, William Tirnascobe
Donaghy, John Tirnascobe
Donaghy, Mary Drummond More
Donnelly, Felix Ballinahone More
Donnelly, Henry Mullyloughran
Donnelly, James Ballinahone More
Donnelly, James Ballygassoon
Donnelly, James Corporation
Donnelly, James Drummart
Donnelly, James Knockaconey
Donnelly, James Munacree
Donnelly, James Tullgarron
Donnelly, John Cargaghnamuck
Donnelly, Margaret Knockaconey
Donnelly, Michael Terrygarve
Donnelly, Patrick Terrygarve
Donnelly, Patrick Tullygoonigan
Donnelly, Peter Knockaconey
Donnelly, Peter Legarhill
Donnelly, Terence Tullgarron
Donnelly, Thomas Legarhill
Donnelly, Thomas Lurgyvallen
Donnelly, Widow  Knockaconey
Donnelly, William Knockaconey
Doon, John Ardrea
Dooras, John Ballinahone More
Dougan, James Lurgyvallen
Douglas, William Drumcairn
Downy, Benjamin Greenan
Downy, John Drumcairn
Downy, Peter Corporation
Downy, William Drumcairn
Dreany, Henry Ardrea
Dreany, John Ardrea
Drummond, William Cargagh
Duffy, Bernard Killuney
Duffy, James, Jr. Killuney
Duffy, James, Sr. Killuney
Duffy, Patrick Killuney
Duffy, Patrick Lisdonwilly
Dunleany, John Killuney
Dunn, William Corporation
Elliott, John Ballynick
Ellott, John Ballygassoon
Evans, Thos. Corporation
Ewing, Mrs.  Corporation
Ewing, Andrew Corporation
Ewing, William Mullynure
Farnan, John Ballinahone More
Farnan, John Drumadd
Farnan, Patrick Ballinahone More
Fegan, Patrick Ballyrath
Felby, William Drumadd
Ferguson, James Ballycrummy
Ferguson, James Corporation
Ferguson, James Legarhill
Ferguson, William Corporation
Field, Edward Knockaconey
Fitzsimons, James Corporation
Flanigan, Daniel Lurgyvallen
Flannigan, Daniel Legarhill
Foster, Charles Corporation
Fox, Bernard Killylyn
Fox, Thomas Ballybrannon
Fox, Thomas Terrygarve
Fulton, Robert Drumadd
Fulton, Robert Killuney
Gainford, George Corporation
Garbett, John Corporation
Gardiners,  Corporation
Gardner, Edwd. Corporation
Gardner, Saml. Drumarg and Downs
Gardner, William Mullyloughran
Garvey, Henry Terrygarve
Garvey, Terence Terrygarve
George, Rev. C. Corporation
George, James Lurgyvallen
George, Richard Cabragh
Gervais, Bartin Teera
Gibbon, Richard Anaclare
Gilchrist, Thomas Corporation
Gillepie, Hannah Ballynick
Gillespie, Townly Navan
Gipson, Peter Anacramp
Girvan, John Drummond Beg
Girvan, John Kilmachugh
Glenny, Mr. Corporation
Graham, William Tirnascobe
Gray, Robert Anaclare
Greer, Alice Kilmachugh
Greer, Edward Drummond Beg
Greer, John Ballinahone More
Greer, Joseph Umgola
Greer, Joshua Drumsill
Greer, Philip Knockaconey
Grew, Alice Drummond Beg
Grew, Edward Kilmachugh
Gribben, John Corporation
Gribben, John Demesne Corporation
Gribben, John Drumarg and Downs
Gribben, Patk. Ballybrannon
Gribben, Patrick Ballinahone More
Grimes, James Drummaugher
Grimes, John Drummaugher
Grimes, Patrick Drummaugher
Groves, Mr.  Corporation
Haddock, Mrs.  Drumadd
Haddock, William Munacree
Haelly, Thomas Corporation
Haffy, John Navan
Hagan, James Ballinahone More
Hagan, Patrick Ballygassoon
Hagan, Terence Ballinahone More
Hagan, Widow  Ballinahone More
Hall, William Corporation
Hamill, Robert Anacramp
Hamill, Robert Ballybrannon
Hamill, Widow  Ballynick
Hamilton, Alexr. Tirnascobe
Hamilton, D. Corporation
Hampton, Christr. Mullyloughran
Hampton, James Mullyloughran
Handcock, John Killylyn
Hans, Thomas Tullgarron
Hardy, Robert Corporation
Hare, John Terrygarve
Hare, Terence Mullyloughran
Hare, Widow  Mullyloughran
Hart, Francis Kilmachugh
Hart, James Corporation
Hart, John Drummond Beg
Heatly, John Tirnascobe
Henderson, Richard Corporation
Henderson, Richard Drumarg and Downs
Henry, Dr.  Corporation
Henry, John Cargagh
Henry, John Drumarg and Downs
Henry, Martha Killylyn
Henry, Rev. P. Corporation
Henry, Rev. P. Drumarg and Downs
Herron, George Tirnascobe
Herron, John Tirnascobe
Herron, William Tirnascobe
Higgins, Thomas Mullynure
Hill, Mr.  Corporation
Hillen, Moses Knockaconey
Hollywood, John Ballinahone More
Hollywood, John Corporation
Hollywood, John Killuney
Hollywood, Patk. Teera
Houston, Rev. T. Corporation
Hughes, Edward Ballynick
Hughes, George Corporation
Hughes, James Tullygoonigan
Hughes, John Killuney
Hughes, John Knockaconey
Hughes, Pat. Corporation
Hughes, Patrick Knockaconey
Hughes, Patrick Terrygarve
Hughes, Patrick Umgola
Humphries, Robert Drummond More
Humphry, William Mullynure
Hunter, William Ballycrummy
Hutchinson, Nicholas Ballycrummy
Hutchinson, Nicholas Ballyrath
Hutchinson, W. M. Corporation
Hutchinson, Wm. Ballyrath
Hutchinson, Wm. Corporation
Irwin, Thomas Lurgyvallen
Jackson, Rev. Dean Mullynure
Jackson, George Tirnascobe
Jackson, Jno. Corporation
Jackson, John Corporation
Johnston, Dr.  Drumadd
Johnston, Thomas Corporation
Jones, John Cargagh
Jones, John Mullyloughran
Jones, Widow  Mullyloughran
Jones, William Mullyloughran
Kean, John Tullgarron
Kearns, Thomas Corporation
Kearns, Thomas Drumarg and Downs
Kearns, Thomas Legagilly
Kearny, Bernard Mullyloughran
Kearny, James Corporation
Kearny, Jas. Corporation
Kearny, John Mullyloughran
Kearny, Patrick Lurgyvallen
Kearny, Widow  Mullyloughran
Kearny, William Drumcairn
Kearny, William Mullynure
Keenan, Philip Ballinahone More
Keenan, Philip Tullyashna
Kelly, A. Mullynure
Kelly, Mrs.  Corporation
Kelly, Mrs.  Mullynure
Kelly, Arthur Corporation
Kelly, Edward Corporation
Kelly, James Drummart
Kelly, Peter Corporation
Kelter, John Kilmachugh
Kennedy, Bernard Drummond More
Kennedy, Charles Tullygoonigan
Kennedy, Dominick Ballygassoon
Kennedy, James Kilmachugh
Kennedy, Patk. Ballybrannon
Kennedy, Thomas Tirnascobe
Kennedy, Thomas Tullygoonigan
Kennedy, Widow  Ballybrannon
Kernaghan, Joseph Tullgarron
Kerr, Francis Drumcairn
Kerr, John Corporation
Kidd, Dr.  Corporation
Kidd, Hugh Corporation
Kidd, Hugh Killuney
Kidd, Osborne Corporation
Kidd, Thomas Drumarg and Downs
Kidd, Thomas Umgola
Killen, Moses Tullygoonigan
Kilter, John Ballybrannon
King, Henry Corporation
King, Thomas Ballinahone More
Lang, Widow  Corporation
Lappen, Daniel Cabragh
Lappen, Michael Cabragh
Lappen, Thomas Mullynure
Largy, Jeremiah Ballinahone More
Lavell, Francis Tullygoonigan
Lavell, James Tullygoonigan
Lavell, Terence Lurgyvallen
Lee, John Demesne Corporation
Lee, John Drumarg and Downs
Leeman, Pooler Navan
Lennon, Ann Ardrea
Lennon, James Ballyrea
Lennon, Owen Tullgarron
Lindsay, Margt. Corporation
Lindsay, Richard Killuney
Lindsay, William Anacramp
Lloyd, Jackson Mullynure
Lodge, Miss  Ballinahone More
Long, Widow  Drummond Beg
Long, Widow  Kilmachugh
Loughran, John Drumcairn
Loughran, Lawrence Ballycrummy
Loughran, Owen Ballycrummy
Loughran, Widow Drummart
Loughran, William Ballybrannon
Loughran, Wm. Kilmachugh
Ludlow, Geo. Kilmachugh
Ludlow, George Kilmachugh
Ludlow, George, Jr. Ballybrannon
Ludlow, George, Sr. Ballybrannon
Ludlow, Jno. Kilmachugh
Ludlow, John Ballybrannon
Ludlow, Thos. Ballybrannon
Lyle, A. Corporation
Lyle, A., Jr. Corporation
Lyle, Mrs.  Corporation
Lyle, Mrs.  Mullynure
Lyle, John Corporation
Lynch, Hugh Mullynure
Lyons, Arthur Drummart
Macan, Robert Umgola
Macklin, James Tullgarron
Macky, Benjamin Ardrea
Madole, George Anacramp
Madole, George Drummond More
Madole, John Ballynick
Madole, Robert Anacramp
Magee, Michael Drumadd
Magee, Michl. Corporation
Magennis, Thomas Knockaconey
Magill, Bernard Ballymacmurry
Magill, Henry Mullynure
Magill, James Drummond More
Magill, James Mullynure
Magill, John Ballymacmurry
Magill, Michael Corporation
Magowan, James Mullyloughran
Magowan, Thomas Mullyloughran
Maguire, Duncan Terrygarve
Maguire, John Alistragh
Magurk, James Tullygoonigan
Mallon, Bernard Ballinahone More
Mallon, James Ballygassoon
Mallon, James Tullgarron
Mallon, John Drummart
Mallon, Lawrence Ballygassoon
Mallon, Lawrence Drummart
Marshal, James Anaclare
Martin, Samuel Teera
Mathews, Jno. Corporation
Mawhinny, George Ballybrannon
Mawhinny, George Kilmachugh
Mawhinny, Thomas Kilmachugh
Mawhinny, Thos. Ballybrannon
Maziere, Dr.  Corporation
Maziere, Dr.  Drumadd
McAdam, John Ballynick
McAdam, Thos. Drumcairn
McAnespy, John Corporation
McAnespy, John Legagilly
McArdle, Cornelius Teera
McArdle, James Knockaconey
McArdle, John Ballygassoon
McArdle, Patrick Tullgarron
McArdle, Widow Teera
McBride, Betty Drumsill
McBride, George Terrygarve
McBride, Robert Alistragh
McBride, Robert Killylyn
McBride, Robert Lisdonwilly
McCaghey, Peter Drumadd
McCammon, Anthony Ballinahone More
McCamon, Thomas Mullyloughran
McCann, Bernard Knockaconey
McCann, Edward Drummond More
McCann, Edward Mullynure
McCann, Felix Killuney
McCann, James Killuney
McCann, James Mullyloughran
McCann, Owen Drummond More
McCann, Robert Drumarg and Downs
McCann, Thomas Mullyloughran
McCaraher, John Lisdonwilly
McCardle, James Mullyloughran
McCardle, John Teera
McCarragher, John Ballymacmurry
McClusky, Bernard Ballymacmurry
McClusky, James Tullygoonigan
McCone, George Teera
McCormick, Bernd. Mullynure
McCormick, Francis Corporation
McCormick, James Ballycrummy
McCormick, Widow  Lisdonwilly
McCorry,  Ballinahone More
McCourt, Nicholas Ballybrannon
McCoy, Bernard Terrygarve
McCreedy, William Terrygarve
McCudden, Edward Tirnascobe
McCudden, Henry Tirnascobe
McCudden, James Tirnascobe
McCuden, Widow  Drummart
McCullagh,  Corporation
McCullagh, Archd. Tirnascobe
McCullagh, William Tirnascobe
McCully, Robert Drummond More
McCuskey, Francis Ballymacmurry
McCuskey, Henry Ballymacmurry
McCuskey, Hugh Ballymacmurry
McCuskey, John Ballymacmurry
McCuskey, John, Jr. Ballymacmurry
McCuskey, Peter Ballymacmurry
McCutcheon, James Tullygoonigan
McCutcheon, William Terrygarve
McDonald, Alexander Drumarg and Downs
McDonald, Archibald Corporation
McEndow, Robert Corporation
McEndow, Robert Mullynure
McGahan, Henry Ballinahone More
McGahan, John Ballinahone More
McGlone, John Navan
McGlone, Mary Navan
McGlone, Patrick Navan
McGlone, Patrick Terryworgle
McGlone, Thomas Lurgyvallen
McGoggy, Widow  Knockaconey
McGrann, James Drummart
McGrann, Widow  Drummart
McGrath, Margaret Terrygarve
McGuiness, Henry Anacramp
McGuire, John Alistragh
McGurgan, Edward Lurgyvallen
McGurgan, Francis Tullyashna
McGurgan, James Corporation
McIlroy, James Corporation
McIvor, Michael Lurgyvallen
McIvor, Patrick Knockaconey
McIvor, Peter Legagilly
McIvor, Peter Lurgyvallen
McKearnan, Widow  Greenan
McKee, Bernard Mullyloughran
McKee, Felix Mullyloughran
McKee, Patrick Tirnascobe
McKee, Patrick Tullygoonigan
McKee, Widow  Mullyloughran
McKenna, Thomas Alistragh
McKenna, Widow  Teera
McKenna, William Umgola
McKennall, Thomas Killylyn
McKeown, James Corporation
McKeown, William Terrygarve
McKinney, John Tullgarron
McKinstry, Lee Corporation
McKinstry, Lee Drumarg and Downs
McKinstry, Lee Orporation
McKinstry, Leo Corporation
McKinstry, Manus Ballygassoon
McKinstry, Robt. Corporation
McLaughlin, Bernard Corporation
McLaughlin, John Lisdonwilly
McLaughlin, John Tullygoonigan
McLaughlin, John, Jr. Lisdonwilly
McLaughlin, Patrick Tullygoonigan
McLinn, James Knockaconey
McLinn, Patrick Knockaconey
McManus, Patrick Mullynure
McMaster, Chas. Corporation
McMaster, P. Corporation
McMullan, John Kilmachugh
McMurdy, Thomas Greenan
McParland, James Ballybrannon
McParland, James Kilmachugh
McParland, Widow  Drummart
McShane, Hugh Drummart
McSpadden, Dr.  Corporation
McTwigg, Rev.  Cabragh
McWilliams, Jno. Ballinahone More
McWilliams, Jno. Tirnascobe
McWilliams, Robert Tirnascobe
McWilliams, Robt. Tirnascobe
McWilliams, Thos. Drummond More
McWilliams, William Corporation
McWilliams, Wm. Ballinahone More
McWilliams, Wm. Corporation
Miller, Rev.  Corporation
Miller, Rev.  Killuney
Miller, Rev.  Mullynure
Miller, Thomas Drumcairn
Mills, Richard Ardrea
Molyneux, Sir  Anaclare
Molyneux, Sir  Drummaugher
Molyneux, Sir  Drummond More
Molyneux, Sir  Killuney
Molyneux, Sir C. Kilmachugh
Moore, David Demesne Corporation
Moore, David Lurgyvallen
Moore, James Ballinahone More
Moore, James Ballybrannon
Moore, James Drumadd
Moore, Robert Ardrea
Moore, Sarah Ardrea
Moore, Thomas Corporation
Moore, Widow  Mullyloughran
Moorehead, Robert Drumsill
Morgan, James Anaclare
Morris, James Ballinahone More
Morris, Michael Ballinahone More
Morrison, William Tirnascobe
Morrow, Miss  Drumcairn
Morrow, Benjamin Ardrea
Morrow, Robert Ardrea
Morrow, Robert Drummond More
Morrow, Widow  Drumcairn
Mulholland, Andw. Ballinahone More
Mullan, Charles Tullgarron
Murphy, Mrs.  Drumarg and Downs
Murphy, Edward Corporation
Murphy, John Knockaconey
Murray, James Navan
Murray, John Navan
Murray, Mathew Navan
Neil, William Mullyloughran
Neill, Henry Corporation
Nelson, William Ballycrummy
Nelson, William Tullymore
Noble, John Corporation
Nugent, James Killuney
Ogle, James Corporation
Oliver, Benjamin Ballyrea
Oliver, Joseph Tullymore
Oliver, Joseph Umgola
Oliver, Robert Lurgyvallen
Oliver, William Corporation
Oliver, William Drumarg and Downs
Olpherts, Rev. R. Corporation
Olpherts, Wm. Corporation
O'Neill, Charles Legarhill
O'Neill, John Ballinahone More
Orr, Catherine Ballynick
Orr, James Ballynick
Orr, James Greenan
Orr, John Ballynick
Orr, William Ballynick
Parkison, Edwd. Mullynure
Patterson, George Corporation
Patterson, John Teera
Penton, Geo. Corporation
Penton, George Corporation
Penton, George Demesne Corporation
Pilley, John Anacramp
Platt, Thomas Ballinahone More
Platt, William Ballinahone More
Plunkett, William Teera
Poole, John Ballycrummy
Pooler, Miss  Legagilly
Pooler, John Carricktrodden
Pooler, Robert Carricktrodden
Pooler, Robert Tyross
Prentice, Corporation
Prentice, Alexr. Corporation
Prentice, Henry Corporation
Prentice, Henry Drumarg and Downs
Prentice, Thos. Corporation
Preston,  Drummaugher
Preston, David Kilmachugh
Primate, Lord  Demesne Corporation
Pringle, Michael Knockaconey
Proctor, William Greenan
Pumate, Lord  Corporation
Quigly, Margaret Ballyrea
Quigly, Patrick Ballyrea
Quin, Alexr. Navan
Quin, Bawn Drumcairn
Quin, Bernard Ballinahone More
Quin, Bernard Corporation
Quin, John Anacramp
Quin, John Munacree
Quin, Lyle Corporation
Quin, Michael Ballygassoon
Quin, Peter Anacramp
Quin, Philip Teera
Quin, Syl Corporation
Quin, Sylvester Ballycrummy
Quin, Sylvester Cargagh
Quin, Thomas Anacramp
Quinn, William Corporation
Rafferty, John Corporation
Redpath, Samuel Mullyloughran
Reilly, George Greenan
Reilly, S. Drummond More
Reilly, Simon Drummond More
Richardson, Edward Knockaconey
Richardson, John Anacramp
Richardson, Joseph Anacramp
Richardson, William Anacramp
Robinson, Dr.  Corporation
Robinson, John Greenan
Rocks, Henry Lurgyvallen
Rocks, John Ballyrea
Rogers, William Corporation
Rogers, William Drumcairn
Rogers, William Killuney
Ross, George Ardrea
Ross, John Corporation
Ross, John Greenan
Roulston, David Drumsill
Roulston, John Drumsill
Roulston, Robert Drumsill
Rowland, Thos. Anacramp
Rowland, William Anacramp
Runnett, Joseph Ballybrannon
Runnett, Mark Ballybrannon
Running, Joseph Kilmachugh
Runnison, John Tullygoonigan
Runnison, Thomas Tullygoonigan
Runnison, William Tullygoonigan
Ryans,  Corporation
Sargent, Joseph Killuney
Saunders, Arthur Greenan
Saunders, John Anacramp
Saunders, John Cabragh
Saunders, John, Jr. Anacramp
Saunders, John, Jr. Cabragh
Savage, Henry Ballycrummy
Scarlett, David Corporation
Scarlett, David Mullynure
Scott, Mrs.  Corporation
Scott,  Drummond More
Scott, Mrs.  Umgola
Scott, Andrew Cabragh
Scott, Geo. Corporation
Scott, George Corporation
Scott, George Tullyard
Scott, Thomas Drummond Beg
Scott, Wm. Corporation
Sewton, Mansfield Anaclare
Shaw, Major  Corporation
Shaw, Thos. Mullynure
Sherry, John Teera
Short, Bernard Demesne Corporation
Short, Bernard Drumarg and Downs
Simonton, William Mullyloughran
Simpson, Thomas Drumarg and Downs
Singleton, Jno. Corporation
Slavin, Bernard Ballygassoon
Slavin, Bernard Drummart
Slavin, Mary Ballygassoon
Slavin, Michael Legarhill
Sloan, Adam Anacramp
Sloan, Andrew Anacramp
Sloan, Isabella Killylyn
Sloan, Jane Alistragh
Sloan, John Alistragh
Sloan, Thomas Killylyn
Sloan, William Alistragh
Sloan, William Killylyn
Smith,  Lurgyvallen
Smith, James Teera
Smith, John Ballinahone More
Smith, Thomas Corporation
Smith, Thomas Lurgyvallen
Smith, Rev. Wm. Drumadd
Softly, Robert Drummart
Softly, Thos. Drummart
Somerville, John Ballinahone More
Stanley, John Ballinahone More
Stanley, John Corporation
Stanly, John Corporation
Stanly, John Mullynure
Stanson, John Kilmachugh
Starr, Archibald Drumcairn
Starr, James Drumcairn
Steenson, John Drummond Beg
Stewart, Charles Lisdonwilly
Stewart, James Corporation
Stewart, John Mullynure
Stewart, William Lisdonwilly
Stoups, Benjamin Drummond More
Stoups, James Drummond More
Stoups, Thomas Drummond More
Stoups, William Drummond More
Stringer, Francis Tullygoonigan
Sullivan, James Tullgarron
Summerville, John Corporation
Taylor, English Ballynick
Taylor, John Ballynick
Taylor, Rachael Greenan
Taylor, Richard Drummond Beg
Taylor, Robert Greenan
Taylor, William Ballynick
Taylor, William Greenan
Thompson, Mrs.  Tirnascobe
Thompson, John Mullyloughran
Thompson, Thomas Drumcairn
Thompson, Widow  Tirnascobe
Thompson, William Drummond Beg
Thompson, William Kilmachugh
Thornton, Major  Tullyard
Thornton, R. Legarhill
Thornton, R. Mullynure
Toal, Francis Tullygoonigan
Toal, Patrick Tullygoonigan
Toal, Roger Tullygoonigan
Todd, Sarah Drummond More
Todd, William Drummond More
Todd, William, Jr. Drummond More
Toner, Francis Lisdonwilly
Toner, John Ballyrea
Toner, Neal Lisdonwilly
Trainor, Owen Anacramp
Treanor, Bernard Tullgarron
Treanor, Hugh Legarhill
Treanor, Hugh Tullyashna
Turner, John Ballinahone More
Turner, John Corporation
Turrell, Robert Corporation
Upton, Nicholas Lurgyvallen
Vogan, James Corporation
Walker, Abraham Greenan
Walker, George Killuney
Walker, John Anaclare
Walker, Thomas Corporation
Ward, Peter Tullgarron
Warmill, James, Jr. Corporation
Watt, David Greenan
Watt, Johathan Drummart
Watt, John Greenan
Watt, Jonathan Greenan
Watt, William Greenan
Waugh, John Corporation
West, George Tirnascobe
West, James Mullyloughran
Wheeler, James Killuney
Whitlaw, Lawson Drummond Beg
Whitly, Lawrence Kilmachugh
Wilkinson, Counsellor Ballinahone More
Willis, Ellen Greenan
Willis, John Ballymacmurry
Willis, Robert Ballybrannon
Willis, Robert Kilmachugh
Willis, Thomas Knockaconey
Willis, Walter Knockaconey
Wilson, Esther Tullgarron
Wilson, Henry Ardrea
Wilton, George Carricktrodden
Wilton, George Corporation
Woods, Alexander Ballinahone More
Woods, James Corporation
Woods, John Drummond More
Woods, John Lurgyvallen
Woods, William Ballinahone More
Wright, Samuel Ballinahone More
Young, David Greenan
Young, Robert Greenan

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