Assorted Church Records

Loughgall RC Parish
Loughgill RC Parish


Research Notes:  The church record entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from the PRONI film, MIC/1D/38.  For the Loughgall RC Parish the years searched were 1835 to 1852.  For the Loughgill RC Parish the years searched were 1825 to 1828 and 1840 to 1844.  Records were recorded when the following surnames were found:  Campbell, Fox, Todd.  Some parts of the records were in bad condition and impossible to read.

Surname Child Father Mother Sponsor Sponsor Parish Year Month Rite
Barlow James John Tod Sarah Alice Hendry Loughgall RC 1836 March baptism
Barlow Mary John Todd Sarah Anna Clarke Loughgall RC 1843 24-Jan baptism
Cain Susanna John Campbell Eliza George McKenna Eliza McConville Loughgall RC 1847 Mar 7? baptism
Campbell   Mathew McAvoy Mary George Kilpatrick John Maguire Loughgall RC 1849 24-Nov marriage
Campbell ?? James? Calter? Anne Martin ? Catherine ? Loughgall RC 1838 Jul ? baptism
Campbell ?? John Campbell Catherine William ?  ? Campbell Loughgall RC 1838 Jul ? baptism
Campbell Alex Peter McKeenin? Biddy Peter Hanlon Mary Feenan Loughgill RC 1825 Nov 20 baptism
Campbell Alice Felix McCabe Catherine John Cunnish? Judith Connolly Loughgall RC 1839 3-May baptism
Campbell Alice Pat Hughes Mary James Connolly Biddy Horan Loughgill RC 1825 11-Dec baptism
Campbell Ann? Peter Dorsey Mary John McKoren? Ally Boyle Loughgill RC 1826 2-Jul baptism
Campbell Anne Edward Brady Elizabeth Ann Kerr Loughgall RC 1843 2-Nov baptism
Campbell Anne Henry McQuade Sarah Anne Campbell Loughgall RC 1844 5-Aug baptism
Campbell Bridget Peter Bidy McKeown Pat McKeown Ann McKeown Loughgill RC 1840 17-Apr baptism
Campbell Cat Peter McKeown Mary Neal McKeown Mary MacFarland Loughgill RC 1828 13-Jan baptism
Campbell Catharine Felix Lavelle Mary A. Anne Hagan Loughgall RC 1844 17-Jun baptism
Campbell Catherine Grimes? McCrory Mary Elizabeth McGin Loughgall RC 1843 12-Jun baptism
Campbell Catherine John Campbell Catherine John Campbell Mary Campbell Loughgall RC 1840 5-Nov baptism
Campbell Catherine Thomas Rodgers  Mary Sara Dasky? Loughgall RC 1841 3-Oct baptism
Campbell Catherine William Malin Sarah William Campbell Margt Malin Loughgall RC 1835 April baptism
Campbell Cecilia John Leany Catharine Mary Daly Loughgall RC 1844 6-Jul baptism
Campbell Charles John Campbell Catherine John Hailey Margaret Hailey Loughgall RC 1835 January baptism
Campbell Daniel John Durkin Mary Felin Campbell Catherine Campbell Loughgall RC 1836 Dec baptism
Campbell Daniel Thomas Campbell Bridget Patt Hagan Sara Campbell Loughgall RC 1849 23-Mar baptism
Campbell Eleanor Patk Williamson Anne Charles Mackle Mary Mackle Loughgall RC 1835 April baptism
Campbell Eliza David Brady? Eliza   Jas Conway Mary Conway Loughgall RC 1841 14-May baptism
Campbell Eliza Henry Mc? Mary Felix Campbell Anne McGilly Loughgall RC 1843 23-Jul baptism
Campbell Eliza James Cullin Anne Sarah Raw Loughgall RC 1841 21-Oct baptism
Campbell Elizabeth Mathew McLeary? Mary Daniel Hagan Sarah McLeary Loughgall RC 1850 3-Nov baptism
Campbell Elizabeth Patk Williamson Anne James Byrnes Sarah Macklin Loughgall RC 1841 26-Nov baptism
Campbell Ellen Bernard McDonnell Anne Henry Sweeny Loliia Sweeny Loughgall RC 1842 13-Mar baptism
Campbell Ellen Grimes  Downey Ellen James Hanna Mary Kerr Loughgall RC 1844 17-Mar baptism
Campbell Ellen Henry McAdams Sarah Walt McConville Eliza McConville Loughgall RC 1842 29-Jan baptism
Campbell Falin John Campbell Catherine John Hagan Mary Hevern Loughgall RC 1836 Dec baptism
Campbell Frances? twin John Leany Catherine Thomas Campbell Mary Campbell Loughgall RC 1846 17-Jun baptism
Campbell Francis George Fox Mary John Fox Cecelia Fox Loughgall RC 1842 2-Oct baptism
Campbell Francis John Jameson? Sarah Edwd Campbell Anna Fox Loughgall RC 1846 12-Oct baptism
Campbell Francis Michl Kelly Mary John Fox Mary ? Loughgall RC 1838 Nov baptism
Campbell Gannis Gannis Downey Ellen Frederic Campbell Sara Downey Loughgall RC 1835 May baptism
Campbell George George Fox Mary John Quin Sarah McFrinn? Loughgall RC 1849 8-Jun baptism
Campbell George James Carr Ellen James Kelly Anne Mannagh Loughgall RC 1848 12-Jul baptism
Campbell Gwenar? John Cullin Anne Mary Davidson Loughgall RC 1844 16-May baptism
Campbell Harry John Durkin Mary John McQuick Mary ? Mullin Loughgall RC 1840 30-May baptism
Campbell Henry John Griffin Bridget Jas Mooney Cat Clark Loughgill RC 1828 25-May baptism
Campbell Henry Samuel Ellis Anne Ellen Lancey Loughgall RC 1840 24-Oct baptism
Campbell James James Cess? Ellen Bernard Meaney Anne Damlin? Loughgall RC 1847 5-Sep baptism
Campbell James James Lafferty Mary John Lafferty Ellen Lafferty Loughgall RC 1847 5-Nov baptism
Campbell James Mathew Freally Hanna Terence Kerr Hanna McGann? Loughgall RC 1850 22-Jul baptism
Campbell James Owen McCrory Anne Catherine Dinkin Loughgall RC 1842 12-Sep baptism
Campbell James Thomas McCrory Mary Felin McGerr Loughgall RC 1836 June baptism
Campbell James Thomas McJane? Mary Richd Quin? ? Loughgall RC 1838 Nov baptism
Campbell James Thomas Dawson? Anne John Campbell Rose Campbell Loughgall RC 1838 29-Jun baptism
Campbell James William Graham Ellen James Prunty Mary Campbell Loughgall RC 1837 May baptism
Campbell James twin John Leany Catherine Thomas Campbell Mary Campbell Loughgall RC 1846 17-Jun baptism
Campbell James? Bernard McDonnell Anne John Mackle Anne Campbell Loughgall RC 1838 20-Mar baptism
Campbell Jane George Fox Mary Susanne Fox Loughgall RC 1841 9-Jul baptism
Campbell Jane Michl Kelly Mary Owen Campbell Margt McKee Loughgall RC 1835 July baptism
Campbell John Bernard McDonnell Anne Michael Brien Mary Mc? Loughgall RC 1835 Aug baptism
Campbell John Charles Kilpatrick Anne John Donnelly Anne Campbell Loughgall RC 1842 Jun 20? baptism
Campbell John George Fox Mary Owen McLarren Mary Doyle Loughgall RC 1846 23-Apr baptism
Campbell John Goisseries? Devine? Ellen James Hann Mary Hughes Loughgall RC 1842 Jun? baptism
Campbell John Henry A?lim Sarah Arthur Ryles Sarah Campbell Loughgall RC 1840 6-Sep baptism
Campbell John James Lafferty Mary Patk Campbell Anne? McClusky Loughgall RC 1840 28-Jul baptism
Campbell John John Leany Catherine John Lappin Sarah Mullens Loughgall RC 1842 18-Oct baptism
Campbell John John McQuade Sally Rose McNiece Loughgall RC 1847 1-Oct baptism
Campbell John William Malin Sarah William Campbell Margt Malin Loughgall RC 1835 April baptism
Campbell John? Pat Atkins Esther John Donnely Mary MacFarland? Loughgill RC 1826 7-Mar baptism
Campbell Joseph James Dargham Mary Sarah Dargham Loughgall RC 1841 2-Feb baptism
Campbell Joseph Joseph Fagan Sarah Edwd McGerry Loughgall RC 1836 March baptism
Campbell Margaret John McQuirk? Margt John Campbell Mary Campbell Loughgall RC 1848 13-Aug baptism
Campbell Margaret Michael Kelly Mary Joseph Kelly Mary Kelly Loughgall RC 1846 8-Sep baptism
Campbell Margt Henry Maquade Sara  Chas Campbell Betty Campbell Loughgall RC 1841 6-Oct baptism
Campbell Margt Pat McGloughlin Mary Pat Devilin Biddy ? Loughgill RC 1827 Oc 26 baptism
Campbell Margt Terence Calter Cat John Calter Mary Boylan Loughgill RC 1841 27-Jan baptism
Campbell Margt Toole? Mullagan? Mary Alex Campbell Rose Campbell Loughgill RC 1825 27-Nov baptism
Campbell Mary Edward Bready Elizabeth Elizabeth Campbell Loughgall RC 1836 Nov baptism
Campbell Mary Michael Kelly Mary Patt Markle Mary Markle Loughgall RC 1843 12-Jun baptism
Campbell Mary Owen Rodgers? Anne Jane Gallagher Loughgall RC 1841 3-Nov baptism
Campbell Mary Thos Fegan Mary Pat Murphy Moly Branigan Loughgill RC 1843 24-Mar baptism
Campbell Mary A. John Leany Catherine Cecelia Leany Loughgall RC 1848 16-Apr baptism
Campbell MaryAnn John Larkin Anne Owne Sheets Anne Larkin Loughgall RC 1836 Dec baptism
Campbell Michael John Meany? Elizabeth? Michael Fells Mary A. Daly Loughgall RC 1850 17-Nov baptism
Campbell Pat Thos McGeeney Mary Felix Quinn Cat McGeeney Loughgill RC 1842 13-Nov baptism
Campbell Patrick Patk Williamson Anne Hugh Brathowell Anne Brathowell Loughgall RC 1839 Mar ? baptism
Campbell Patrick Patrick Campbell Mary? Patrick Meany ?? Campbell Loughgall RC 1841 4-May baptism
Campbell Patt John Cullin Anne Mathew Cullin Rachael Coyne Loughgall RC 1844 21-Jun baptism
Campbell Patt John Hagan Bridget William Connelly Mary Cullin Loughgall RC 1850 29-Sep baptism
Campbell Patt Owen McCrory Anne Ellen Donnolly Loughgall RC 1846 25-Apr baptism
Campbell Patt Patt Campbell Mary Henry McNiece Mary Cullin Loughgall RC 1843 18-Dec baptism
Campbell Peter Charles Fitzpatrick Anne Owen Campbell Mary Campbell Loughgall RC 1844 Mar 4? baptism
Campbell Peter Pat Finnan? Nancy Francis Finnan Mary Moore? Loughgill RC 1825 baptism
Campbell Rose Thomas Maguigan Rose James Magill Anne McGuigan Loughgall RC 1837 July baptism
Campbell Rose Ann Michael Kelly Mary John Fox Catherine Fox Loughgall RC 1850 7-Aug baptism
Campbell Sara  Thomas McKenna Mary Felix Campbell Maria ??kea Loughgall RC 1847 21-Sep baptism
Campbell Sarah Edwd Brady Elizabeth Anne Kern Loughgall RC 1839 28-Mar baptism
Campbell Sarah George Fox Mary Catherine Fox Loughgall RC 1851 30-Jul baptism
Campbell Sarah Neal Neil Mary John McNany Catharine McNany Loughgall RC 1835 June baptism
Campbell Sarah Owen McRoy? Anne ? ? Loughgall RC 1838 7-May baptism
Campbell Sarah Terence Calter Cat James Boylan Ann Boylan Loughgill RC 1842 15-Feb baptism
Campbell Susanne George Fox Mary Patt Markle Margaret Fox Loughgall RC 1844 21-Apr baptism
Campbell Susanne Michael O'Neill Anne John Magnan Mary Cullin Loughgall RC 1851 22-Jun baptism
Campbell Teresa? Mathew McLeamy? Mary Patt Hagan Alice Campbell Loughgall RC 1852 15-Aug baptism
Campbell Thomas Henry O'Neill MaryAnn Felin O'Neill Sarah Campbell Loughgall RC 1836 January baptism
Campbell Thomas Thomas Leany Catherine Edward Campbell Catherine Campbell Loughgall RC 1841 16-Feb baptism
Campbell Timothy Hugh McKee Sarah James Quinn Sarah McGuire Loughgall RC 1836 Dec baptism
Campbell unk --th? Joseph Fagan Rachel William ? ? Loughgall RC 1838 Nov baptism
Campbell William Thomas Jimmeson? Sarah John Dunes Susanne McEnnis Loughgall RC 1849 7-Jun baptism
Campbell William Thos Mullan Margt John Mullan Mary Campbell Loughgall RC 1850 24-Sep baptism
Campbell William William Graham Eleanor James Graham Anne Mullin Loughgall RC 1835 March baptism
Cane Margaret John Campbell Mary Felix Connolly Margt McGanniglan? Loughgall RC 1849 27-Dec baptism
Carr Ellen James Campbell Elizabeth Danl Hayes? Mary Cullin Loughgall RC 1849 1-Sep baptism
Cavanaugh? Thomas? John Fox Anne Patrick ? Mary Ferguson Loughgall RC 1842 Jul 1? baptism
Conner Mary James Campbell Eliza John Conner Sarah Conner Loughgall RC 1843 20-Aug baptism
Conner Sarah James Campbell Eliza James Ferry Mary Ferry Loughgall RC 1847 7-Feb baptism
Connolly Daniel Danl Campbell Anne Given? Kisk--? Catherine Ries? Loughgall RC 1845 22-Dec baptism
Connor James James Campbell Eliza Francis McNease ?? Conner Loughgall RC 1849 9-Nov baptism
Crosby Catharine Mathew Campbell Mary Anne Campbell Loughgall RC 1852 10-Mar baptism
Daly Bridget Edward Campbell Bridget John Maguire Franny Breslan Loughgall RC 1844 May 11? baptism
Daly Catherine Caler? Campbell Bridget Pat Hanlon Anne ? Loughgall RC 1838 8-May baptism
Daly Michael John Campbell Bridget John Gillan Catherine Campbell Loughgall RC 1840 11-Oct baptism
David? Eliza Michael Fox Margaret Henry Fox Anne Fox Loughgall RC 1844 18-Jun baptism
Develin Alice Henry Fox Anne Barth'w Farrin Isabella Coleman Loughgall RC 1850 14-Dec baptism
Donnolly Anne John Campbell Anne Thos Robinson Mary Neill Loughgall RC 1850 13-Aug baptism
Donnolly Catharine John Campbell Jane Terence Donnolly Catherine Hagan Loughgall RC 1844 9-Jun baptism
Dowden? Michael John Fox Mary Mary Madden Loughgall RC 1848 1-Nov baptism
Dunes James Henry Campbell Ellen John McVeigh Catherine Campbell Loughgall RC 1846 19-Jul baptism
Dunes John Harry Campbell Ellen Patk Walsh Catherine Campbell Loughgall RC 1842 29-Nov baptism
Erwin Ann  Alexander Campbell Margaret Patrick Erwin Loughgall RC 1836 March baptism
Fainor Thos Cunningham Henry Campbell Elizabeth George McGaman Eliza Lathan? Loughgall RC 1847 6-May baptism
Fairin Patrick Henry Campbell Sarah Patk Campbell Bridget Kenna Loughgall RC 1841 18-Jun baptism
Fairon Emily Henry Campbell Sarah John Campbell Anne Magilly Loughgall RC 1849 7-Dec baptism
Fairon James Henry Campbell Sarah Henry McNiece Mary McManus Loughgall RC 1843 24-Dec baptism
Feeghan Thos Pat Rose Campbell Wm Feeghan Jane Mulholand Loughgill RC 1840 23-Dec baptism
Feighan Peter Pat Campbell Rose Bernd Callaghan Sally Callaghan Loughgill RC 1843 25-Apr baptism
Finnason? Mary Patt Campbell Margt John McCann Mary Finnason? Loughgall RC 1851 15-Sep baptism
Fox Alice Michl Fox Catherine Charles Mackle Anne Bodle Loughgall RC 1837 March baptism
Fox Bernard  David Dillon? Catherine Thos McGeoghan? Sarah Murphy Loughgall RC 1842 19-Feb baptism
Fox Cecelia Patk Gildrew? Bridget Peter Fox Anne Fox Loughgall RC 1835 June baptism
Fox Constantine Francis Mc? Rose Harry Fox Bridget McKielly? Loughgall RC 1838 18-Nov baptism
Fox Daniel Michael Fox Catherine Ann Havens? Loughgall RC 1842 21-Nov baptism
Fox Francis Francis Neill Rose William Fox Anne Fox Loughgall RC 1843 29-Jan baptism
Fox John John Addy Sarah Jane Raw Loughgall RC 1843 18-Feb baptism
Fox Mary Henry Thomas Neil Rose Henry Fairon Bridget Neill Loughgall RC 1836 January baptism
Fox Mary Michael Fox Catherine Mary Fox Loughgall RC 1840 17-Jul baptism
Fox Mary Jane James McG? Bridget Danl ? Eliz Rafferty Loughgall RC 1838 1-Jan baptism
Fox Michael Michael ?? ?? Farrel? Fox Elizabeth Fox Loughgall RC 1838 Feb 22? baptism
Fox Patt Terence Cox Mary Margaret Devine? Loughgall RC 1849 20-Aug baptism
Fox Sarah James Larkin Margaret John Fox Mary C? Loughgall RC 1838 4-Jun baptism
Fox William Peter Murphy Bridget Patk Murphy Sarah Murphy Loughgall RC 1841 6-Apr baptism
Fox William William Mullins? Margaret James McHam? Ellen ? Loughgall RC 1849 8-May baptism
Gillan William Jas Thomas Fox Ellen James Fox Sarah Henry Loughgall RC 1850 19-May baptism
Gribbins Thomas Eugene Michael Campbell Sarah Francis Gribbins Mary Morris Loughgall RC 1844 11-Aug baptism
Hafeny Rose John Campbell Mary Terence Lappin Rose Lappin Loughgall RC 1835 May baptism
Haghn? Thomas James Campbell Mary ?? Ann Haghn? Loughgall RC 1852 8-Feb baptism
Hammill Patt Henry Campbell Jane Edward Trimmond? Anne Hamill Loughgall RC 1846 21-Jul baptism
Healy Henry John Campbell Sarah John Magetty Mary Campbell Loughgall RC 1837 July baptism
Healy Owen John Campbell Sarah William Healy Anne Healy Loughgall RC 1846 7-Oct baptism
Heeny Sarah Thomas Campbell Sarah Catherine Campbell Loughgall RC 1851 10-Jan baptism
Hughes Ann Thos Campbell Sally Henry Sharkey Peggy Gibson Loughgill RC 1841 12-Feb baptism
Hughes Peter Wm Campbell Sarah Terence Branigan Biddy Branigan Loughgill RC 1843 13-Mar baptism
Irwin Anne Samuel Campbell Catherine Pat Campbell Anne Mulhalean Loughgall RC 1841 3-Oct baptism
Jamison Thomas Patt Campbell Margaret Patt Campbell Sarah Jamison Loughgall RC 1844 14-Jul baptism
Jamison William Patt Campbell Margt Edward Campbell Sarah Markle Loughgall RC 1843 18-Jun baptism
Jamison? John Patt Campbell Margt Daniel Shelton Sara Shelton Loughgall RC 1847 6-Oct baptism
Johnston Betty Graham Campbell Cat Jas Murphy Betty Murphy Loughgill RC 1825 21-Feb baptism
Johnston Mary Graham Campbell Cat ?? ?? Loughgill RC 1825 21-Feb baptism
Jordan Margaret John Campbell Catherine Robt Harvey Susan Daly Loughgall RC 1835 March baptism
Kerr Marian Edw Campbell Sarah Michl Campbell Mary Kerr Loughgill RC 1841 21-May baptism
Markle James Patt Campbell Mary James Markle Elizabeth McConville Loughgall RC 1843 24-Nov baptism
Markle Patk Patrick Campbell Martha James Markle Margt Madden Loughgall RC 1842 26-Apr baptism
Mason Daniel John Campbell Susanna James McNace Elizth McGohy Loughgall RC 1835 Dec baptism
Mavin James Godger Campbell Anne Arthur Loughnan Loughgall RC 1836 March baptism
McA? Neal Philip Campbell Jane David ? Eliza Killen Loughgall RC 1845 Sep? baptism
McAvoy Mary Andrew Campbell Margaret William Fanner Mary Neill Loughgall RC 1838 29-Nov baptism
McCann Daniel twin Fevan? Fox Emily James Fox Susanne Fox Loughgall RC 1850 14-Mar baptism
McCann Ellen James Campbell Margaret Charles Campbell Elizabeth McCann Loughgall RC 1843 22-Oct baptism
McCann John ? Fox Cecilia Susanne Fox Loughgall RC 1847 15-Jan baptism
McCann John Owen Fox Cecilia John McCann Margt Cassidy Loughgall RC 1848 16-Apr baptism
McCann Patrick twin Fevan? Fox Emily James Fox Susanne Fox Loughgall RC 1850 14-Mar baptism
McCann Sarah Owen Fox Cecily Charles Markle Anne Bothewall? Loughgall RC 1851 9-Aug baptism
McClusky Anne James Campbell Alice John McGerr Mary Casey Loughgall RC 1843 23-Feb baptism
McClusky Bernard? James Campbell Alice? Felix? McGreary Eliza McGreary Loughgall RC 1841 Feb ? baptism
McClusky Catherine James Fox Alice Francis Madigan Mary Madigan Loughgall RC 1835 June baptism
McClusky Eliza James Fox Alice Bernard McGilly Mary Lafferty Loughgall RC 1844 28-Sep baptism
McClusky Ellen James Campbell Alice Bernard McClusky Rose McClusky Loughgall RC 1838 2-Dec baptism
McClusky John James Fox Alice Pat Quinn Anne McClusky Loughgall RC 1842 1-Apr baptism
McConville Bernard John Campbell Mary David McConville Hanna McConville Loughgall RC 1850 9-Jun baptism
McConville John Hugh Campbell Martha John McKowns Sara Campbell Loughgall RC 1837 January baptism
McConville Joseph Hugh Campbell Martha Thomas Campbell Sarah Hughes Loughgall RC 1842 29-Oct baptism
McConville Robert John Campbell Mary Patrick McConville Isabella McConville Loughgall RC 1843 30-Jan baptism
McConville Thomas Hugh Campbell Martha James Bushan? Ellen? Campbell Loughgall RC 1839 15-Jul baptism
McCool David James Campbell Mary David McCool Sarah McCool Loughgall RC 1840 17-Aug baptism
McCool Ellen James Campbell Mary Sarah McCann Loughgall RC 1844 May 11? baptism
McCool Felix James Campbell Mary Catharine Dickerson? Loughgall RC 1847 5-Nov baptism
McCool Margaret James Campbell Mary James Campbell Sarah McCool Loughgall RC 1838 4-Oct baptism
McCool Mary James Campbell Mary Henry McCool Sarah McCool Loughgall RC 1842 11-Jan baptism
McCormick Mary William Campbell Anne John Murray Mary McCool Loughgall RC 1842 18-Dec baptism
McCormick Mary/Margt? William Campbell Anne Henry Conway? Ellen Kafferty Loughgall RC 1845 10-Feb baptism
McCrory John Andrew Campbell Mary John McCrory Catherine McCrory Loughgall RC 1835 Sept baptism
McGeary Anne Edwd Campbell Jane Thomas Campbell Sarah Campbell Loughgall RC 1838 10-Dec baptism
McGenikins? Catherine James Campbell Margt James McGinkian? Ellen Campbell Loughgall RC 1843 26-Dec baptism
McGer Anne James Campbell Rose Edward Hogan Ellen Loughgall RC 1835 Nov baptism
McGinness Michl Pat Campbell Mary Francis McDonnell Betty Morgan Loughgill RC 1841 8-Oct baptism
McGowen James Owen Campbell Margaret Francis McQuade Elizth McQuade Loughgall RC 1835 May baptism
McGreary Henry Edward Campbell Catherine Henry McGreary Catherine Campbell Loughgall RC 1839 22-Jul baptism
McGreary Jane Edward Campbell Jane Charles Campbell Anne Patrick Loughgall RC 1841 1-Aug baptism
McGreary Joseph Edward Campbell Jane Patk Gagan Isabella O'Neill Loughgall RC 1843 28-Apr baptism
McGreary Thomas Edward Campbell Jane Francis McMac? Mary Campbell Loughgall RC 1845 1-May baptism
McGuineskain? Ellen James Campbell Margt James McGinkian? Ellen Campbell Loughgall RC 1846 5-Apr baptism
McIver Henry Thomas Campbell Ellen Henry McIver Cathe Ravey Loughgall RC 1835 April baptism
McKenna? Pat Jas Campbell Mary Michale McKenna Biddy Quinn Loughgill RC 1827 29-Mar baptism
McKeo ?? John Campbell Catherine Margaret Campbell Loughgall RC 1851 21-Sep baptism
McL? John Frances Fox Margaret Patrick McKenna Catherine ? Loughgall RC 1838 2-Jun baptism
McNally Catherine Michael Campbell Mary James Donnelly Sara McKenders? Loughgall RC 1843 Feb-35 baptism
McNally Fanen? Michael Campbell Mary Margret Campbell Loughgall RC 1847 30-May baptism
McNally John Michael Campbell Mary Hugh Campbell Sarah McKenna? Loughgall RC 1845 22-Dec baptism
McQuickean? Mary James Campbell Margt Richard McGeary Catherine Forker? Loughgall RC 1849 2-Oct baptism
Meaney? Edward Edward Campbell Margt Patk Dinkin? Loughgall RC 1849 Jul ? baptism
Mullins James Thomas James Campbell Mary James Hanner Jane Campbell Loughgall RC 1852 7-May baptism
Murphy John John Campbell Mary Jas Larkin Rose Lennon Loughgill RC 1844 29-Nov baptism
Murphy Mary Jno Campbell Margt John Lennon Mary Murphy Loughgill RC 1841 5-Sep baptism
Murray Anne Edward Campbell Margt Mary Hannbery? Loughgall RC 1852 13-Jan baptism
Murray John Edward Campbell Margaret George Murray Loughgall RC 1836 April baptism
Murray Sarah Edward Campbell Margaret John Murray Sarah Murray Loughgall RC 1839 15-Oct baptism
Neill Mary J John Campbell Rose Catherine Campbell Loughgall RC 1850 22-Sep baptism
O'? Anne James Campbell Eliza ?? Anne Hagan Loughgall RC 1845 Mar? baptism
Slevin James Thomas Campbell Anne Edward ? Anne ? Loughgall RC 1838 Jan ? baptism
Smith Elizabeth John Fox Mary J. Lawrence Smith Loughgall RC 1848 18-Aug baptism
Walsh John John Campbell Catherine Patk Hagan Mary Campbell Loughgall RC 1850 2-Jun baptism

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