Tithe Applotments 1827

 Ballymyre Civil Parish

Barony:  Fews Upper
Poor Law Unions:  Newry


Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotments' entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from the Tithe Applotment Books Index.  Only surname and townland for the civil parish was transcribe.  For the full record, one should refer to the LDS Family History Film #258446


Name Townland
Bennet, Patk.  Outleekan
Black, Thomas  Cavanakill
Boyd, William  Corlet
Boyd, William  Lurganah
Boyle, Daniel  Corlet
Boyle, Edwd.  Corlet
Boyle, James  Ballintate
Boyle, John  Corlet
Boyle, John  Knockavannon
Boyle, Michl.  Corlet
Boyle, Patk.  Ballintate
Boyle, Roger  Ballintemple
Boyle, Widow ???  Ballintemple
Bradley, James  Knockavannon
Bradley, John  Knockavannon
Bradly, James  Aughincurk
Brady, Dennis  Knockavannon
Burk, Barney  Cavanakill
Burk, John  Cavanakill
Burk, Michl.  Cavanakill
Burk, Owen  Cavanakill
Burk, Patrick  Cavanakill
Burks, ???  Ballintemple
Byrne, Arthur  Knockavannon
Campbell, Alexander  Ballintate
Campbell, Peter  Ballintate
Campbell, Tole  Aughincurk
Campbell, Tole  Ballintate
Carbery, Peter  Outleekan
Carvan, Patrick  Ballintemple
Cowan, Anthony  Cavanakill
Cowan, Arthur  Cavanakill
Cowan, Arthur  Outleekan
Cowan, James  Cavanakill
Cowan, Joseph  Outleekan
Cowan, Patk., Jr.  Cavanakill
Cowan, Patson  Cavanakill
Cowan, Peter  Cavanakill
Cowan, Thomas  Outleekan
Cowan, Thos.  Cavanakill
Craig, David  Cavanakill
Crilly, James  Cavanakill
Culley, William  Knockavannon
Cully, John  Knockavannon
Cunney, Thos.  Knockavannon
Cunningham, Denis  Aughincurk
Cunningham, Denis  Mughnacourk
Cunningham, James  Ballintemple
Cunningham, James  Knockavannon
Cunningham, Jno.  Ballintemple
Cunningham, John  Aughincurk
Cunningham, John  Knockavannon
Cunningham, Laur.  Ballintemple
Cunningham, Mathew  Aughincurk
Cunningham, Mathew  Knockavannon
Cunningham, Michl.  Ballintemple
Cunny, Henry  Aughincurk
Cunny, Michl.  Ballintemple
Cunny, Owen  Aughincurk
Cunny, Peter  Aughincurk
Darcy, Laur.  Ballintemple
Darcy, Patrick  Ballintemple
Darcy, Peter  Ballintemple
Donaldson, John  Ballintemple
Donaldson, John  Lurganah
Dougan, John  Knockavannon
Dougan, Robt.  Aughincurk
Dougan, Robt.  Ballintemple
Doyle, Patk.  Outleekan
Doyle, Patrick  Outleekan
Doyle, William  Outleekan
Evans, David  Ballintemple
Evans, Robt.  Ballintemple
Feenan, Hugh  Ballintemple
Finagan, James  Ballintemple
Finagan, Jas.  Ballintemple
Finagan, John  Ballintemple
Finagan, Peter  Ballintemple
Finagan, Thomas  Ballintemple
Finch, Leslie  Corlet
Finigan, Patk.  Aughincurk
Frayer, James  Lurganah
Frayer, John  Ballintemple
Garlan, Bryan  Ballintemple
Garlan, James  Aughincurk
Garlan, Michl.  Ballintemple
Garlan, Richd.  Ballintemple
Garlan, Richd.  Corlet
Glassy, Isaac  Ballintemple
Glenny, Joseph  Ballintemple
Gollogly, Owen  Aughincurk
Gollogly, Patk.  Aughincurk
Gormal, Henry  Aughincurk
Gormal, John  Aughincurk
Greer, Robt.  Ballintemple
Grimes, Michle.  Cavanakill
Grimes, Terence  Cavanakill
Grimes, Terence  Outleekan
Hagan, John  Aughincurk
Hamill, Terence  Aughincurk
Hamilton, George, Jr.  Outleekan
Hamilton, George, Sr.  Outleekan
Hanaway, Patk.  Outleekan
Hanlon, Bernard  Aughincurk
Hanlon, Bernard  Ballintemple
Hanlon, Frans.  Aughincurk
Hanlon, Frans.  Ballintate
Hanlon, Hugh  Ballintate
Hanlon, John  Aughincurk
Hanlon, Peter  Ballintemple
Hanlon, Widow ???  Ballintemple
Harrison, Robt.  Outleekan
Harvey, Owen  Cavanakill
Haughian, John  Ballintate
Haughian, Redmond  Ballintate
Hawthorn, Alexander  Ballintemple
Hawthorn, Alexander  Knockavannon
Hays, James  Outleekan
Heare, John  Outleekan
Hudson, Robt.  Ballintemple
Hughes, Michl.  Ballintemple
Hughes, Owen  Ballintemple
Hughes, Patk.  Corlet
Hyde, Wm.  Ballintemple
Ingram, Joseph  Ballintemple
Ingram, Wm.  Ballintemple
Johnston, Edwd.  Ballintemple
Johnston, George  Ballintemple
Johnston, Joseph  Ballintemple
Johnston, Robt.  Ballintemple
Johnston, Thos.  Ballintemple
Johnston, Widow ???  Ballintemple
Johnston, William  Ballintemple
Keenan, Anthony  Aughincurk
Keenan, Bryan  Ballintemple
Keenan, John  Aughincurk
Keenan, John  Ballintemple
Kelter, James  Ballintate
Kelter, Patk.  Ballintate
Kennan, Ambrose  Aughincurk
Kennan, Ambrose  Knockavannon
Kennan, Frans.  Aughincurk
Kennan, Frans.  Knockavannon
Kennan, Henry  Knockavannon
Kennan, James  Aughincurk
Kennan, John  Knockavannon
Kennan, Loughn.  Aughincurk
Kennan, Patk.  Cavanakill
Kennan, Thomas  Knockavannon
Kennan, Tole  Aughincurk
Kennan, Widow ???  Aughincurk
Kennedy, Mary  Knockavannon
Kennedy, Terence  Aughincurk
Kennedy, Terence  Knockavannon
Kenney, Arthur  Outleekan
Kenney, James  Knockavannon
Kerr, Arthur  Knockavannon
Kid, David  Corlet
Kid, Timothy  Corlet
King, Andrew  Outleekan
King, John  Outleekan
King, Joseph  Outleekan
King, Samuel  Outleekan
King, William  Outleekan
Lappen, Rose  Ballintemple
Lenan, Daniel  Knockavannon
Lenan, Denis  Knockavannon
Lenan, Jas.  Knockavannon
Lennon, Daniel  Aughincurk
Lennon, Denis  Aughincurk
Lennon, Frans.  Aughincurk
Lennon, Jas  Aughincurk
Lennon, Patk.  Aughincurk
Little, Patrick  Ballintemple
Loo, Peter  Ballintemple
Loo, Peter  Knockavannon
Loo, Thomas  Cavanakill
Mable, James  Knockavannon
Macken, Edwd.  Ballintemple
Mackey, John  Ballintemple
Matchel, Nicholas  Knockavannon
Mawhinney, Thos.  Ballintemple
McArdle, Fergus  Aughincurk
McArdle, Michl.  Aughincurk
McArdle, Owen  Aughincurk
McCann, Benjamin  Ballintemple
McCann, John  Outleekan
McCann, Patk.  Ballintemple
McCann, Thos.  Ballintemple
McClean, Alexander  Ballintemple
McClean, John  Aughincurk
McClean, John  Ballintemple
McClelland, Widow ???  Ballintemple
McConvill, Arthr.  Ballintemple
McCourt, Neal  Knockavannon
McCourt, Widow ???  Ballintemple
McCoye, Terence  Ballintemple
McDonald, Frans.  Aughincurk
McDonald, Frans.  Knockavannon
McDonald, Jas.  Aughincurk
McDonald, Jno.  Aughincurk
McDonald, Patk.  Outleekan
McDonald, Widow ???  Ballintate
McElroy, John  Cavanakill
McElwain, James  Ballintemple
McElwain, John  Ballintemple
McGee, ???  Knockavannon
McGee, Frans.  Ballintemple
McGee, Patk.  Ballintemple
McGee, Robt.  Ballintemple
McGrath, Bernard  Aughincurk
McGrath, Michl.  Aughincurk
McGrory, Edwd.  Knockavannon
McGuigan, Neal  Dunmurry
McGuinis, ???  Knockavannon
McKean, Bernard  Aughincurk
McKoan, Alexander  Ballintemple
McKoan, Arthur  Ballintemple
McKoan, Barney  Cavanakill
McKoan, Bernard  Aughincurk
McKoan, Daniel  Aughincurk
McKoan, Dudly  Ballintate
McKoan, Edwd.  Knockavannon
McKoan, Frans.  Ballintemple
McKoan, James  Ballintemple
McKoan, James  Cavanakill
McKoan, John  Ballintemple
McKoan, John  Knockavannon
McKoan, Laur.  Ballintemple
McKoan, Laurence  Ballintemple
McKoan, Michael  Ballintemple
McKoan, Owen  Ballintemple
McKoan, Patk.  Knockavannon
McKoan, Patk.  Outleekan
McKoan, Patk., Jr.  Knockavannon
McKoan, Patrick  Ballintemple
McKoan, Patrick  Knockavannon
McKoan, Peter  Ballintemple
McKoan, Peter  Outleekan
McKoan, Thos.  Outleekan
McKoan, Widow ???  Ballintemple
McKown, John  Ballintemple
McLogan, John  Aughincurk
McLogan, John  Knockavannon
McParlan, Bryan  Aughincurk
McParlan, Bryan  Knockavannon
McParlan, Denis  Aughincurk
McParlan, Edwd.  Aughincurk
McParlan, Edwd.  Ballintemple
McParlan, Felix  Cavanakill
McParlan, Francis  Cavanakill
McParlan, Frans.  Ballintemple
McParlan, Frans.  Corlet
McParlan, Frans.  Outleekan
McParlan, Henry  Knockavannon
McParlan, Jno.  Aughincurk
McParlan, Jno.  Ballintemple
McParlan, John  Knockavannon
McParlan, Michl.  Knockavannon
McParlan, Michl.  Outleekan
McParlan, Owen, Jr.  Corlet
McParlan, Owen, Sr.  Corlet
McParlan, Patk.  Knockavannon
McParlan, Patrick  Aughincurk
McParlan, Peter  Aughincurk
McParlan, Phelemy  Outleekan
McParlan, Widow ???  Aughincurk
McQuyillan, ???  Ballintemple
McVeagh, Frans.  Outleekan
Mooney, Hugh  Aughincurk
Morris, Jeremiah  Ballintemple
Muckian, Paul  Ballintemple
Mulhearan, Bernard  Aughincurk
Mulhearan, Frans.  Aughincurk
Mulhearan, Terence  Knockavannon
Mulhearan, Widow ???  Aughincurk
Mulhollan, John  Knockavannon
Mulligan, Bernard  Aughincurk
Murphy, Barney  Cavanakill
Murphy, Bryan  Knockavannon
Murphy, Isaac  Aughincurk
Murphy, Isaac  Ballintate
Murphy, James  Cavanakill
Murphy, Mark  Corlet
Murphy, Patk.  Cavanakill
Murphy, Patrick  Cavanakill
Murphy, Susan  Corlet
Murphy, Thomas  Ballintemple
Neal, John  Outleekan
Nevill, John  Ballintemple
Nisbit, Alexander  Outleekan
Nugent, ???  Knockavannon
O'Brien, Francis  Ballintemple
O'Brien, George  Cavanakill
O'Heare, Dominick  Outleekan
O'Heare, Peter  Outleekan
O'Neill, John  Ballintemple
Oneill, John  Ballintemple
O'Neill, Thos.  Knockavannon
Parr, James  Ballintemple
Paterson, Alexander  Cavanakill
Paterson, Alexander  Lurganah
Paterson, Arthur  Cavanakill
Paterson, David  Cavanakill
Paterson, David  Outleekan
Paterson, Henry  Cavanakill
Paterson, Hugh  Cavanakill
Paterson, Hugh  Lurganah
Paterson, James  Cavanakill
Paterson, James  Lurganah
Paterson, James  Outleekan
Paterson, John  Knockavannon
Paterson, Mark  Lurganah
Paterson, Robt.  Outleekan
Paterson, Walter  Cavanakill
Paterson, Walter  Lurganah
Paterson, Wm.  Lurganah
Preston, Andrew  Ballintemple
Quin, Charles  Aughincurk
Reed, William  Lurganah
Reed, Wm.  Cavanakill
Reid, William  Ballintemple
Riddle, William  Ballintemple
Roark, John  Ballintemple
Rob, John  Outleekan
Ryan, Denis  Outleekan
Savage, Hugh  Outleekan
Shaw, Patrick  Ballintemple
Shields, John  Aughincurk
Short, Felix  Knockavannon
Short, Patk.  Knockavannon
Simpson, Frans.  Ballintate
Simpson, James  Ballintemple
Simpson, John  Ballintemple
Simpson, Robt.  Ballintate
Simpson, Wm.  Ballintemple
Slone, Lawr.  Knockavannon
Sommesill, Robert  Outleekan
Spyres, James  Knockavannon
Summerill, Robt.  Outleekan
Synnot, Capt. ???  Ballintate
Synnot, Marcus  Ballintate
Synnot, Marcus  Cavanakill
Synnot, Marcus  Knockavannon
Synnot, Marcus  Lurganah
Synnott, Marcus  Ballintemple
Tearney, Bernard  Ballintemple
Tearney, Felix  Ballintemple
Tole, John  Outleekan
Toner, Felix  Ballintemple
Toner, Hugh  Ballintemple
Toner, John  Aughincurk
Toner, John  Ballintemple
Toner, Michl.  Knockavannon
Toner, Michl.  Outleekan
Toner, Patrick  Ballintemple
Toner, Roger  Ballintemple
Toner, Terence  Cavanakill
Vallelley, Arthur  Knockavannon
Vallelly, James  Outleekan
Watson, Josias  Corlet
Watson, Wm.  Ballintemple
Watt, James  Cavanakill
Watt, Samuel  Cavanakill
Weir, James  Ballintemple
Weir, John  Ballintemple
White, Christopher  Outleekan
Whitten, John  Ballintemple
Wilely, John  Outleekan
Wilson, Thomas  Ballintemple
Wright, W.  Cavanakill

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