Tithe Applotments 1830

BALLYMORE Civil Parish
McConvil to Young Surnames

Barony:  Orior Lower
Poor Law Unions:  Newry, Banbridge


Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotments' entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from the Tithe Applotment Books Index.  Only surname and townland for the civil parish was transcribe.  For the full record, one should refer to the LDS Family History Film #258446


Name Townland
McConville, Daniel Aghantaraghan
McConville, Hugh Corcrum
McConville, James Cloghoge
McConville, Patrick Aghantaraghan
McConville, Rose Ballynagreagh
McConville, Widow ??? Aghantaraghan
McCormick, George Druminure
McCormick, George Lisbane
McCormick, James Cargans
McCourt, David Aghantaraghan
McCourt, David Branock
McCourt, Edward Ballynagreagh
McCourt, George Ballysheilmore
McCourt, Mathew Glasdruman
McCourt, Owen Aghantaraghan
McCourt, Widow ??? Aghantaraghan
McCoy, ??? Ballymore
McCoy, Widow ??? Derryallen
McCreave, Bernard Corernagh
McCreight, Misses Ballymore
McCreight, Misses Derryallen
McCreish, Arthur Demoan
McCreish, Daniel, Jr. Aghantaraghan
McCreish, Daniel, Sr. Aghantaraghan
McCreish, James Aghantaraghan
McCreish, Owen Monclone
McCullagh, David Lisraw
McCullagh, James Mullaghglass
McCullagh, Patrick Mullantur
McCullagh, Samuel Mullantur
McCully, Hugh Carrickbrack
McCully, John Ballymore
McCully, John Mullantur
McCully, William Carrickbrack
McCune, Arthur Mullaghglass
McCune, Daniel Ballysheilmore
McCune, Samuel Cooly Hill
McCusker, Patrick Aghantaraghan
McCutchean, Andrew Ballyargan
McCutcheon, John Corlust
McDonald, John Ballyreagh
McDonald, Saml. Branock
McDonnell, Alexander Lisbane
McDonnell, Andrew Cargans
McDonnell, Henry Tullyhugh
McDonnell, James, Jr. Cargans
McDonnell, James, Sr. Cargans
McDonnell, Jas. Ballymore
McDonnell, Jas., Jr. Tullyhugh
McDonnell, Jas., Sr. Tullyhugh
McDonnell, John Federnagh
McDonnell, John Tullynacross
McDonnell, Roger Cargans
McDowell, John Lisnagree
McEnerny, Edwd. Aughlish
McEnerny, Hugh Aughlish
McFadden, Hugh Ballyargan
McFadden, James Marmacullen
McGeough, William Corlust
McGiveran, Bernard Shaneglish
McGiveran, John Tullymacann
McGiveran, Patrick Lisbane
McGiveran, Patrick Mullaghglass
McGiveran, Robert Cargans
McGiveran, Widow ??? Cloghoge
McGivernan, Peter Aghantaraghan
McGoggy, Henry Lisbane
McGowan, John Lisnagree
McGowan, Wm. Cullentragh
McGrath, John Tullyhugh
McGuigan, Patrick Aghantaraghan
McIlroy, Daniel Drumnaleg
McIlroy, Danl. Tullyhugh
McIlroy, David Crew More
McIlroy, David Derryallen
McIlroy, David Lisnagree
McIlroy, Jane Lisnagree
McIlroy, John Cargans
McIlroy, John Tullylinn
McIlroy, Samuel Corcrum
McIlroy, Thomas Corcrum
McIlroy, Thomas Tullymacann
McIlroy, Widow ??? Ballymore
McIlroy, Widow ??? Tullyhugh
McKay, Duncan Ballymore
McKay, Duncan Derryallen
McKay, Duncan Tullyhugh
McKee, James Ballysheilbeg
McKee, James, Jr. Marmacullen
McKee, James, Sr. Marmacullen
McKee, Robert Ballysheilbeg
McKee, Robert Clare
McKelvey, Robert Ballymore
McKeown, Hugh Corlust
McKeown, Hugh Mullaghglass
McKeown, James Mullaghglass
McLaughlin, Widow ??? Druminure
McLeod, John Ballyargan
McLeod, John Tullymacann
McLinden, Culla Cloghoge
McLinden, Jas. Tullyhugh
McLinden, John Aghantaraghan
McLoughlin, Widow ??? Druminure
McMahon, James Shaneglish
McMahon, Jas. Branock
McMahon, Rev. Robt. Ballyreagh
McMeighan, Alexander Mullanary
McMeighan, James Mullanary
McMeighan, Widow ??? Mullanary
McMeighans, Robert Clare
McMullan, James Ballyreagh
McMurray, William Ballynagreagh
McNeal, Edward Ballysheilbeg
McNeal, Patrick Mullanary
McNeight, Wm. Ballyreagh
McOwen, Patrick Corlust
McParland, Peter Mullaghglass
McParlin, James Druminargal
McParlin, James Shaneglish
McParlin, Patrick Federnagh
McQuiland, Abraham Drumnaleg
McShane, John Federnagh
McShane, John Monclone
McShane, Patrick Corcrum
McShane, Peter Tullymacann
McSherry, John Corernagh
McSherry, Patk. Aghantaraghan
McVeigh, Henry Corlust
Mehan, Bernard Lisnagree
Mehan, Charles Corernagh
Meighan, Edward Corcrum
Meighan, Patrick Druminargal
Meikle, James Ballynagreagh
Meikle, James Shaneglish
Meikle, James, Jr. Ballynagreagh
Mercer, Robert Clare
Meredith, George Branock
Meredith, George Federnagh
Miller, Parker Ballymore
Milligan, William Ballymore
Minness, Adam Aghantaraghan
Minness, James Ballysheilmore
Minness, James Tullynacross
Minness, Nathaniel Ballysheilmore
Minness, Susan Aghantaraghan
Minniss, John Aghantaraghan
Mitchell, John Drumnaleg
Mitchell, John Lisnakee
Moffett, James Mullaghglass
Monaghan, James Cargans
Monaghan, John Cargans
Monaghan, Neal Cargans
Monaghan, Wiliam Aghantaraghan
Montgomery, Hereford Ballymore
Montgomery, Hugh Lisbane
Montgomery, James Derryallen
Montgomery, Jas. Ballymore
Montgomery, John Lisbane
Montgomery, William Derryallen
Moody, Mrs. ??? Lisraw
Moody, David Demoan
Moody, James Lisraw
Moody, John, Jr. Ballyreagh
Moody, John, Jr. Lisraw
Moody, John, Sr. Lisraw
Moody, William Glasdruman
Moody, William Lisraw
Mooney, Patrick Terryhoogan
Moore, Mrs. ??? Ballymore
Moore, Andrew Mullaghglass
Moore, Archibald Marmacullen
Moore, John Marmacullen
Moore, John, Jr. Marmacullen
Moore, Joseph Mullaghglass
Moore, Robert, Jr. Marmacullen
Moore, Robert, Sr. Marmacullen
Moore, Widow ??? Shaneglish
Moore, William Cargans
Moorhead, James Tannyoky
Moorhead, Philip Clare
Morgan, Mrs. ??? Aghantaraghan
Morgan, Patrick Aghantaraghan
Morgan, Patrick Cargans
Morrell, Robert Clare
Morrison, John Moodoge
Morrison, Widow ??? Cargans
Morrison, Widow ??? Drumnaglontagh
Morrow, Alexander Tullynacross
Morton, Thomas Federnagh
Muldragh, Andrew Corlust
Muldragh, Hugh Corlust
Mulholland, David Terryhoogan
Mulholland, Wm. Monclone
Mullan, Honora Corcrum
Mullan, William Clare
Mullan, William Corcrum
Murdoch, Isaac Clare
Murphy, Daniel Ballymore
Murphy, Daniel Cargans
Murphy, Daniel Lisbane
Murphy, Danl. Clare
Murphy, Danl. Cullentragh
Murphy, Danl. Tullyhugh
Murphy, Edward Drumnaleg
Murphy, James Cloghoge
Murphy, John Clare
Murphy, John Marmacullen
Murphy, John Mullantur
Murphy, Patrick Moodoge
Murray, David Ballynaleck
Murray, James Ballynaleck
Murray, James Corcrum
Murray, John Ballynaleck
Murray, John Corernagh
Murray, Patrick Corcrum
Murray, Patrick Tullynacross
Murray, Widow ??? Corernagh
Napier, James Mullaghglass
Napier, John Mullaghglass
Napier, Moses Mullaghglass
Napier, Samuel Mullaghglass
Napier, Thomas Mullaghglass
Napier, Widow ??? Mullaghglass
Napier, William Mullaghglass
Neal, Arthur Lisbane
Neal, James Lisraw
Neal, John Ballymore
Neal, John Mullaghglass
Neal, William Lisbane
Neale, Jeremiah Tullyhugh
Neilson, Elizabeth Ballynagreagh
Neilson, John Ballynagreagh
Nelson, James Ballynaleck
Nelson, John Ballynaleck
Nelson, Robt. Ballymore
Nesbitt, Surgeon Federnagh
Newall, John Cargans
Newall, Thomas Ballysheilmore
Odgers, John Demoan
O'Hare, Bernard Skegatillida
O'Hare, Michl. Federnagh
O'Hare, Owen Aghantaraghan
O'Hear, Hugh Tullynacross
Overend, Edward Tullyhugh
Overend, Edwd. Ballymore
Overend, Edwd., Jr. Tullyhugh
Overend, Elizabeth Tullyhugh
Overend, John Mullaghglass
Overend, Widow ??? Ballymore
Overend, Widow ??? Cargans
Owens, Daniel Federnagh
Parker, Robert Crew More
Pattison, Thomas Tullynacross
Patton, Dr. ??? Ballymore
Paully, James Crew More
Paully, Thomas Crew More
Paully, William Crew More
Pedloe, Joseph Cargans
Pentleton, Ralph Tullyhugh
Penton, Edward Lisnakee
Penton, Henry Lisnakee
Perry, Robert Clare
Pillar, Thomas Terryhoogan
Pillar, William Marmacullen
Plunket, Nicholas Clare
Plunket, Nicholas Moodoge
Plunkett, Andrew Terryhoogan
Pool, James Ballyreagh
Pool, Thomas Ballyreagh
Pool, Widow ??? Ballyreagh
Pool, William Ballyreagh
Porter, Alexander Crew More
Porter, Isaac Tullylinn
Porter, Rev. J. Ballyreagh
Porter, James Carrickbrack
Porter, James Tullylinn
Porter, John Ballynaleck
Porter, John Ballyreagh
Porter, John Tullylinn
Porter, Margaret Tullylinn
Porter, Robert Ballynaleck
Porter, Samuel Ballynaleck
Porter, Samuel Ballyreagh
Porter, William Tullylinn
Prentice, Mrs. ??? Ballymore
Prentice, Mrs. ??? Derryallen
Pringle, John Tullymacann
Purdy, Anne Mullanary
Purdy, Francis Marmacullen
Purdy, Hugh Ballyargan
Purdy, Isaac Corlust
Purdy, James Ballysheilbeg
Purdy, John Ballyargan
Purdy, John Corlust
Purdy, John Lisbane
Purdy, John Marmacullen
Purdy, John, Jr. Corlust
Purdy, John Isaac Corlust
Quin, ??? Ballymore
Quin, Agnes Tullymacann
Quin, Felix Lisnagree
Quin, Francis Ballynaleck
Quin, Hugh Ballyargan
Quin, Hugh Corernagh
Quin, Hugh Crewbeg
Quin, James Lisnakee
Quin, John Ballynagreagh
Quin, John Crewbeg
Quin, John Mullantur
Quin, Patk. Crewbeg
Quin, Peter Lisnagree
Quin, William Mullantur
Ransley, Mr. ??? Moodoge
Ratley, John Ballynaleck
Raverty, Bernard Corlust
Rea, John Mullantur
Reavey, Henry Shaneglish
Reavey, John Shaneglish
Reavey, Thomas Shaneglish
Redpath, James Cargans
Redpath, John Cargans
Redpath, John Cooly Hill
Redpath, Robert Cargans
Reid, Bernard Skegatillida
Reilly, John Druminargal
Reilly, Widow ??? Cargans
Rice, ??? Federnagh
Rice, Charles Cloghoge
Rice, Edward Corlust
Rice, James Cargans
Rice, John Crewbeg
Rice, John Federnagh
Rice, Joseph Derryallen
Rice, Margaret Monclone
Rice, Michael Aghantaraghan
Rice, Michael Branock
Rice, Michael Federnagh
Rice, Patrick Ballyreagh
Rice, Patrick Ballysheilmore
Rice, Samuel Cloghoge
Richey, Robert Ballynagreagh
Richmond, David Branock
Richmond, David Federnagh
Rile, ??? Ballymore
Rippett, John Mullaghglass
Rippett, John, Sr. Lisbane
Robb, Hu. Ballymore
Robb, M. Ballymore
Robinson, George Lisraw
Robinson, Gilbert Moodoge
Robinson, Henry Tullynacross
Robinson, James, Jr. Ballysheilbeg
Robinson, James, Sr. Ballysheilbeg
Robinson, John Ballynaleck
Robinson, Ralph Ballysheilmore
Rowley, James Ballymore
Rush, Michl. Federnagh
Russell, James Mullaghglass
Russell, William Mullaghglass
Ryan, Mrs. ??? Ballynagreagh
Ryan, William Druminargal
Saunderson, Francis Derryallen
Saunderson, Fras. Ballymore
Savage, John Ballynagreagh
Searight, Edward Corernagh
Searight, Mark Mullaghglass
Sefton, ??? Ballymore
Sefton, John Aughlish
Shanks, William Federnagh
Shanks, William Tullynacross
Shannon, James Druminargal
Shannon, John Lisraw
Shannon, William Lisraw
Sheath, Arthur Corernagh
Sheils, James Branock
Sheils, Thos. Ballymore
Sheppard, P. Ballymore
Sheppard, Parker Aughlish
Sheppard, Parker Ballymore
Sheppard, Parker Cargans
Sheppard, Parker Terryhoogan
Shevelin, ??? Federnagh
Shevelin, John Tullynacross
Shevelin, Patrick Monclone
Shiels, Daniel Aghantaraghan
Shiels, Dudley Aghantaraghan
Shiels, Edward, Jr. Aghantaraghan
Shiels, Edward, Sr. Aghantaraghan
Shiels, Hugh Aghantaraghan
Shiels, James Aghantaraghan
Shiels, John Aghantaraghan
Shiels, Patrick Aghantaraghan
Shiels, Patrick, Jr. Aghantaraghan
Shiels, Peter Aghantaraghan
Shiels, Samuel Lisnagree
Shiels, Widow ??? Aghantaraghan
Shiels, Widow ??? Ballynagreagh
Sifton, Isaac Mullaghglass
Sifton, John Mullaghglass
Sifton, Thomas Mullaghglass
Sifton, William Mullaghglass
Sitherwood, Wm. Derryallen
Skeffington, Hu. Ballymore
Skeffington, Hugh Derryallen
Small, Alexander Clare
Small, Hugh Clare
Smart, Thomas Cullentragh
Smith, James Corernagh
Smith, Robert Monclone
Smith, Thomas Cargans
Smith, Widow ??? Aughlish
Smith, William Mullaghglass
Smyth, Charles Federnagh
Smyth, James Aughlish
Smyth, James Ballyargan
Smyth, Jno. Loftie Ballymore
Smyth, John Ballysheilmore
Smyth, Thomas Shaneglish
Smyth, Widow ??? Mullaghglass
Snodden, Edward Maymacullen
Snodden, Edwd. Marmacullen
Snodden, John Marmacullen
Snodden, John Tullymacann
Snodden, Widow ??? Marmacullen
Sommerville, G. Mullaghglass
Sommerville, Geo. Aughlish
Sommerville, Hugh Mullaghglass
Sommerville, J. Mullaghglass
Spencer, Thomas Terryhoogan
Steenson, Anne Tannyoky
Steenson, Catherine Tannyoky
Steenson, John Tannyoky
Steenson, Robert Tannyoky
Steenson, Samuel Tannyoky
Stevenson, James Crewbeg
Stewart, James Tullymacann
Stewart, Jane Cullentragh
Stewart, Widow ??? Aghantaraghan
Stoney, Isaac Tullyhugh
Stott, John Lisraw
Stott, Thomas Crewbeg
Stott, Thomas Tullylinn
Strain, David Tullylinn
Strain, John Crew More
Strain, John Tullylinn
Strain, Samuel Tannyoky
Stratton, David Ballymore
Stratton, David Tullyhugh
Stuart, John Aghantaraghan
Stuart, John Federnagh
Sturgeon, John Ballymore
Taminey, Patrick Derryallen
Tate, Solomon Shaneglish
Tate, William Skegatillida
Taylor, David Tullyhugh
Taylor, George Tullyhugh
Taylor, Robert Derryallen
Taylor, Thomas Derryallen
Tegart, Mrs. ??? Tullynacross
Tegart, George Druminargal
Tegart, James Ballymore
Tegart, James Druminargal
Tegart, John Druminargal
Tegart, Richard Druminargal
Tegart, Sarah Druminargal
Thomas, William Ballynaleck
Thompson, Charles Cloghoge
Thompson, Robert Mullaghglass
Todd, Widow ??? Corernagh
Tole, James Cargans
Tole, Patrick Cargans
Tole, Widow ??? Mullantur
Toner, D. Ballymore
Toner, James Clare
Toner, Thomas Marmacullen
Toner, William Marmacullen
Totten, Joseph Clare
Tougher, James Cargans
Trotter, Richard Ballymore
Trotter, Richard Derryallen
Trotter, Richard Tullyhugh
Trotter, Richd. Ballymore
Tully, David Cargans
Tully, David Druminargal
Tully, David Monclone
Tully, David Moodoge
Tully, John Moodoge
Tully, Thomas Cargans
Turley, Edward Aghantaraghan
Turner, Robert Crewbeg
Turnley, Michael Tannyoky
Turnly, ??? Ballynagreagh
Turtle, James Crew More
Tyrrell, Charles Tullyhugh
Tyrrell, John Derryallen
Tyrrell, John Drumnaglontagh
Vallely, Patrick Terryhoogan
Vint, Edward Tullynacross
Vint, James Branock
Vint, John Branock
Vint, John Tullynacross
Waddell, James Ballyreagh
Waddell, John Ballyreagh
Waddell, Saml. Ballyreagh
Waddell, Samuel Tullynacross
Walker, James Druminure
Walker, John Druminure
Walker, John Moodoge
Walker, Widow ??? Tullymacann
Warwick, John Crew More
Watson, John Ballymore
Watson, John Tullyhugh
Watson, Widow ??? Tullyhugh
Watson, William Tullyhugh
Weldon, Arthur Ballyreagh
Weldon, Frances Ballyreagh
Whaley, ??? Federnagh
Whaley, Daniel Cargans
Whaley, Daniel Tullyhugh
Whaley, George Tullyhugh
Whiggam, James Aghantaraghan
Whiggam, James Branock
Whiggam, James Federnagh
White, Andrew Monclone
White, Eliza Terryhoogan
White, George Aughlish
White, George Monclone
White, James Aghantaraghan
White, James Ballynagreagh
White, James Corcrum
White, James Demoan
White, John Aghantaraghan
White, John Carrickbrack
White, John Demoan
White, John Lisnagree
White, John Monclone
White, John, Jr. Aghantaraghan
White, John, Sr. Aghantaraghan
White, John, Sr. Demoan
White, Robert Terryhoogan
White, Widow ??? Monclone
White, William Cargans
White, Wm. Monclone
Whiteside, James Corcrum
Whiteside, John Ballymore
Whiteside, John Derryallen
Whiteside, John Tullyhugh
Whiteside, Richard Ballynaleck
Whiteside, William Marmacullen
Whiteside, William Terryhoogan
Whitten, Andrew Shaneglish
Whitten, James Shaneglish
Whitten, John Lisnakee
Whitten, John Mullantur
Whitten, John Tullyhugh
Whitten, Patrick Mullaghglass
Whitten, Robert Cargans
Whitten, Robert Shaneglish
Whitten, Robert Tullyhugh
Whitten, William Tullyhugh
Whitten, Wm. Aughlish
Wiley, James Tannyoky
Wilkinson, Francis Aughlish
Wilkinson, Francis Mullaghglass
Williamson, Andrew Demoan
Williamson, Andw. Shaneglish
Williamson, David Demoan
Williamson, Hugh Carrickbrack
Williamson, John Aghantaraghan
Williamson, Reuben Aghantaraghan
Williamson, Reuben Demoan
Wilson, ??? Ballymore
Wilson, James Mullaghglass
Wilson, John Derryallen
Wilson, John Monclone
Wilson, John Skegatillida
Wilson, John Tullyhugh
Wilson, Margaret Mullaghglass
Wilson, Mathew Marmacullen
Wilson, Richard Ballymore
Wilson, Richd. Derryallen
Wilson, Robert Skegatillida
Wilson, Robert Tullyhugh
Wilson, Saml. Derryallen
Wilson, Saml. Skegatillida
Wilson, Samuel Drumnaleg
Wilson, Widow ??? Skegatillida
Wilson, William Mullaghglass
Wilson, William Terryhoogan
Woods, Daniel Cargans
Woods, Daniel Drumnaglontagh
Woods, John Lisnakee
Woods, Thomas Lisnakee
Woods, William Lisnakee
Wright, Robert Aghantaraghan
Wright, William Aughantarraghan
Wright, William Tullyhugh
Young, Archibald Crewbeg
Young, Samuel Druminargal
Young, William Skegatillida

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