Tithe Applotments 1830

BALLYMORE Civil Parish J-McConnell Surnames

Barony:  Orior Lower
Poor Law Unions:  Newry, Banbridge


Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotments' entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from the Tithe Applotment Books Index.  Only surname and townland for the civil parish was transcribe.  For the full record, one should refer to the LDS Family History Film #258446


Name Townland
Jamison, Samuel Aghantaraghan
Jelly, John Tullymacann
Jenkinson, Robert Druminure
Jennings, James Terryhoogan
Johnson, John Druminargal
Johnston, ??? Terryhoogon
Johnston, Henry Monclone
Johnston, James Tullyhugh
Johnston, Jas. Jennings Monclone
Johnston, John Clare
Johnston, John Demoan
Johnston, William Monclone
Johnston, William Mullaghglass
Johnstone, Thomas Glasdruman
Jones, Francis Aughlish
Jones, Francis Mullaghglass
Jones, James Marmacullen
Jones, John Aghantaraghan
Jones, John Ballymore
Jones, John Terryhoogan
Jones, John, Jr. Aghantaraghan
Jones, John, Sr. Aghantaraghan
Jones, John, Sr. Terryhoogan
Jones, Robert, Jr. Aughlish
Jones, Robert, Sr. Aughlish
Jones, Thomas Marmacullen
Jones, Thomas Terryhoogan
Jones, Thomas, Sr. Marmacullen
Jones, Widow ??? Aghantaraghan
Jones, Widow ??? Terryhoogan
Jones, Wm. Corlust
Joyce, James Marmacullen
Kearney, Bernard Derryallen
Kearney, Bernard Tullyhugh
Keating, Patrick Shaneglish
Keenan, ??? Ballymore
Keenan, John Tullyhugh
Kelly, Charles Tullymacann
Kelly, James Ballysheilbeg
Kelly, John Monclone
Kelly, Mary Monclone
Kelly, Michael Shaneglish
Kelly, Patrick Cargans
Kelly, Terence Shaneglish
Kelly, William Ballysheilbeg
Kelly, William Clare
Kelly, William Monclone
Kelsey, John Ballynagreagh
Kelter, Widow ??? Mullanary
Kennedy, John Lisraw
Kerr, Nichs. Ballynaleck
Kerr, Patrick Ballynaleck
Kerr, William Demoan
Kinkead, James Ballymore
Kinnell, John Federnagh
Kinney, Bartley Ballyargan
Kinney, Chas. Mullanary
Kinney, Henry Derryallen
Kinney, Henry Mullanary
Kinney, James Ballyargan
Kinney, James Corernagh
Kinney, James Mullanary
Kinney, John Ballynaleck
Kinney, Mathew Ballynagreagh
Kinney, Michael Mullanary
Kinney, Owen Mullanary
Kinney, Peter Ballymore
Kirkland, John Lisnakee
Kirkland, John Marmacullen
Kirkland, Thomas Mullanary
Kirkland, Widow ??? Druminure
Kirkland, Widow ??? Marmacullen
Kirkland, William Druminure
Kirkwood, James Ballymore
Kirtland, Saml. Clare
Kittle, John Clare
Kyle, Robert Mullanary
Lamb, Robert Skegatillida
Lamb, Widow ??? Federnagh
Landford, James Drumnaglontagh
Langtree, John Ballysheilbeg
Langtry, John Marmacullen
Larken, Isaac Carrickbrack
Larkin, Peter Tullynacross
Larkins, Widow ??? Ballysheilmore
Latten, Stewart Ballymore
Lattimer, Thomas Ballymore
Lattimer, Thomas Tullyhugh
Lavery, Bernard Ballysheilbeg
Lawless, James Drumnaglontagh
Leigh, Thos. Clare
Lennon, Mrs. ??? Ballymore
Lennon, James Mullantur
Lennon, Peter Ballyargan
Lennon, Peter Crewbeg
Lennon, Widow ??? Crewbeg
Lennon, Widow ??? Mullantur
Liggott, John Tullyhugh
Liggott, Robert Tullyhugh
Liggott, Samuel Glasdruman
Little, Archd. Ballynagreagh
Little, Archibald Aghantaraghan
Little, Archibald Federnagh
Little, James Federnagh
Little, John Branock
Little, John Tullynacross
Little, John, Jr. Federnagh
Little, John, Sr. Federnagh
Loan, Ellen Terryhoogan
Loftie, Acheson Tullyhugh
Loftie, John Clare
Loftie, William Ballymore
Loftie, Wm. Ballymore
Loftie, Wm. Tullyhugh
Loughlin, James Ballyargan
Loughlin, James Monclone
Loughlin, John Tullymacann
Loughlin, Robert Tullymacann
Loughlin, Widow ??? Tullymacann
Loughlin, William Ballyargan
Loughlin, William Tullymacann
Loy, Edward Aghantaraghan
Loy, Henry Aghantaraghan
Loy, James Moodoge
Loy, John Ballyargan
Loy, Patrick Aghantaraghan
Loy, Roger Aghantaraghan
Loy, Thomas Aghantaraghan
Loy, Thomas Moodoge
Lucas, Coinet Ballynagreagh
Lucas, David Druminargal
Lucas, Edward Branock
Lucas, Edward Druminargal
Lundy, Hugh Carrickbrack
Lundy, Hugh Marmacullen
Lundy, James Carrickbrack
Lundy, James Marmacullen
Lundy, John Carrickbrack
Lundy, Wm. Carrickbrack
Macan, Bernd. Ballymore
Macan, Michael Ballymore
Mack, Hugh Tullylinn
Mackill, Oliver Shaneglish
Madden, Anthony Aghantaraghan
Madden, Anthony Federnagh
Magee, Daniel Clare
Magee, Edward Shaneglish
Magee, Robert Tullymacann
Magennis, Cochran Ballymore
Magennis, Daniel Aghantaraghan
Magennis, Edward Lisbane
Magennis, Edwd. Derryallen
Magennis, Edwd., Sr. Ballymore
Magennis, George Ballymore
Magennis, George Derryallen
Magennis, Jno., Jr. Ballymore
Magennis, Jno., Sr. Ballymore
Magennis, John Derryallen
Magennis, Patrick Derryallen
Magennis, Widow ??? Ballymore
Magill, ??? Aghantaraghan
Magill, Bernard Aghantaraghan
Magill, Charles Federnagh
Magill, Daniel Aghantaraghan
Magill, Edward Aghantaraghan
Magill, Edward Federnagh
Magill, Edward Tullynacross
Magill, Hugh Aghantaraghan
Magill, James Aghantaraghan
Magill, James Ballymore
Magill, Patrick Aghantaraghan
Magill, Patrick Derryallen
Magill, Robert Derryallen
Magill, Surgeon Federnagh
Magill, Widow ??? Aghantaraghan
Magill, Widow ??? Aughlish
Magivernan, Robert D. Ballymore
Maglade, Daniel Druminure
Maglade, Edward Cloghoge
Maglade, Edward Mullaghglass
Maglade, Francis Druminure
Maglade, Michael Ballyargan
Maglade, Michael Derryallen
Maglade, Terence Terryhoogan
Maglade, Widow ??? Derryallen
Maglade, Widow ??? Mullaghglass
Magoggy, William Cargans
Magowan, James Corlust
Magurk, Wm. Cooly Hill
Mahaffy, Mathew Monclone
Mahaffy, Widow ??? Monclone
Mahood, William Federnagh
Mains, Mrs. ??? Ballymore
Mains, Charles Lisbane
Mains, Jeremiah Ballymore
Mains, Jeremiah Corernagh
Mains, Jeremiah Derryallen
Mains, Jeremiah Tullyhugh
Mains, Joseph Ballysheilbeg
Mains, Thomas Ballymore
Mains, Thomas Tullyhugh
Malcomson, Robert Ballyargan
Mandeville, Lord  Ballymore
Mandeville, Lord  Cargans
Mandeville, Lord  Crewbeg
Mandeville, Lord  Derryallen
Mandeville, Lord  Lisbane
Mandeville, Lord  Mullaghglass
Mandeville, Lord  Tullyhugh
Marks, George Clare
Marks, John Drumnaleg
Marks, John, Sr. Drumnaleg
Marks, Robert Clare
Marks, Robert Drumnaleg
Marks, William Ballymore
Marks, William Cargans
Marsden, William Branock
Marsden, Wm. Federnagh
Marshal, Alexr. Corernagh
Marshal, Jas. Corernagh
Marshall, Andrew Ballynagreagh
Marshall, John Ballynagreagh
Marshall, John Ballysheilmore
Marshall, John Mullaghglass
Marshall, William Corernagh
Martin, Robert Federnagh
Martin, Wm. Aghantaraghan
Mason, Saml. Cloghoge
Matchett, Richard Demoan
Matchett, Thomas Demoan
Mathews, ??? Federnagh
Mathews, Henry Cargans
Mathews, Robert Ballymore
Mathews, Robert Derryallen
Mathews, Seth. Derryallen
Mathews, Widow ??? Tannyoky
Maxwell, James Clare
McAleavey, Francis Monclone
McAleish, Daniel Terryhoogan
McAvoy, John Corcrum
McBirnie, David Cloghoge
McBirnie, James Marmacullen
McBirnie, James Mullaghglass
McBirnie, Nicholas Ballyargan
McBirnie, Saml. Cloghoge
McBirnie, Widow ??? Cargans
McBirnie, Widow ??? Cloghoge
McBride, Alexander Branock
McBride, Daniel Corlust
McBride, Francis Drumnaleg
McBride, Roger Cargans
McBurney, David Moodoge
McBurney, Snowden Ballysheilmore
McBurney, William Corernagh
McCabe, Bernard Ballynagreagh
McCallan, Saml. Derryallen
McCallon, Robert Moodoge
McCallon, Saml. Ballymore
McCann, Carberry Tullynacross
McCann, Hu. Ballymore
McCann, Michl. Tullyhugh
McCann, Patrick Mullaghglass
McCavenay, Patrick Druminargal
McCavenay, Thomas Druminargal
McCavenays, ??? Tullyhugh
McChesney, Dennis Moodoge
McClelland, Andrew Crew More
McClelland, James Ballysheilmore
McClelland, Jas. Shaneglish
McClelland, Jno. Shaneglish
McClelland, John Ballysheilbeg
McClelland, John Crew More
McClelland, John Druminargal
McClelland, Thomas Ballyreagh
McClelland, Thomas Ballysheilmore
McClelland, William Crew More
McClelland, Wm. Moodoge
McClements, James Demoan
McClements, Thomas Demoan
McClung, A. Ballymore
McComb, David Lisbane
McComb, James Carrickbrack
McComb, James Lisnagree
McComb, James, Sr. Carrickbrack
McComb, Jane Lisbane
McComb, John Carrickbrack
McComb, Mathew Carrickbrack
McComb, Mathew Lisnagree
McComb, Samuel Carrickbrack
McComb, William Carrickbrack
McConnell, Acheson Ballymore
McConnell, Francis Derryallen
McConnell, Francis Tullyhugh
McConnell, Hugh Ballymore
McConnell, Hugh Tullyhugh
McConnell, James Ballymore
McConnell, James Derryallen
McConnell, James Tullyhugh
McConnell, Jas. Cargans
McConnell, Richard Terryhoogan
McConnell, Thos. Aughlish

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