Tithe Applotments 1830

BALLYMORE Civil Parish C-E Surnames

Barony:  Orior Lower
Poor Law Unions:  Newry, Banbridge


Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotments' entries were transcribed by Pat Connors from the Tithe Applotment Books Index.  Only surname and townland for the civil parish was transcribe.  For the full record, one should refer to the LDS Family History Film #258446


Surname First Townland
Caghey Hugh Ballysheilbeg
Caghey James Ballysheilbeg
Caghey John Ballysheilbeg
Caghey John Ballysheilmore
Caghey John Tullylinn
Caghey Nicholas Ballysheilbeg
Caghey William Drumnaleg
Campbell Bernard Corcrum
Campbell Charles Mullaghglass
Campbell Edward Ballynagreagh
Campbell Edward Tannyoky
Campbell Francis Ballyreagh
Campbell Francis Tullynacross
Campbell Henry Cloghoge
Campbell Hugh Ballyargan
Campbell Hugh Corcrum
Campbell Hugh Tannyoky
Campbell John Ballyreagh
Campbell John Cloghoge
Campbell John Federnagh
Campbell John Tullynacross
Campbell Patrick Corcrum
Campbell Peter Ballyreagh
Campbell Peter Ballysheilmore
Campbell Peter Crew Morebeg
Campbell Peter Tannyoky
Campbell Terence Ballynagreagh
Campbell Terence Tullynacross
Canovan John Federnagh
Carberry George Corernagh
Carberry George Mullaghglass
Carrick John Ballymore
Carrol William Lisraw
Carroll Robert Tullylinn
Carroll William Lisraw
Carruthers William Terryhoogan
Carter Rev. Dean Clare
Carter Rev. Dean Drumnaleg
Carter Rev. Dean Marmacullen
Carter John Ballysheilmore
Carter Thomas Clare
Cassiday Abraham Aghantaraghan
Cassiday Felix Aghantaraghan
Cassiday James Aughlish
Cassiday John Aughlish
Cassidy William Cargans
Cathney Patrick Lisraw
Chambers James Aughlish
Chambers Thomas Mullaghglass
Chatam William Ballysheilmore
Christy Crozier Ballynaleck
Christy Crozier Ballyreagh
Christy Crozier Tannyoky
Christy Crozier Tullylinn
Christy John Ballynaleck
Christy John Ballyreagh
Clark James Carrickbrack
Clarke Agnes Corcrum
Clarke Charles Branock
Clarke Henry Aghantaraghan
Clarke Henry Corcrum
Clarke James Ballynaleck
Clarke William Terryhoogan
Cloinaghan Terence Ballyargan
Close James Demoan
Close Maxwell Branock
Close Maxwell Corcrum
Close Maxwell Demoan
Close Maxwell Federnagh
Close Maxwell Skegatillida
Close Maxwell Aghantaraghan
Cloughley Andrew Druminure
Cloughley Robert Mullaghglass
Coburn William Cullentragh
Coiner Edward Ballymore
Coiner Edward Cargans
Coiner John Ballymore
Coiner Moses Ballymore
Coiner Thomas Ballymore
Cole Andrew Monclone
Cole James Monclone
Cole John Monclone
Cole William Crew More
Collins James Ballynagreagh
Collins Thomas Branock
Collins Thomas Druminargal
Collins Thos. Ballynagreagh
Conlan Hugh Ballynagreagh
Conlan James Ballynagreagh
Conlan Owen Ballynagreagh
Conlan Patrick Federnagh
Conlon Daniel Ballymore
Conlon John Terryhoogan
Conlon Owen Monclone
Conlon Peter Clare
Connolly John Moodoge
Connolly John Mullaghglass
Connolly William Crew Morebeg
Connor Agnes Corcrum
Connor Owen Carrickbrack
Connor Patrick Carrickbrack
Convery Charles Aghantaraghan
Convery Daniel Aghantaraghan
Convery Daniel Aghantaraghan
Convery Edward Aghantaraghan
Convery Felix Aghantaraghan
Convery Henry Aghantaraghan
Convery Henry Federnagh
Convery James Aghantaraghan
Convery James Federnagh
Convery John Aghantaraghan
Convery John Branock
Convery Lawrence Aghantaraghan
Convery Margaret Aghantaraghan
Convery William Tullynacross
Copeland John Drumnaleg
Copland Jas. Monclone
Copland Mary Monclone
Copland William Demoan
Cornvery Widow Aghantaraghan
Cosgrove John Drumnaglontagh
Coskerin ??? Ballynagreagh
Costley Ben Shaneglish
Costley Charles Ballynagreagh
Couser George Shaneglish
Cousins Robert Marmacullen
Cowan Daniel Ballynagreagh
Cowan John Marmacullen
Cowan Thomas Branock
Cowan Thomas Druminargal
Cowan William Druminure
Craig George Ballymore
Craig George Cargans
Craig James Ballymore
Craig James Derryallen
Craig John Crew More
Craig Widow Mullaghglass
Craig William Mullaghglass
Crawford Mrs. Ballymore
Creery Mr. Derryallen
Creery Jno. Ballymore
Creery John Tullyhugh
Crombie Charles Cloghoge
Crossen James Drumnaglontagh
Crossen James Drumnaglontagh
Crothers John Lisraw
Crothers Thomas Glasdruman
Crothers Thomas Lisraw
Crothers William Ballymore
Crothers William Ballynagreagh
Crothers William Branock
Crothers William Cargans
Crothers William Shaneglish
Crothers William Tullynacross
Cuming William Crew Morebeg
Cummins Mary Ballyreagh
Cummins Patrick Tullyhugh
Cunningham Andrew Ballysheilbeg
Curran James Lisnagree
Cuskerin Owen Derryallen
Daley John Moodoge
Davis ??? Terryhoogan
Davis Edward Tullyhugh
Davis George Tullyhugh
Davis Isaac Ballymore
Davis James Ballymore
Davis James Cargans
Davis James Clare
Davis James Derryallen
Davis James Drumnaleg
Davis James Lisbane
Davis John Drumnaglontagh
Davis John Tullyhugh
Davis Mary Tullyhugh
Davis Thomas Cargans
Davis Thomas Tullyhugh
Davis Widow Tullyhugh
Davis William Drumnaglontagh
Davison ??? Ballymore
Davison Dr. Ballymore
Davison Edwd. Aughlish
Davison James Tullyhugh
Davison Mathew Ballyreagh
Davison Robt. Aughlish
Davison Wm. Tullyhugh
Dawson ??? Tullyhugh
Dawson Widow Tullyhugh
Deery Bernard Federnagh
Deery Hugh Corcrum
Deery John Branock
Deery John Corcrum
Denny Aaron Ballyreagh
Dermott Elizth. Federnagh
Devlin Con. Crew Morebeg
Devlin Francis Corcrum
Devlin Francis Crew Morebeg
Devlin James Crew Morebeg
Devlin John Crew Morebeg
Dickson Henry Clare
Dickson Henry Tullymacann
Dickson John Clare
Dickson John Druminure
Dickson John Tullymacann
Dillon James Ballynaleck
Dillon Thomas Marmacullen
Dinim Mrs. Ballymore
Dinsmore Adam Lisnagree
Divan ??? Ballymore
Divin John Drumnaleg
Divin Richd. Derryallen
Dobbs Mr. Ballynagreagh
Dobbs Conway Branock
Dologhan Patrick Ballymore
Donaghey Chas. Federnagh
Donaghy John Ballynagreagh
Donnell Henry Mullanary
Donnell James Lisnagree
Donnell Robert Aughlish
Donnell Whaley Aughlish
Donnell Wm. Aughlish
Donnelly Charles Tullymacann
Donnelly Felix Ballyargan
Donnelly James Demoan
Donnelly John Ballyargan
Donnelly Neal Ballyargan
Doran Edward Branock
Doran Michl. Branock
Doran Michl. Federnagh
Doran Michl. Tullynacross
Doran Peter Federnagh
Doran Widow Federnagh
Doran Widow Skegatillida
Doran Widow Aghantaraghan
Douglas ??? Ballymore
Douglas William Druminure
Downey Widow Ballynagreagh
Downey William Tullynacross
Drainey Aaron Tullylinn
Dreaney Culla Monclone
Duffy Francis Mullaghglass
Dunlop John Tullymacann
Dunn Anne Ballymore
Eager Robb Ballymore
Elliott Moses Ballysheilmore
Elliott Thomas Ballysheilmore
Evans James Ballymore
Evans John Lisbane
Ewart James Cullentragh
Ewart William Mullaghglass
Ewings Geo. Tullyhugh
Ewings Robert Tullyhugh

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