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County Armagh
Surname Registry

updated  March 27, 2021

Poyntz Pass Newry


Surname Armagh area Emigrated/Year/Where Contact
Mackey Maytown not given Maureen Cooke
Mackin Tully Gallon, Fork Hill Gateshead, Co Durham, England, date unknown Alan Longstaff
Mackin not given ca 1920 NY Jennifer Dowling
Macklin Armagh 1850 Toronto ONT, CAN Eric Macklin
Maddock Markethill 1910 Belfast > Watertown, New York Bobbie Purdue
Magee Tartaraghan unknown Gail Court
Magee Lurgan UK Suzannah Foad
Magin, Maginn Newtown Hamilton did not emigrate Jo Schrotzj
Magiveran possibly Mullaghglass District unknown Mary Hanly
Mahaffy Armagh betw 1830-1840 Suzanne Allen
Mallan Armagh 1840 NY, Minnesota USA Jim TeVogt
Mallon Drumnahuncheon, Loughilly did not emigrate Maura Foster
Markey Loughgilly Parish, Whitecross 1848 Pittsburgh, PA, some did not emigrate Jack Markey
Markey Drumnahuncheon,  Loughilly 1910 New York Maura Foster
Marks Loughgall (Clooveneden) 1859 Melbourne, Victoria AUS Marian Morgan
Marks Loughgall (Clooveneden) 1871 Canada Marian Morgan
Marshall Whitecross mid 1800s Australia Racquel Lem
Marshall Armagh Co early to mid 1800s Ron Hillman
Martin Mullabawn, Forkil Parish ca 1835 Leeds Co, No. Crosby, Ontario CAN Joe Moore
Martin Kilmore or Mullaghbrack parishes ca 1801 NY state Mary Dain
Matchet(t) Cloncore and Seagoe 1750-1850 Bill Iggleden
Matchett Portadown 1929 Manitoba, CAN Dorothy Empringham
Matchett Co Armagh 1881 Manchester, CT, USA Bruce Wright
Matchett Cloncore 1852 NSW Australia Susan Smith
Mawhinney Ballintemple mid-late 1800s, Australia Gwelda Mawhinney
Maxwell Armagh Germany? Dieter Kropfgans
Mayne, Mane, Main Armagh 1850 Baltimore MD Helen M Imburgia
McAleavy, McAleavey, McAleary Shean & Shanroe, Forkhill Parish did not emigrate Sheila Johnson
McAlinden unknown 1925 Australia Marie
McAlinden Loughgall Parish 1846 Milwaukee WI Cynthia Schmechel
McAllister Armagh ca 1865  Vermont USA Earl Dugan
McArdle Crossmaglen 1876 Richmond, KenTucky, Indian, Alabama Julie Hu
McArdle Carrowmaanan 1885-7 New York Terri Covey
McAteer Newry ara 1865 New York James McAteer
McAvoy Knocknamuckley, Portadown pre 1880 Australia Denise McAvoy
McBurney Mullaghglass not given Maureen Cooke
McBurney Mavemacullen, Clare, Ballysheilmore 1856 Sydney, NSW, AUS Colin McBurney
McCabe Keady ca 1850, Boston, MA & New Hampshire Tom Murphy
McCaffrey Armagh early 1800s New York City Heather McCaffrey
McCaffrey Armagh early 1800s New York City USA Jackie Moyer
McCall Tullyroand & Lisdrumard 1850s Collin O'Connor Udell
McCamley Newry 1841 Australia Wayne McCamley
McCann Carrickasticken, Forkhill 1890 Canada > 1900 USA Maureen Sausen
McCann unknown 1827 St Andrews, New Brunswick Linda Fleming
McCann unknown 1850s? North Carolina USA Richard M McCann
McCann not sure not given Jean
McCann Mullaghbawn, Forkhill 1922 Chicago IL Maureen Fitzpatrick
McCann unknown 1856 Sydney AUS Margaret
McCaul, McCall, McAll Tullyroan not given Amanda G Roberts
McCardle, McCarl Creggan or Forkhill Parish post 1845 > N Crosby Twp, Leeds Co, Ont. Canada James Forrester
McCartney Drumsavage, Mullaghbrack 1750 USA Dan McCartney
McCartney Armagh, unknown 1842 Ormstown, QUE, CAN Eleanor McMurchy
McCarty poss. Northern Ireland 1795 Pennsylvania Marcia
McClelland not given not given Laurie McClelland
McClelland Newry 1880 McClelland
McClelland Granemore Armaghbreague, Markethill Mark
McClelland Keady & elsewhere not given Michael Ward
McClelland unknown ca 1840 Canada > New York Scott Hazelwood
McCluskey not given ca 1860 Australia Barney Myers
McColough not given 1780 Warrenpoint to Nova Scotia Graham McColough
McComb Greyhillan 1911 Dunedin, New Zealand Brent Freeman
McComb Tandragee 1855 Australia Judith Mayer
McComb Bessbrook, Camalough, Maytown 1890 New Hampshire Janet Gould
McConaghy, McConnaughy unknown Gravesend ENG, 1847, New Zealand Garry F Bell
McConnell Ballymacnab 1852 New York Elizabeth Creely
McConnell Tangeradee 1820-30 Canada Barb Bruchu
McConvill Loughgilly Parish, Whitecross did not emigrate Jack Markey
McConvill Corcrain, Drumcree 1847 Bradford Co. PA Sarah Hall
McConville not given Scotland Doreen
McConville Seafin, Upper Killeavy 1858 Newark NJ Joe Cummins
McConville possibly Creggan ca 1850 Co. Durham ENG Kay Andrews
McCooey Keady, Derrynoose 1820s Portsmouth NH, USA John McCooey
McCooey unknown 1800s Pat Izzo
McCord, MacKorda Armagh unknown Leslie F Moore
McCourt Armagh unknown Jocelyn Gould
McCourt Drumnagoone not given Christina McNamee
McCoy Crossmaglen bef Jun 1857, USA Jerry
McCracken (McCrink) Armagh ca 1830 Canada Ann Martin
McCreery, McCreary Loughgilly 1823 Canada Brian Bailey
McCreight unknown 1910 from Belfast to Watertown, NY Bobbie Purdue
McCrink Mullaghglass District unknown Mary Hanly
McCudden Loughgall Transported to Australia, 1796, other family came later Grania McCudden
McCullough Tynan Parish ca 1828 Meganic County, Quebec, Canada Gwen J. Barry
McCusker (Mac Oscair) Mullaghglass 1899 NY, NY > Baltimore MD Joseph
McDonald Loughgilly & Forkhill Parishes not given Pauline Loughran
McDonald County Armagh 1905 New York Sandra Larsen
McDonald, McDonnell Ballybrannan ca 1856 Australia Clarrie Green
McElroy Camly (McCullough), Newtown Hamilton, Crossmaglen 1877-8 Lexington, Kentucky Julie Hu
McElroy, McIlroy Mullavilly, Tandragree 1856 NSW Australia B J Addie
McEntee unknown Philadelphia PA Jeff Alderfer
McEnteggart Bess 1922 Ellis Island Deborah L McEnteggart
McFarlan unknown 1830-40 Canada Eleanor
McFarland Loughgilly/Forkhill parishes mid 1850s, Scotland & Portland Maine Paul McFarland
McFarland Drumherriff pre 1814 Franklin Co., PA Betty Duncan
McGahan Creggan 1851 New York John McGann
McGahan Cladybeg, Ballymacnab Parish ca 1843-45 Montreal PQ Michael McAlonie
McGarr not given 1840 Bruce Co, Ontario, CAN Murray Bell
McGarrity Co Armagh 1869 NYC, NY; Watertown CT; USA Brian Purdy
McGeogh Forkill any Ella Patterson
McGinn Carnally betwn 1845-50, Kingston NY, USA Howard McGinn
McGinn Newtown Hamilton not given Jo Schrotz
McGinnis Keady, Armagh City ca 1826 Montreal > Whitehall, E Greenbush NY PD
McGinnity Seafin, Upper Killeavy 1858 Newark NJ Joe Cummins
McGirr not given 1815 Allegany County, MD Larry McGirr
McGlade Forkhill 1850 Perth, Ontario, Canada M C Moran
McGladrigan anywhere not given Joyce Jones
McGough unknown 1872 UK, 1881 India (Brit Army), 1885 Australia David Eckert
McGowan unknown ca 1833 E. Garafraxa, ONT, CAN B.J. McGowan
McGrath Carrickcloghen, Lower Killeavy (Bessbrook) Parish Old Monkland, Lanarkshire, SCOT; Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, ENG Anne
McGrory Carrickaduff, Carnagh not given Megan Townsend
McGuigan Co Armagh ca 1880s Massachusetts Kathleen M Yount
McGuigan Cavan not given Jean
McGuigan not given 1852 Baltimore MD MKD
McGuiness Loughgilly Australia Donna Morgan
McGuinness Derrynoose ca 1870 Co Durham, England Jody Woods
McIlwain Hamilton Newtown 1880s Australia; 1889 America Lorraine Maliszewski
McKean(e), McKeon Armagh 1861 England Deirdre McKeane
McKee Newtown Hamilton, Tullyvallen 1846 New Orleand > Lexington, Kentucky Julie Hu
McKee Armaghbrague, Corkley not given Sean T Traynor
McKee Tullyvallen, Armaghbreague 1890+ Ontario, Manitoba Dianne P Myers
McKee Cloncore 1960s Ontario CAN Deborah McKee
McKee Milford, Ballyards 1900 Belfast Alison Aldersea
McKee Richhill, Portadown 1800s USA, AU Helen
McKee Portnoris (Mount Norris?) 1830-9 NY >> Randolph Co, Illinois Pamela Treme
McKenna Killalay? 1857 Victoria, AUS Sharyn
McKenna Newtownhamilton 1890-1904 Albany NY Maureen Richardson
McKeone, McKeown, McKone vic Crossmaglen (Lissaraw?) 1846 NYC > IL > MN > ND, USA Daniel McKone
McKeown Drumherrif early 1800s India Rodger McKeown
McKillip Armagh ca 1835 Canada Carolyn Sener
McKinley Tanderagee 1871 Philadelphia PA Cathi Robertson
McKinstry Armagh ca 1890 Barbados Philip McKinstry
McKittrick Loughgall not given Carole Lindsay
McKittrick, McKitrick not sure early 1840s > NYS Diane G Drake
McLaughlin Dobbin's Valley unkn USA Garry L McLaughlin
McLaughlin Armagh Parish early 1800s USA Garry McLaughlin
McLaughlin Caramoney, Hamiltonshawn, Armagh Canada Linda
McLean Tanderagee 1845 Ontario CAN Lou McLean
McLoughlin Loughgall 1822 Scotland S F Tollemache
McMahon Kilmore 1853 New Orleans, St Louis Gerard McMahon
McMahon Lower Creggan 1848 NYC>Fall Rv MA, San Mateo CA Helen O'Connor
McMann Kilmore New Zealand Heather M Kaufana
McManus Armagh 1850 Baltimore MD Helen M Imburgia
McMullen Cladymore, Cladybeg, Kilclooney,
Eden Kennedy, Enagh
did not emigrate Tara Taylor
McMurray Ballygargan, Seagoe Parish 1883 Toronto ONT, CAN Jerry Scott
McMurray Lisdown, Eglish Parish 1914 Northern Ontario CAN Dale Harman
McNally Annahaia Motherwell, Scot 1890s Lorna Olivo
McNally Lisnadill Australia Laraine
McNeice, McNeish Loughgall Dalry SCOT > Clearfield City PA Joan FitzGibbon
McNeely Cloghog 1908 New York City Marion Jackson
McNeill Monbrief 1880s Barb Henzelmann
McParlan not given 1816 Ontario Adrienne Levendusky
McQuade unknown 1850s New South Wales, AUS Therese
McQuaid Loughall 1858 New South Wales, AUS Mary Murray
McQuillan Federnagh ca 1849 New York State, Clinton & Essex counties Debra Miles
McShane Loughgilly 1849 Goulburn NSW, Australia Peter McShane
McShane Lurgan not given D Brennan
McShane Tivecrom, Carricksticken & Drumintee 1866 Birkenhead UK Ron McShane
McShane not sure not given Jean
McShane Loughross, Crossmaglen 1880s Omaha, NE Mike Maher
McSherry Killeavy 1839 America Michelle
McWhirter not given buried cemetery at Tynan, all help appreciated Don or Lynne Best
McWilliam(s) Creggan, Armagh 1852 Australia Jill F Glover
McWinnie Bally Cronin 1850 Sydney NSW Jennifer Burrell
Megaw, Magaw Lisnadill any Ella Patterson
Mellen not given not given Jim Donnelly
Merritt unknown ca 1865 Australia Paul Howard
Millar Seagoe Parish Canada and other? Pat Ford
Miller, Millar Tartaraghan Parish, others USA Georgia Geske
Mills Newtownhamilton Parish 1845? Tipperary John J Zender, Jr
Mitchell Drumhillary 1852 Port Stanley, Elgin, Ontario CAN Patrica Smith
Mitchell Derryhennet, Derrynoose, Armagh 1846 Wellington, Ontario CAN Shirley Kulchyski
Mitchell not given 1912 Australia Margaret Rundle
Mitchell Lisnadill, Newtownhamilont, Armaghbreagh 1865-1889 Kathleen Lamb
Mitchell Clady Beg & Kilmachugh, Markethill, Kilclooney Par. 1888 Montreal, QUE; Lanark Co. ONT Elisabeth Mitchell
Mitchell Lisnadell Par., Killycopple betw 1854-5 New York Patricia Dunn
Mitchell Keady near Crumlin 1846 Rory Griffith
Montgomery Cloncore? 1750-1850 Bill Iggleden
Montgomery Tandragee 1878 New Zealand Denise Johnson
Montgomery not given 1892 New York D Hayes
Mooney unknown 1839 South Australia Briony Sinclair
Mooney Tullymacreeve, Armagh Liverpool ENG > 1873 Pittsburgh PA Jim Wagner
Mooney Tynan Parish, Cavanagarvan 1831 Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, CAN Lillian Stoner
Mooney Tynan 1830s Ontario CAN Cindy Nelson
Moore Portadown 1857 Sydeny, Australia Barbara Wimble
Moorhead Tulleymore, Eglish Parish 1855 > Scot 1911 >CAN > USA Susan Muirhead
Morgan Derrynoose 1855 Australia Kerryn Taylor
Moran Armagh 1875 Melbourne, VIC, Australia Lisa
Morgan Derrynoose 1857 Australia Kerryn Taylor
Morgan not given USA Marjorie Few Mitchell
Morphy Armagh 1836 Australia Brett Parker
Morris Newtownhamilton, Armagh 1854 Queeensland AUS Kerrie Shea
Morris Crossmaglen 1959 Australia Brian Morris
Morrison Lurgan n/a Heppy
Morrow Eglish 1820-40 Birmingham, Warwickshire & Liverpool ENG Mary Jones
Morrow unknown not given Marilyn Eustace
Morrow, Murrow Tamnaficarbet, Seagoe Parish ca 1760s Pennsylvania Joe & Judy Smaldone
Morton unknown ca 1880 Glasgow, Scotland Robert Walker
Morton County Armagh Cobourg, Ontario, CAN, Lake Ont. Neil Morton
Muldragh, Muldrew Tullyvallen, Newtownhamilton Parish did not emigrate, died 1867 Kathy Kenna
Muldragh Corlust 1858 Michigan Barbara Lewis
Mulhern not given 1700s Patty DaParto
Mulholland, Mulholm Forkill 1848-45 North Crosby, Leeds Co, ONT .Pierce Co, Wisc. USA Mary Quirk-Thompson
Mullen County Armagh Scotland, NY Ann Stewart
Mullen poss Armagh 1886 Australia Peter Mullen
Mullin, Mullen, Malon Tullyroan 1871 Newark NJ, USA; 1904 York, Ontario CAN Debbie Mullin
Murdock unknown Stratford, Ontario Thomas Murdock
Murdock Annaghmore 1921 Canada Patricia
Murdock Fernagreevagh, Loughgall, Clonmacash 1876 Manchester, CT; Phila PA USA Bruce Wright
Murdock, Murdoch Armagh ca 1850 Bertie tsp, Welland Co, Ontario CAN Sharon Dell
Murphy Knockavannon, NT Hamilton resided in Camlough, bro Thomas ran public house near Newry Patricia DiGiacomo
Murphy Loughgilly 1874 Australia Donna Morgan
Murphy Mullaghbawn, Forkhill 1870s USA-PA, IL, CA Maureen Sausen
Murphy Newtownhamilton 1867 Australia Kathleen Mackley
Murphy Shean 1869/71? Motherwell, Scotland Ronnie
Murphy not given 1886 Boston Midge Braxton
Murphy Silverbridge, Carrigans did not emig Bill Kenney
Murray Salters Grange, Grange Parish 1838 London ENG Bill Hyde
Murray Ballymore, Tandragee RC Parish 1852 Quebec CAN Debby H Ortman
Murray Londonderry 1850+ Pittsburgh PA Mary Joan Boyle
Nall not given not given Lauren Nall
Neville Armagh not given Barb
Nimmo Eglish Parish 1855 > Scot Susan Muirhead
Norman England 1800s Thelma
Nugent Ballymacnab not given Mick Cassidy
Nulty not given not given Dolores Palazzo
O'Brien Armagh 1860 Quebec; 1830 NS Maureen Farrell
O'Brien uncertain bef 1838 Nova Scotia, Kings Co Maureen
O'Brien Lurgan, Brownlow Estate 1879 Glasgow, SCOT Mary
Oday unknown 1860 USA Andrew Oday
Ogle Cloghog Creggan 1841 Australia Leith Friend
O'Hagan Lurgan 1887 Scotland Felix O'Hagan
O'Hanlon Tanderagee, Ballymore 1898 Coatbridge, Scotland Lawrence Battersby
O'Hare Lurgan betw 1885-92 Australia Marie O'Hare
O'Hare Chapel Lane not given Bernadette Dunn
O'Hare Lurgan South Africa Juliet
O'Hare Newry not given Ted O'Toole
O'Kelly Loughgall 1695 Guatemala Pablo Torrebiarte
Oliver Killynure, Ballyrea, Tullymore, Enagh + not given Sharon Brown
O'Neill Keady 1858 Australia Lyn
O'Neill Cornakinnegar (Lurgan) ca 1863 Philadelphia Frank Devlin
O'Neill Upper Creggan 1837 St George, New Brunswick CAN Charlene Beney
Overend Portadown not given Rod Carnahan
Orr Ballymagerney, Loughgall 1871 Ontario, CAN Judy
Orr Armagh City 1863 NZ Barbara H Holt
O'Shea Armagh 1910 Isle of Man Bradley O'Brallachain
Overend Tandragee 1853 NY, NY; Olmstead Co. WI Martha Greenstone
Overend Portadown 1863 New Zealand Maggie
Owens Crossmaglen 1840 Birkenhead, Wirral, Cheshire Jim Owens
Owens unknown 1840s Merseyside, Cheschire (Wirral) P Scott
Park(es) Mullaghbrack, Markethill 1849 Old Cummock, Ayrshire SCOT Elizabeth O'Leary
Parker Artabrachkagh, Vine Cash Portadown 1850, 1867 Scotland Sheena Robertson
Patterson Clonmain 1881 Australia John Patterson
Patterson Glennanne 1852 Warwick, QLD, Australia Melissa Patterson
Patterson Newry 1877 Ontario CAN Kim Cameron-Friel
Patton unknown ca 1850 Kay Herron
Pearson Kilmore New Zealand Melvyn Pearson
Pentland, Pentleton, Pendleton Portadown, Lurgan not given David Gough
Pentleton not given 1813 Carol Pendleton
Pendleton possibly Ballyworkan 1860 Montreal QUE, CAN Ross Edwards
Phillips Killylea, Elm Park England > 1903 Canada Andrea Williams
Pierson unknown 1861-3 New Zealand Carolyn Ford
Pillar not given Scotland Marge Lehan
Platt Clenmecash Grand Valley, Ontario Margann Jardine
Porter not given 1836 NYC, 1861 DesMoines IA Laurie Jensen
Porter Newtownhamilton not given Leith Friend
Potter Pomeroy 1863 New Zealand Maggie
Potts Keady 1843 Ontario, Canada Blyden Potts
Powell Ardagh USA Grace
Proctor Rich Hill ca 1845, Durham, England Robert Doherty
Purdy Mavemacullen, Ballymore Parish 1869 NYC, NY; Watertown CT; USA Brian Purdy
Quigley Carrive, Silverbridge Liverpool; 1902 Philadelphia PA Mary Pevie
Quin(n) Co Armagh 1769 America Martha Burak
Quin(n) poss Belfast 1864 Bridgeport CT David B Spang
Quinn possibly: Oughterard, Drumconner, etc. Co. Tyrone, not mentioned if he emigrated Margaret Bleakley
Quinn Anamor (aka Annaghmare), Crossmaglen New York? USA John Griffin
Rafferty Loughgall, Armagh ca 1800 Joan FitzGibbon
Rafferty Keady, Armagh 1828 Clearfield PA Cindy Green
Rafferty Cavan not given Jean
Rafferty Armagh City 1860s NYC Althea Cawley-Murphree
Ray, Rea Armagh area, unknown betw 1788-98, Ohio Co., Virginia, now West Virginia Bobbie Purdue
Ralstoun Tulleymore, Eglish Parish Ireland Susan Muirhead
Reaney Lissnadil not given not given
Redpath Tandragee 1854 South Australia Annette Green
Redpath Tandragee 1855 Sydney, Australia Judith Mayer
Redmond Broughshane ca 1913 Christchurch NZ L Redmond
Redpath Pointzpass 1854 South Australia Pauline McGuire
Reid Portadown 1915 Cleveland OH Dan Curran
Rennie Tandragee 1841 Australia Paula Griffiths
Rice not given 1900 New York City Arthur Rice
Rice Crossmaglen, Lower Creggan 1853 Hopkinton MA > Milwaukee WI Sally Garcia
Rice Lower Killevy RC parish after 1845 New Orleans LA via Liverpool Colleen Fitzpatrick
Robinson Deviney, Portadown, Armagh 1839, 1846 South Australia Irene Dawson
Robinson Diviny ca 1839 South Australia Leonie Cassidy
Robinson Tynan, Keady 1880 Ontario Jane Austin
Robinson not given 1853 Victor Robinson
Rock(e) Portadown not given Pat Jones
Rock Armagh betw 1893-1901 England Louise
Rocks Armagh City, Ballymacnab 1850 Jacksonville IL Kerry Bridgett Springer
Rogers Tullyvallan Newtownhamilton 1857 Australia Leith Friend
Rooney Tanderagee 1820-30 Canada Barb Brochu
Rowan Altnamackan 1831 Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada Victoria Brown
Ruddell Deviney, Richmont, Portadown, Armagh not given Irene Dawson
Ruddell Peacefield, Lurgan 1921 Toronto CAN Dave Richardson
Ruddock Grange Lower pre 1735 Pennsylvania USA Lewis M Ruddick
Ruddock Seagoe Parish bef 1740, Penn's Colony Lewis M Ruddick
Ruddy Corliss, Upper Creggan 1880 Gateshead, Durham UK Michael Ruddy
Running Mullinasilly 1839 Ontario, Canada MaryEllen Running
Ruddell Kilmore, Lurgan, Drumnahuncheon 1845 Canada Harvey Ruddell
Rutledge not given 1832 Huntington, Ontario CAN Gail Siptak
Ryan Forkhill 1849-51 Westport, Leeds, Ontario CAN Dianne K Lawrence
Sanderson Armagh not given Pat
Saunderson Clonmakate, Tartaraghan Parish late 1890s, Pennsylvania and MASS David Earl
Scott Drumnamether 1864 Philadelphia PA Maureen Robinson
Scott Armagh County 1848-50 Ron Hillman
Shaughnessy not given not given Larry E Shaughnessy
Shaw Glenanne 1850 Canada Jones
Sheil Tamnaficarbet 1840 Liverpool UK Jo Martin
Shields not given not given Roy Shields
Shilliday not given Scotland Marge Lehan
Short Keady 1861 Victoria, Australia Sylvia Rapley
Shortt Derryhaw, Tynan Parish 1837-8 York Co, Ontario CAN M Gordon
Simington Cullentrough 1800-30 Kent Co, Ontario CAN Glen Sinington
Simington, Symington, Symonton Co Armagh 1881 Fall River MA, Manchester CT Bruce Wright
Sinclair Bessbrook, Camalough, Cloughrea 1890 Connecticut Janet Gould
Slater, Sleator Maghery and Richhill not given David Chambers
Slavin, Slaven not given 1838-42 New York Barbara McC
Slean Armagh 1851 Lois Beaton
Sleeth Enoch, or Enagh, Kilclooney 1840 Pittsburgh Hank Graham
Sleith Loughgilly, Ballymore parishes unk emig, 1820-80 Julie Hite
Sloan Armagh City 1754 US, Boston? Susan Sloan
Smith Ballymore 1850s Quebec CAN Debby D H Ortman
Stokes Hamilton Newtown 1888/89 America, New York Lorraine Maliszewski
Somerville Tandragee 1851 Fayston, VT Sandra Valentine
Speers Lisavague not given Melvyn Pearson
Spence Lissheffield, Creenagh betw 1901-1911 Canada Rob
Stephenson Creeverow, Eglish, Armagh 1825 Canada Julie Stephenson
Stevenson Tandragee, Ballymore 1825 Quebec Robin H Pennock
Stevenson Ballyland (Markethill), Newtownhamilton, Cladymore 1924-6 Canada; 1930 NY Syl
Stevenson, Stephenson Ravenhill, Keady, & Killyfaddy, Lisnadill parish stayed through c. 1780 Alison Kilpatrick
Stevenson, Stephenson Drumcree, Portadown, Foy 1800-1850s Bill Webster
Stewart Ballymore? Doughty? Doherty? 1778 Pennsylvania Ellen Blackstone
Stewart not given 1840 Bruce Co, Ontario, CAN Murray Bell
Stewart not given 1833 New Brunswick CAN Dionne Forsythe
Straghan Keady 1862 Western Australia Lyn Coy
Stratton Loughgall 1881 Fall River MA, USA Bruce Wright
Stringer Tassagh, Keady Parish 1866 Queensland, AUS Jennifer Anjier
Sturgeon Tuscan's Pass, Newry not given Eileen Mandley
Sweeney not given 1808 Jean Sweeney
Sween(e)y, Sweney Lower Seagoe parish ca 1866 New Zealand Diane Johns
Symington Tartaraghan 1880-82 Manchester CT Jill Villatoro
Synnot Ballymoyer not given John Synnot
Tait unknown Dublin >> Kilrush Heather
Taylor Derrycarn/Derrykerran & Derrymacfall not given Mary Farrelly
Taylor Cladymore, Cladybeg, Kilclooney, Eden Kennedy, Enagh did not emigrate Tara Taylor
Taylor Ballylane Glenanne did not emig David
Taylor not given 1840-42 Victoria, Australia Kate Wright
Taylor Cladymore, Cladymilton, Ballylane 1800s Ontario CAN, NY; 1900s NZ Syl
Taylor Cladymore 1895 NY > Phila. PA Joan Middleton
Tegart unknown New York Norman C Cowan
Teggart Aughavilly 1853 New Orleans, St Louis Gerard McMahon
Thompson Tullyvallen ca 1888 Quebec, Canada (Scottstown) Daniel Thompson
Thompson Belfield not given Joseph Wearing
Thompson Seago, Lurgan, Craigavon 1845 Quebec CAN Carol Thompson
Thompson Tullyvallan ?1860 New Zealand Margaret Johnston
Tierney Tullyvallan 1830-70 Blaine Scott
Toal unknown late 1800s Glasgow, SCOT Therese
Todd Deviney, Richmont, Portadown, Armagh not given Irene Dawson
Todd Loughgall did not emig S. Carroll
Todd unknown 1798 So. Carolina Ann Lackey
Todd (Fox) Derrylard did not emig Pat Connors
Tomney, Tominey unknown 1851 Glasgow SCOT Phyllis Ponsonby
Toner Ballymacnab, Keady, Lisnadill, Armagh not given Paul Gallagher
Toner New Townhamilton 1850s Scotland Tina Davis
Toner Keady, Ballymacnab? 1880 Philadelphia PA Marianne
Ton(n)er not given 1880 Scotland Jacqueline Barker
Toole Newry 1860+ St Helens, Eccleston, Lancaster ENG Ted O'Toole
Totten Clare USA Melvyn Pearson
Traynor Upper Creggan ca 1869 Canada >> Wisconsin Janet Schmidt
Traynor Lower Creggan Scotland & USA Mary McGoven
Trotter Seagoe Parish 1821 USA, Milton ONT CAN Deborah
Truesdale not given not given Margaret I Hayes
Tucker Armagh City 1884 York, England Carol Davies
Tuft Armagh area, Portadown 1859, 1864 Fremantle, Western Australia Annette Del Bianco
Turkington Annoloiste unknown David Cassells
Turkington Co Armagh 1885 Manchester CT, USA Bruce Wright
Twiss all counties not given Shannah Twiss
Vallely, Vallary Cladybeg, Ballymacnab Parish ca 1843-45 Montreal PQ > West Troy NY Michael McAlonie
Waddell Ballyreagh, Ballymore 1860 Co. Down Sara Valerie
Waddell Portadown 1885 Manchester CT, USA Bruce Wright
Waddell Ballymore Par. 1863 Queensland AU Patti Irvine
Waldrum County 1827-8 Arbroath, Scotland Chris
Walker Killalay ca 1863 Australia Sharyn
Walker Armagh 1600 England >> Ireland Debbra
Walker unknown ca 1800 Lower/Upper Canada or USA Franklin E Morrison
Walker Kilmore not given Alice Cochrane
Wallace Tynan Parish 1831 Kitley, Leeds, Ontario CAN Lillian Stoner
Walsh Lurgan 1900 Ellis Island Joyce Slattery
Walsh Belfast Port Jackson, Sydney, Australia Jennifer Walsh
Walshe Armagh Town 1875-85 CAN, USA M Walshe
Wann Mullackbrack not given Kathleen
Wann Markethill, Cavan 1800s USA, NZ Susan Wann
Ward Armagh, maybe Ulster 1855-59 Mary Anne Carmody
Warden Ballydoo 1914 Toronto, Ontario CAN Brian Bell
Warmoll Armagh City ca 1855 Australia Jill
Warnock Armaghbrague, Corkley, Altnamackin not given Sean T Traynor
Warren Armagh 1890 Glasgow Margaret Duffy
Warwick Crewmore, Cremore, Ballymore 1792 PA & OH Judy, Joe Smaldone
Waugh not given 1830s Canada Daisy Armstrong
Webb poss Ardmore Australia Lucinda
Webster Cormeen, Derrynoose Civil Parish 1848 Otsego Co, NY, USA Marie W Weisbrod
Weir Enniskillen not given not given
Wetherall, Witherell Monbrief, Lurgan 1870 Christchurch, New Zealand Bruce Wetherall
Whaley Tandragee 1800s USA Vicki Scheel
Whaley Tandragee 1846 USA Pegeen Soare
White not given 1816 Ontario Adrienne Levendusky
Whitelock not given ca 1840-5 Glasgow Carol
Whitely not given Australia before 1866 Elaine
Whiteside unknown, possibly Bangor Hertfordshire, ENG David Whiteside
Whitley Armagh ca 1821 Ontario, Canada Judy Konojacki
Whitten Tullyhue Australia Christine Walsh
Widney, Woodney Mullaghbrack 19th century Loretta Layman
Wilkins not given 1838 Derry > St John, New Brunswick, CAN Carol Higgins
Williamson Moodage, Tandragee not given Brian Williamson
Williamson Tartaraghan emigration unknown Gail Court
Williamson Pontz Pass did not emigrate Ron Habel
Willis Grange parish 1860s Manchester, England Samantha Willis
Wilson not given USA early 1900s Patsy
Wilson Tartaraghan 1873 USA Angelina Wilson
Wilson unknown ca 1840, Hastings Co, Ontarion CAN Cindy Humphreys
Wilson Portadown 1885-89 Philadelphia PA Gail Pepper
Wilson Lurgan not given Joanne Wilson
Wilson unknown ca 1840 Argenteiul, Quebec, CAN Lee Wilson
Wilson Tartaraghan ca 1890 London, ONT, CAN Brad Wilson
Wilson Mavemacullen, Loughgilly, Ballymore parishes 1840 Scotland, 1852 USA Julie Hite
Wilson Cornascriebe 1906 Iowa Steve Wilson
Windrum, Windram, Windrem, Windrim, Windrom various 1800-55 USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, RSA Ralph Wyndrum Jr
Woodburn not given 1841Green's Creek, Gloucester Twp, Ontario CAN Michele
Woodhouse unknown Manchester CT (USA) Richard Woodhouse
Woods Ballymanab not given Sean Woods
Wright Newry not given Jocelyn Gould
Wright Lurgan, Drumcree not given Graham Wright
Wright Loughgall and Annaghmore not given Amy Waltz
Wright Castelraw or Loughall 1888 Lynn Kellestine
Wright Aughantarraghan bef 1870 Phildelphia PA; Paris, Ontario CAN Mary L Birks
Wright Portadown 1871 Manchester CT Bruce Wright
Yagues Lurgan bef 1864 Anna Rowe
Young County Armagh 1847 Ontario, Canada Betty Hardie


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