County Armagh
Surname Registry

updated  March 27, 2021

Poyntz Pass Newry


Surname Armagh area Emigrated/Year/Where Contact
Abraham Aghagallon not given Doreen Amos
Acheson Gosford Park not sure, 1860-1888 Warren Acheson
Adair Ballysheilmore 1847-48 Markham, Ontario CAN Donal Faulkner
Allen Carnagh, Drumhillary 1852 Port Stanley, Elgin, Ontario CAN Patrica Smith
Allen Loughgall and Annaghmore not given Amy Waltz
Allen unknown 1850 Abby Benton
Allen Rich Hill ca 1780 to 1820 Kenny Allen
Allen Lisnadill, Newtownhamilont, Armaghbreagh 1865-1889 Kathleen Lamb
Anderson Keady  possibly Drumcree parishes 1829 Guelph, Upper Canada TerriC
Anderson Killylea, Lisloony 1880 Australia McComas
Anderson Ballymore Australia Veronica
Annett Cargans, Tandragee 1861 South Island, New Zealand Sue Annett
Archer Tartaraghan 1914 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Gail Court
Archer not given 1835-42 Canada Andrea Archer
Archer Concore not given Margaret Duncan
Armstrong Derrycaw 1811 New York Scott Keith
Atkinson Eglish parish 1840s Orangeville, Manitoulin, Ontario CAN Bill Atkinson
Austin Lurgan, Seagoe unknown Ken Austin
Austin Armagh New Zealand V. Anderson
Babe Tandragee, Richhill, Portadown 1800s Ontario CAN Joan Babe
Babe, Bebe Portadown, Lurgan not given David Gough
Bailey Tandragee, Ballyreagh 1864 Ipswich, Queensland, AU Debra Lyons
Bailie Carrive, Forkhill Parish did not emigrate Sheila Johnson
Baird Milford, Ballyards unknown Alison Aldersea
Baird Marleekie? 1878 New Zealand Nancy Green
Baker unknown bef 1850 born Limerick Mary Renner
Balmer Tynan 1846 New Zealand E M O'Connell
Barlow Loughgall 1852 Boston/Canton MA S. Carroll
Barrett(s), Barret Armagh 1850 Baltimore MD Helen M Imburgia
Bartholomew Lisnadil any Ella Patterson
Baxter Tartaraghan Parish, others USA Georgia Geske
Begley Forkhill 1988 Philadelphia PA Michael Greer
Begley Cregganbane 1863 Marianne Begley
Bell Pointzpass 1839 Maitland, New South Wales, Australia Jocelyn Gould
Bell Lurgan 1836-7 Quebec > Mooers, Clinton Co NY David Bell
Bellew Creggan not given Paul Byrnes
Bennett Lower Killevy Parish, SW of Newry 1840 Liverpool > 1860s Australia Shelley Farr
Bennett Tandragee 1841 Australia Paula Griffiths
Best unknown 1830-50 Canada Ashley Best
Best Portadown 1819 Emily Tnshp, Durham Co, Upper CAN Lyle Jeakins
Birmingham Cavanballaghy, Eglish Par. 1848 Sydney, NSW Jennifer Burrell
Black Armagh not given Rhonda Meilleur
Black Enagh, Kilclooney Parish 1910 Pittsburg PA, USA Kathy
Blackburn not given 1716 Pennsylvania USA Amanda Donovan
Blackburn Loughgall, Kilmore 1736 Menallen Twp, York (Adams) Co PA Bonnie Selig
Blacker Carrickblacker 1810 Larry Lawlor
Blair Kilmore Parish 1830 Huntingdon Cty, Quebec, CAN Sher Leetooze
Bloise/Bloye unknown, County Armagh, b 1890s Ontario, CAN, after 1890 mailto:patriciamcchenderson@gmail.comPatricia McCarthy-Henderson
Bloomer not given not given Nancy Hogan
Boland Maneycree, Grange Par. 1830-70 Renfew Co, Upper CAN John Patton
Bothwell not given 1830s New Hampshire (via Canada?) Kearney Bothwell
Boyd unknown 1830-40 Canada Eleanor
Boyle Seagoe parish, & Belfast Canada and ?? Pat Ford
Boyle Drumherriff 1911  Chicago IL Paul Morris
Bradley Drumcree, Portadown, Foy 1800-1850s Bill Webster
Brannan unknown 1870s Michelle Burrell
Brannigan not given Pittsburgh PA, USA Ruth Brannigan
Brogan not given not given Jim Donnelly
Brooks Derrynoose New Zealand, Australia Denise Mandersloot
Brown not given b 1794 Ireland Cynthia A Hulse
Brown unknown ca 1841-51 Canada Cindy Humphreys
Brownlee Drumnasoo did not emigrate Dorothy Empringham
Brownlee Derrylard 1860 Australia & New Zealand Brownlee
Burgess Tartaraghan last 1880s USA Angelina Wilson
Burne, Burns Loughgilly 1857 Buchanan Co, Iowa Lori
Burns Burns any Ella Patterson
Burns Shankill Lurgan 1832-3 Bairdsvill, NB, CAN Gary Burns
Burns, Byrne Forkhill Parish ca 1830-35 Ontario CAN Gary Burns
Burke Armagh 1800s Cambridge, ENG Maggie Hale
Burke Keady 19?? York Cathy Burke
Burnet Armagh d Armagh 1862 formerly Preston, Lancashire Laura Barbetti
Burns Co Armagh 1930? New York Maria
Byrnes Armagh 1870 US or Canada Robin
Brynes, Burns Loughgilly Australia Donna Morgan
Caddle, Caddell Drumcree Derryanvil Mary 1873 Victoria AUS Brenda Mahoney
Caldwell unknown 1839 South Australia Briony Sinclair
Callison Armagh 1748-1848 Virginia USA Dottie
Campbell Armagh City, (and Dublin City) not given Fran Saler
Campbell Derryhennett 1849 Cape May NJ Maryellen Redish
Campbell not given 1817 Ontario CAN Marlene
Campbell Portadown, Lisdown Heaslip, Northern Ontario, Canada Lorne Campbell
Campbell Crossmaglen, Upper Creggan did not emig Mary A
Campbell Lislea 1908 B.C., Canada Melva Allibone
Campbell Maghery 1880s Cherokee IA Rachelle Powers
Campbell Loughgilly did not emig Al Lee
Campbell Mullabrack 1850s Hamilton Co, IL Al Lee
Campbell Magheny 1848 Brisbane AU Cheryl Comerford
Campbell not given 1850s NYC Marge Lehan
Campbell Cornakinnegar (Lurgan) 1850s Wisconsin > Philadelphia Frank Devlin
Campbell Lislea 1902 CAN, USA Kelly Wivell
Campbell Derrylard 1870-75  Troy NY Pat Connors
Capper not given 1848-54 New York Pat McHale
Carberry Armagh City, English St died Armagh ca 1850 Joan Birtles
Carberry Keady, Tullyglush 1881 Auburn NY Susan Swalcy
Carlisle Armagh Presbytery 17th & 18th centuries Loretta Layman
Carlisle unknown where in Co Armagh ca 1760 America Robert Revel
Carrick Devinney, Portadown or Richmont 1846 South Australia Irene Hogan
Carrick Cloncore 1852 Sydney AUS Susan Smith
Carroll Portadown 1873 Canterbury, New Zealand Peter Carroll
Carson not given 1913-14 New Zealand Corinne J Pegler
Carson Portadown, Armagh 1831 Durham Co, Ontario CAN Keith Carson
Carson Armagh City Leeds, West Yorks, England Lynne Beaumont
Cartmill Co Armagh Australia Robert E Coates
Cartmill Grange Parish 1864 New Zealand Carole Lindsay
Cassells Lisnadill, Newtownhamilont, Armaghbreagh 1865-1889 Kathleen Lamb
Cassells Crumlin 1893 Frank Cassell
Cassells, Castles Tartaraghan Parish 1820-1900 USA, Australia Jim Cassells
Cassells, Castles Annaloist, Tannaghmore North, Lugan not given David Cassells
Cassidy Clonroot, Rich Hill, Kilmore ca 1911 Scotland Marjory Thomson
Cassidy Ballymacnab not given Mick Cassidy
Cassidy Ballynacnab 1800-1860 did not emig Mike
Chambers not given 1880s either Canada or New York Dot Morral
Chapman Lurgan Australia Dorothy Chapman
Clarke Ballymore 1890 New York Jocelyn H McLaughlin
Cochran(e) Lurgan not given Heppy
Cockrane unknown 1830 Kingston ONT, CAN Thomas Rodgers
Cole Richill, Mulladry 1874 Kingwilliamstown, Cape Colony SAfrica Alan Cole
Coleman Armaghbreague any Ella Patterson
Conlen Loughall 1858 New South Wales Mary Murray
Conlon Mounthill or Creggan or Gassdrumond not given Michael Carrington
Conn not given 1858 Australia Vic David Conn
Conn Armagh City, Newtownhamilton 1896 China > 1911 Seattle WA Lisa Yowell
Conn Derrylard not given Irene Schaffer
Conroy Shean, Forkhill Parish did not emigrate Sheila Johnson
Cook Tartaraghan 1876 Australia Irene Schaffer
Cook(e) Newtonhamilton did not emigrate Brenda Paternoster
Cooley not given 1860 Australia Yvonne
Coombe Newry 1839, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia Jocelyn Gould
Copeland Newry Scotland, USA Mary McGovern
Corkey not given 1893 New York City Thomas J Carroll
Corner Lurgan ca 1850 Montreal, Quebec, CAN Brad Wilson
Cornwall Newry? Ontario, Canada Peg Fraser-Smith
Corvan, Corvin Armagh City 1848 Liverpool > New York Mary O'Gorman
Costelloe Loughill 1879 Graceville MN, USA TJ Knowles
Cotton Armagh City 1830s Barbara H Holt
Coulter Portadown, Lurgan, Tarson Rd 1863 London ENG Gary Coulter
Courtney Ballybrannon none Diane G Drake
Couser Cavanacaw, Lisinidall did not imigrate Marge Vallazza
Cowbray, Carbery Tannaghmore unknown Joan Birtles
Cowan, Cowen Drumhillery, Tynan Parish 1865 Ontario CAN Jane Teskey
Coyne Lisnadill Parish ca 1830 Peel County ONT, CAN Gordon Thede
Craney Kildarton, Mullinasilla, Mullinasilly, Hockley not given Terry Creaney
Crawford Derrylee, Tartaraghan Par. ca 1880 Bruce Wright
Crawley Armagh 1848 Brisbane AU Cheryl Comerford
Creely Ballymacnab ca 1850 San Francisco via Scotland/Liverpool?? Elizabeth Creely
Crilly Loughgilly 1865 Scotland Alice Gourlay
Crouser Cavanacaw, Lisnadil did not emigrate Marge Vallazza
Crozier Carnavanaghan 1866 Allegheny City PA Rick Sayre
Crozier unknown 1851 Ontario CA Rosemary Buettner
Cullen Cranagill 1891 Boston Daniel Cullen
Cummins Tangeradee 1844 Australia David
Curran Loughgall 1818 Canada Lesley Weaver
Curran Tynan ca 1845 Lancashire Lesley Mulvaney
Curran Loughgall 1818 Canada Andy Curran
Curran Portadown 1915 Cleveland OH Dan Curran
Currie Armagh, Co. Armagh, ca 1790-1810 ca after 1810, Canada Ron Currie
Dailey not given Minnesota Lillian Lewis
Dale Tandragee 1800s Canada Vicki Scheel
Daly Tynan Parish, poss of Pollagh 1848 New York City, NY Richard J Dailey
Darragh Tamnaficarbet, Lurghan 1809 Australia Joanne
Davi(d)son Ardress ca 1853 Willis Davidson
Davison Grange parish 1860s Manchester ENG Samantha Willis
Davison Tandragee, Tullyhue ca 1826 Grenville Co, Ontario, CAN Jim Davison
Deacon Tirnascobe 1879 New Zealand Rob Deacon
Dermott Tandragee 1847-51 Toronto, ONT, CAN Sherran Dermott
Devine Armagh City, Middleton, Ballymacnab 1850 Jacksonville IL Kerry Bridgett Springer
Devine Tartaraghan, Cloncore ca 1890 London, ONT, CAN Brad Wilson
Dewoody Derrynoose not given Jennifer
Dobbin not given not given Michael Dobbin
Dobbin Armagh parish not given Garry L McLaughlin
Donaldson Cloghog, Creggan 1839 New Brunswick CAN Beverly Clarkson
Donaldson Creggan 1841 Australia Leith Friend
Donnelly not given Oct 1913, South Barry MA, USA Barbara Donnelly
Donnelly Armagh ca 1830 Canada Ann Martin
Donnelly Tullygarron 1914 New York Linda Enever
Donnelly Clonfeacle Parish 1846-7 Milwaukee WI, USA Cynthia Schmechel
Doran unknown 1834 Ontario CAN Katheryn
Douglas Lurgan, Kinnego various Jennifer Douglas
Drake Newtownhamilton 1896 Liverpool George Higham
Duffy Creggan 1857 Buchanan Co, Iowa Lori
Duffy Armagh 1863 Marianne Begley
Duffy unknown early 1800s Perth, Western AU Rosalie
Duke Killmore Parish Ontario, CAN Margy Duke
Dundas(s) not given ca 1860 Brooklyn NY, USA Lisa B Cox
Dunn Forkhill Liverpool Tony Dunn
Durcan, Durkan Armagh pre 1855 Australia Nereda Pinker
Early Newtownhamilton 1867 Australia Kathleen Mackley
Eccles Ballymacnab various dates & locations Ed Eccles
Elliot, Elliott Armagh City, English St ca 1870 Australia Joan Birtles
Ellis Mavemacullen, Clare, Ballyshiel, Mullaghbrack parishes not given Julie Hite
England Portadown 1887 United States Janice E Cirikovic
England Portadown 1873 New Zealand Beryl Young
English Tanderagee, Lisnadill 1890 Vermont Liz Dow
Fallen Lurgan 1836-7 Quebec > Mooers, Clinton Co NY David Bell
Falloon Stonebridge 1874 New Zealand Lindsay Campbell
Farrell Tynan not given Maureen Farrell
Farrell Derrinraw 1901 Montreal, Quebec CAN Tom Dollimore
Faughey not given not given Claire Faughey
Fay Loughgall 1888 New York City Stephen Corrigan
Fearnon unknown Montreal, Quebec CAN Kathleen
Fearon Kilmore Parish Wigan, Lancashire, ENG Sharon Bardsley
Fearon Portadown, Kilmore 1869 Tim Jamieson
Fearon Killeen, Killevy Parish early 1900s Dan Callaghan
Fee Roughan, near Keady 1885 Nepean, ONT, CAN David Truemner
Ferrigan Armagh 1844 David Springer
Finch Ballymore? 1844 New South Wales Claire Graham
Finch Lurgan 1831 Point Gatineau CAN > Clinton Co NY Joyce Finch
Fitzpatrick Keady 1940s onwards USA Regina Fitzpatrick
Fitzsimmons near Lurgan 1860s Ontario CAN Dorne Fitzsimmons
Flavell Parish of Drumcree 1858 Toronto Alison Kilpatrick
Fluke Armagh 1820 Ontario CAN Gail Fluke-Deslauriers
Foley Limerick 1859? Australia Raewyn Lane
Forsythe not given 1833 New Brunswick CAN Dionne Forsythe
Forsythe Drumcree 1903 New York, PA, CT Robert Webb
Foster Lisnerdin 1826 NYC Susan Griswold
Foster Richhill 1878 New Zealand Sue Flockton
Fox Derrylard not given Diane Rooney
Fox (Todd) Derrylard did not emig Pat Connors
Frazer Armagh City 1801 Melbourne AUST & Pennsylvania US Bruce Frazer
Frazer Ballintemple 1890 Brooklyn NY Walt Whitfield
Freeman Greyhillan 1911 Dunedin, New Zealand Brent
Fullerton Tannaghmore 1864 Philadelphia PA Maureen Robinson
Fuloon Portadown 1863, Brisbane, Australia Valerie Stevens
Furfey Lurgan 1847 New York USA Marie
Gaffney Lurgan 1860s Sydney AU Maureen
Gallery Lurgan mid 1800s USA Pamela Costa
Gamble Castleblaney 1888 Scotland Margo
Garland Newtown Hamilton 1856-7 Lexington, Kentucky Julie Hu
Garvey Armagh area 1848-50 Missouri USA Timothy Garvey
Garvey Upper Creggan, Crossmaglen did not emig Mary A
Garvey Co. Armagh 1850s NY > PA > Baltimore MD Ann Garvey
Garvey Cullyhanna unknown Paul Byrnes
Garvey unknown ca 1846 Liverpool Karen Sorrell
Garvey Tannaghmore, Mullabrack 1852 NYC Loretta Barnard
Gass Corenagh, Ballmore, Armagh 1850-55 NYC > Albany NY Marjorie Krieg
Gates Armagh and environs from 1828, before 1852 Michael Gates
Gibson Tandragee 1855 Sydney AU Judith
Gildernew Tynan & Eglish parishes 1700-1900 Dessie Gildernew
Gillespie Lisnadill, Cavanacaw not given Mary Ann Schaefer
Gillespie Grange & Eglish Parishes 1872 Renfew Co, ONT, CAN John Patton
Gilmore Parish of Drumcree 1870 Toronto Alison Kilpatrick
Gilmore unknown did not emigrate Heather
Girvan Tullynamalloge, Parish of Keady some stayed, 19th Century, England Alison Kilpatrick
Girvin unknown ca 1830s Amherst Isle, ONT, CAN Colleen Murphy
Gladney not given 1700s Patty DaPrato
Glass Banbridge area mid 1700s PA, VA Hal McCawley
Golliglee unknown 1850s Pennsylvania USA Tim Golliglee
Gollogly, Gallagly, Gollagly Keady Urban (37 Chapel St) 1923 Chicago IL Bridie Gallagly-Gleeson
Gollogly Forkhill 1952-3 Montreal, CAN Bernard Gollogly
Gollogly Ancurk 1872 Cecily Steptoe
Goodman not given not given Sharon
Gould/Goold Tullyhugh, Ballymore Parish Sydney NSW ca1860 Peter Hinds
Gourley Bessbrook, Newry 1892 to US Debi Coe
Grahm Middletown 1923 Victoria, Australia Lyn Hands
Graham Drumogher 1847 NYS Diane G Drake
Graham not given 1832 Ontario CAN Marlene
Graham Iniskiwlon ca 1846 Canada West, aka Ontario D Coffey
Graham Newry 1877 Ontario CAN Kim Cameron-Friel
Grant Forkill any Ella Patterson
Grant Mullaghbawn, b 1907 Vincent Louis Grant Carmel Baker
Gray Breah Townland, Seago Parish 1838 Mecklenburg Co., Virginia Hobson S Wright
Greenwood Lislasly 1974 Marsville, Ontario, CAN Heather Rounding
Green Cavan 1825 Canada William Greer
Greer Corlust betw 1837-1842, Augusta, Grenville, ON, Canada Marianne Greer
Grexton Canada 1820 Canada Cathy Smith
Gribben Armagh City 1865 New York Maura Foster
Grier not given 1773 Pennsylvania Nancy Noel
Griffin Cregganbane, Crossmaglen Liverpool, Lancs., England John Griffin
Grimes Forkill 1749 ? Robert B Grimes
Grimly (Gormley) Carricklane, Middletown, Armagh 1865 NYC > NY by 1866 John Grimes
Grimsby Killyman Parish bef 1848 Canada Jessie Engan
Hagan, Haughean Markethill any Ella Patterson
Hagan Tandragee, Ballymore ca 1850 Durham ENG Danny
Hair Loughgilly, Ballymore parishes ca 1827 Dalry, Ayr, Scotland Julie Hite
Hale Ballymore 1855-6 Martin Hale
Hall not given 1872 Allegany Co, NY Karen McKellar
Hall Corlust 1863 Qld, AUS, sisters USA, cousins NSW, AUS Judy
Hall Armagh ca 1850 Bertie twnsp, Welland Co, Ontario CAN Sharon Dell
Hamill Lurgan, Seagoe unknown Ken Austin
Hamilton Pontz Pass 1840 America Ron Habel
Hamilton Ballyshiel 1863 Qld, AUS Judy
Hand Armagh, Antrim Canada, USA 1900s Laura
Han(d)lon Killylea 1849 Australia Rosie Drysdale
Hanna Derrylee, Tartaraghan Parish, Killyman Division 1871 New York City USA Tom Walden
Hanvey Armagh? 1863 Australia Heather McCaffrey
Hare Tanderagee Australia Christine Walsh
Harper unknown 1857 Portland, VIC, AU Liz
Harper unknown ca 1855-60 Toronto ONT, CAN B.J. McGowan
Harrison Camoly Ball two>New Zealand; one>Smithville NY Polly Lynn
Harrold Armagh 1841-55 Australia Nereda Pinker
Hart unknown 1817 Belfast >> Baltimore MD Bob Boss
Hart(e) Cavan Townland, Kilmore Parish 1835 or 1840 Canada Karen H Anthony
Harvey Armagh? 1863 Australia Gay Fielding
Hawthorne Loughgilly 1850s & 1880 USA Iowa Jann
Hawthorne not given not given Gretta Morris
Hearty Creggan Parish, Dorsey Townland 1848 Haviland Hollow NY, Gaylordsville CT Erica Voolich
Hearty not given late 1800s, Canada, Quebec James Hearty
Hendron Lurgan ca 1910 Detroit MI by 1920 Veronica
Henry Killree 1833-4 CAN > Summit PA Jim Henry
Henry not given bef 1891 Australia Gail Mylett
Henry unknown bef 1836 Wolford Twp, Grenville Co, CAN West Kate Parle
Herron Portadown 1843-75 Australia Glenys Warren
Hewitt Clonroot, Kilmore Parish 1824 Canada Henry Hewitt
Hill Armagh 1858 Australia Alwyn
Hill Armagh 1989 Ontario, CAN Abigail
Hobson Ballyhagen 1768 PA Charles Blakely
Hodge not given 1850 Australia Bet Sparnon
Holland Newry? ca 1880 Australia (NSW) Rodney Holland
Hollywood Carrive, Forkhill ca 1900-20 USA Michael Hollywood
Hollywood Carrive, Forkhill Yorkshire, Australia Di Kerley
Honeyford Ballintaggart, Kilmore did not emigrate Dorothy Empringham
Horner Ballyclare not given Cat Lane
Haughey Lurgan, Armagh City 1907 San Francisco CA Dennis Haughey
Hewitt Kilmore Parish ca 1840 Ontario CAN Henry Hewitt
Holding Lurgan 1863 Australia Margaret
Hughes Richhill, Armagh 1826 Australia Margaret Nichols
Hughes Markethill any Ella Patterson
Hughes Corrandunavally, B'watertown 1893 Glasgow Sue Cockrell
Hughes Armaghbrague ca 1895 Middlesbrough Allan Hughes
Hughes unknown Montreal CAN Debby H Ortman
Hughes Cappagh (Cappy) 1860s England Lynne Irving
Hughes Tivnamara or Tullaghlush or ?? 1844/6 Bathrush Twn, Lanard Co, ONT, CAN Mike Abbott
Hughes Ballymore 1890 New York Jocelyn H McLaughlin
Hughes Tynan Par., Middletown area, Shantally 1847 NYC > Springfield IL > Nicollet Co MN Linda Miller
Hughes Keggall, Killevy Parish 1816 New Brunswick CAN Richard Hughes
Hughes poss Eglish or Tynan parish ca 1830-40 Stockport ENG Jan K Fortado
Humphreys unknown where in Co Armagh ca 1760 America Robert Revel
Hunniford Drumnasoo 1927 Manitoba, CAN Dorothy Empringham
Hunter Keady, & elsewhere 1868 London > New Zealand Michael Ward
Hyde Kilmagamish, Drumcree, Breagh, Breagh Upper, Portadown, Derrymacfall, Corbracky not given Anthony Hyde
Hyde Kilmagamish 1857, Victoria, Australia Di Christensen
Hyde Tandragee 1839 Port Adelaide, So. Australia Jim Hyde
Hyde Portadown 1880 Manchester CT, USA Bruce Wright
Irwin Middletown, Tynan Parish 1846 New York Kristin Rohr
Irwin Loughgall Par. 1861 Marsville, Ontario, CAN Heather Rounding
Irwin Bessbrook 1888 Qld., Australia Marie Irwin
Irwin unk poss Armagh City ca 1870 England Hazel
Jackson Derrylard, Tartaraghan not given Mary Farrelly
Jackson Derrylard ca 1851 Canada, Wellington Ontario Marcia Earl
Jackson unknown 1831 New York >> Canada Robert Jackson
Jackson Derryaugh, Loughgall Par. 1913 Manchester CT, USA Bruce Wright
Jackson Creggan not given Sharon Brown
Jame(i)son Mullaghbrack 1814 UK > 1840s Canada & NY Karen McClain
Jansen unknown not given Karen Dyet
Jamison Lisnadell Par., Ballymorran betw 1854-5 New York Patricia Dunn
Jenkins Loghgilly, Ballymore parishes not emig, need pre-1840 Julie Hite
Jessop Armagh 1848 NY, IL Eileen Mandley
Johnson not given not give Sharon
Johnston Forkhill 1840 Canada P.J. Bell
Johnston unknown 1847 Upper Canada James Johnston
Johnston Armaghbreague, Tullybrone, Armagh City 1851 New York & Ohio Janice Johnson
Jones Derryanvil, Drumcree Parish 1870 Toronto > 1908 NYC Alison Kilpatrick
Jones unknown ca 1839 Ontario West Rob Edin
Jones Loughgilly, Ballymore parishes unk emig, need pre 1800 Julie Hite
Jordan Tullynacross ca 1910 So Africa Peter J Jordan
Joyce Seagoe Parish unknown Collin O'Connor Udell
Joyce Brackagh or Seagoe 1867 New Zealand Carol Dacey
Joyce Seagoe Parish 1821 New York USA Deborah Rapini
Justin not given bef 1911 Ontario CAN Linda
Keady Keady 1876 Scotland Margo
Kean, Kain, Kane unknown ca 1818-1927 Lanaark(shire), Scotland Grahame Kean
Keelaghan, Kellaghan unknown unknown John Diaz
Keeley Carrive, Forkhill 1888 United States John McDowell
Keenan Derrynoose 1850-1900 Dover NH Karen Skelton
Keenan Creggan 1841 Australia Debbie Lane
Keenan unknown ca 1828 Lotbinierre, Quebec, CAN Sara Carroll
Kelly unknown ca 1850 Montreal Michael Kelly
Kelly Forkhill 1843 Canada Louis Kelly
Kelly Armagh City 1918 England Wendy Smith
Kelly, Kelley unknown 1771 North Carolina Michael Lee Stills
Kennedy not given 1858 Newry, Blair Co, PA, USA Julie Moyer
Kennedy Drumcree, Portadown, Corbracky, Drumalis 1800-1850s Bill Webster
Kennedy Ballybrannan?? unknown Clarrie Green
Kenny, Kinny, Kenna etc unknown 1848? Glasgow>Troy NY>Yonkers NY>Phil PA Geraldine R Ames
Kenny Ballymore 1881 Northumberland ENG G V White
Kerr Ballyhenry not given Mike Cassidy
Kew Tamnaghmore, Kilmore unknown Liz Dow
Kiernan not given Australia Simone Bowden
King Killeavy Upper not given Ley Pickup
King Newton Robinson 1800 Canada C. Bura
Kingsmill Keady 1880 Ontario Jane Austin
Kinnear Keady 1830 Ontario, Canada Bill Elliott
Kinnear Keady 1920 New Zealand Bruce Lasenby
Kirker Armagh ca 1884 London, England Katherine Chaveli
Kirkland Maherdoherty, Mullabrack Parish 1906 New York City Dyan Kirkland
Laffan not known Liverpool Charles Daly
Lappin not given not given Margaret P Hayes
Laverty unknown ca 1816  New Brunswick, CAN Dawn L Matheson
Lavery Loughgall 1903 So Africa Meryl Gay
Lavery Armagh, Eglish 1904 Philadelphia PA Mary Pevie
Kerley border wih Co. Louth area 1882 Yorkshire, Australia Di Kerley
Laird not given 1854 Canada Murray Laird
Lavery Eglish Parish not given Doreen Amos
Leathem Glenanne, Markethill not given Joan Leathem
Lennon Tullygarron, b 1850s not given Colleen Ulrich
Lennon Derrynoose not given Kerryn
Lennon Creggan Parishm /Armagh 1805 Canada Cyril Peplinskie
Lennon Portadown ca 1869 New Zealand Julie-Ann
Leviston Townland Clare not given Colin Leviston
Linn, Lynn Mullaghbrack 19th century Loretta Layman
Little Tynan Parish ca 1828 Meganic County, Quebec, Canada Gwen J. Barry
Little Poyntz Pass, Armagh 1840 Victoria AU Kate Farrugia
Little Ballybrolly, Eglish Parish? 1900 Scotland Scots
Loney Armagh, Loughgall 1854, London, Ontario CAN Terry
Loughran Loughgilly Parish USA, Scotland, Canada, etc. Pauline Loughran
Loughran Armagh City 1860 New York Maura Foster
Loy Loughgilly 1865 Australia Donna Morgan
Loy Ballymore Parish 1860-61 Australia Maryanne
Loy Ballimore Parish 1860 Australia Peter Loy
Loy(e) Upper Creggan, Crossmaglen 1924 Chicago IL Maureen Fitzpatrick
Luby not given not given Bill Luby
Luckie, Luck(e)y Drummuckavall, Crossmaglen early 20th cent, NY, Philadelphia Michael Luckie
Ludlow not given ca 1915 William Ludlow
Lynch not given ca 1770 Pennsylvania Vinita Shaw
Lyons Lurgan 1900 New York Ray Blockinger
Lyons unknown prob did not emigrate Debby H Ortman

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