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Surname City/Town/Village Yr Moved/Emigrated into County Emigrated or Moved From
(Country, State, County,
City/Town to Albany
Adams Rensselaerville by 1776 prehaps New Canaan, Columbia Jo Anne Makely
Aird Albany City 1851 1859-60 Mary S Maynard
Albert Groesbeckville, South end of Albany City 1851-53 Tolnayshof, Baden, Germany Joe Jennings
Aley Rensselaerville from 1770s NY Tim Aley
Applebee Coeymans ca 1800 Westchester Co, NY Fran Bates
Barry Cohoes, Troy 1850-1920 Ireland Susan Toomy
Bashwinger Groesbeckville, South end of Albany City 1851-53 Tolnayshof, Baden, Germany Joe Jennings
Barton Troy, Lansingburgh ca 1880 Ireland Beverly Littig
Beasley Albany ca 1650 England? Tom Beasley
Begley Albany (North Albany) 1850-1920 not given Jim Begley
Benson Watervliet 1840-1850 Co Leitrime, Ireland Linda C Francis
Beverwyck Beverwyck 1655 Prinselant, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands Betty Shampang
Bowen Troy 1900 Wales Jeanette
Bowman Albany ca 1770 Co. Down, Ireland Charles Dobie
Bradley Albany early 1800s to present England Maribeth F Bradley
Brayton Albany from Rhode Island 1776 not given Beth Golden
Brennan Watervliet (West Troy) late 1830s Co. Kilkenny Lynne Sisk
Breslin Albany before 1870 Ireland Mary Beth Craven
Broderick Watervliet 1847 unknown Elizabeth Violette
Brouwer Beverwyck 1655 Nijker, Gelderland, Netherlands Betty Shampang
Brown Rensselaerville 1798 Rohobeth MA Beth Golden
Brown Colonie 1858-1902 Ireland Lonnie Wick
Brownell Albany Co ca 1830 not given Alana Bauman
Burg vic. South Pearl St 1880-1920 not given Dolores
Burton Arbor Hill 1900-1945 not given Dolores
Butler Green Island 1850 forward Canada, Ireland Donna Vaughn
Cain, Caine, Kane Albany, 7th ward before 1853 Co Kerry, Ireland Susan Gomez
Campbell Rensselaerville lat 1700s, early 1800s Scotland Allan Campbell
Carroll Watervliet, Troy 1906 Stacksteads, Lancashire, ENG Linda C Francis
Cassin Albany/East Greenbush ca 1830 Ireland Lee Cassin
Cavanagh Albany ca 1936 Ireland Mary Beth Craven
Cavanaugh Coeymans 1870 census Ireland>NYC>Albany Co Twila D Yednock
Cavenaugh Watervliet (W.Troy), Cohoes 1855 poss. Kilkenny Lynn Sisk
Clark Albany 1830 NH? Manya Clark
Cleary, Clary Coeymans, Albany 1840-1855 Ireland Caitlin Cleary
Clunie 50 Sheridan Ave early 1900s to 1910 unknown Tom Cjunie
Colby Albany 1780 1810s Joe Colby
Cole Albany 1840s to 1900s unknown prior to NY Marcia
Collins Albany County 1828 Co Clare, Ireland Mark Collins
Comerford Albany not given Kilkenny Kevina Munnich
Connors, Conners, O'Conners Albany, 7th ward before 1865 Ireland Susan Gomez
Conway Cohoes 1870 to 1920 Ireland Ann Wheeler
Cranney Albany 1870 to present Co Down, No Ireland Regina Cranney
Craus Northern & Western Albany Co unknown unknown Marge Dulin
Creller Albany 1820 1740 Sharon Spears
Crippen, Grippen Albany Sept 20, 1874 b Albany moved MA ca 1898 John E Rowe
Crombie, Crandy, Crumby 1st ward, Albany 1850s Scotland Mary S Maynard
Cross Northern & Western Albany Co unknown unknown Marge Dulin
Dahlem Watervliet 1852 Germany Jean E Hickey
Day Albany (Clinton/Livingstone) Ave 1880/1920 Albany Glen
DeLaMater Berne 1800s Broome Co Janice
Denn Coeymans, New Scotland, Albany 1860-1900 Kilkenny, Ireland Frank
DeSimone not sure 1930-40 Canada, Italy Heather Hess
Devlin Cohoes, Green Island 1860 forward Ireland Donna Vaughn
Dignam, Dignum Albany City, Menands 1835-54 Co. Westmeath Lynne Sisk
Dillon Albany bef 1845 Ireland Cathy Dillion-McHugh
Ditmire, Ditmyer West Troy, Watevliet, Colonie 1840s? - 1900s not given Vic
Dorn Schenectady Co > Montgomery Co 1880 Schoharie Co 1860 not given Alana Bauman
Dorr Albany City 1870 Marienthal, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Joe Jennings
Douglas West Troy, Watervliet 1836-1900 Scotland Nadeen Wilson
Drinckvelt Beverwyck 1656 Breda, Netherlands Betty Shampang
Driscoll Green Island 1850 forward NYC, Ireland Donna Vaughn
Earl(e)s West Troy (Watervliet) ca 1848 Albany Co Ireland Pat Wood
Ed(d)inger Groesbeckville, South end of Albany City 1851-53 Tolnayshof, Baden, Germany Joe Jennings
Edwards Rensselearville 1790 to present unknown Ann Hanford
Emery Watervliet 1880 England Jean E Hickey
Eyerich West Troy, Watervliet 1846 Germany Shirley A Treadway
Fagnant not given 1830 Quebec, CAN Edward Hagerty
Fanyou not given 1840-50 Albany Edward Hagerty
Farren Albany not given Maybe, Washington County, NY Alan MacDougall
Farren Albany, 10th ward 1870 unknown John Farren
Fayles West Albany 1837 Isle of Man S. Mendelsohn
Finneran Albany 1870 Co. Roscommon Lynne Sisk
Fitzsimmons Ward 3 1870-1910 Co Meath, Ireland Patricia Kohn
Fogarty Troy 1860-1870 Ireland Maria Baker
Fort b Berne abt 1775+ n/a Sharon Henke
Frank South end of Albany 1830s Rheinland, Bavaria, Germany Joe Jennings
Franke Albany 1887 Silesia, Germany Lynne Sisk
Fulder Troy not given not given Carolyn M Nelson
Galvin Cohoes 1860 to present Ireland Ann Wheeler
Gartner Albany 1882 Silesia, Germany Lynne Sisk
Garvey Hillstowns, Albany Co 1762 Dutchess Co. Dawn Pratt
Gibbs Watervliet 1902 1880 Rita O'Brien
Giffler Bethlehem, Albany 1868 Zeeland, The Netherlands Priscilla Rehm
Gilbert Watervliet 1850-60 Canada Robert Gilbert
Gossman Rensselaerville 1790 Dutchess Co Jean Gossman
Graham City of Albany 1850-65 Ireland Patricia Mooney
Grasser South end of Albany City 1850s Luxembourg Joe Jennings
Gray West Troy 1870-1930 Scotland, NJ Doug Groner
Greenfield Albany, 5 mi west 1814 unknown Richard Owens
Gregory not given not given not given Ken Booth
Grimes City of Albany 1850-65 Ireland Patricia Mooney
Grippen, Crippen Albany Sept 20, 1874 b Albany moved MA ca 1898 John E Rowe
Groner, Gruner West Troy, Watervliet 1860-1930 Baden Doug Broner
Haight Albany 1841 unknown Manya Clark
Haley Albany early 1800s to present Ireland>MA Maribeth F Bradley
Hallenbeck Albany early 1800s to present not given Maribeth F Bradley
Hallett Albany 1850s England Walter Warren
Hans South End of Albany City 1840s Marienthal, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Joe Jennings
Harp Berne 1790 moved to Madison Co NY ca 1930 Peter Harp
Harris Albany ca 1848 poss Germany? Arline
Heyes Albany County not given Norway, France, Netherlands Richard Hayes
Hendrickson Bethlehem ca 1830s bef 1900s not given Deb Zimmerman
Herbinger, Barbinger, Happinger Groesbeckville, South end of Albany City 1851-53 Tolnayshof, Baden, Germany Joe Jennings
Hickey Alban, South end 1848-1960 Ireland Tom Myers
Hildenbrandt Colonie 1860-1927 unknown Lonnie Wick
Hopkins Albany Co. ca 1670-1720 England, Scotland? Joseph Lake
Houghtaling Coeymans b 1807 1850 Nassau, Rensselaer Jerry Hurlbert
Howe Troy 1894 Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland Marge DiBenedetto
Howe Coeymans > Watervliet 1884 - early 1900s England, Ireland Pamela
Huberty South end of Albany City 1850s Luxembourg Joe Jennings
Hughes Albany, Cohoes 1860 - present Ireland Ann Wheeler
Idinger, Ittinger Groesbeckville, South end of Albany City 1851-53 Tolnayshof, Baden, Germany Joe Jennings
Igoe Albany, Troy 1855 Mukanagh, Westmeath Kevina Munnich
Jones poss Beekman's Paten pre 1793 Rhode Island from MA Susi J Pentico
Jones Albany ca 1850 Esperance or Duanesburg Robert Locke
Jordan, Jorn Albany 1855-1859 Ottersberg, Lwr Saxony, De>Quebec City Katharine Jordan
Jordan now Orange Co John b 1764 early 1600s Ruth J Thoden
Jordan Watervliet 1860s to present No. Ireland Lauri
Kahnle South End & Delaware Ave 1860s on not given Walt Kahnle
Keefe North Albany 1862 Troy Jeanne Keefe
Keenan Cohoes, Troy 1850-1920 Ireland, VT Susan
Kehn Watervliet early 1900s Germany>Troy Lynn Grice
Keith Albany 1849-1877 Buffalo Peggie
Kiernan Delaware Ave, Albany bef 1918 Troy, Rensselaer Co, NY Pat Connors
Kilmartin Albany City 1850 Co Cork, Ireland Art Kilmartin
Kimmerle, Kummerle Watervliet 1850s to present Germany Lauri
Kretschmer Albany 1876 Silesia, Germany Lynne Sisk
Lang Troy NY 1865 1910 Vic
Lansing not given b 13 July 1759 Albany Donna Adamo
Lasch South end of Albany City 1840s Beaufort, Echternach, Luxembourg Joe Jennings
Lasher Bethlehem 1790 Palatine German, Dutchess Co Dawn Pratt
Lawton Coeymans early 1800-1880s unknown Ed Hall
Leonard Troy 1906 Stacksteads, Lancashire, England (b Ireland) Linda C Francis
Little Watervliet 1800 Fermanagh, Northern, Ireland Beth Golden
Loeb Albany City 1860s Germany Joe Jennings
Lottridge Albany ca 1700-1750 unknown Joseph Lake
Lyle Albany, Cohoes 1840-1920 Paisley, Scotland Susan Toomy
Lyon(s) near Albany early 1800's unknown Shannon Rapp


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