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This site is dedicated to the areas and the surnames in our
ConnorsGenealogy.  It has two major divisions -- Surnames and Places.
All surnames are in the family tree.
Places relate to where our ancestors emigrated from and where they settled.

The Connors Family Tree on World Connect
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Happy to say it now works!!!


There also are pages dedicated to many Rootsweb Mailing lists, centered
around the names and places of our ConnorsGenealogy.


This site is owned and operated by:
Pat Connors



Website Updates

March 27, 2021:  Updated County Armagh, Kilkenny and Leitrim Surname Registries
November 18, 2020:  Updated County Tipperary, Galway & Monaghan Surname Registries
Updated O'Connor/Connors, Flynn Surname Registries
September 7, 2020:  Updated County Monaghan Surname Registry
September 6, 2020:  Updated O'Connor/Connors Surname Registries
May 15, 2020:  Updated the following Surname Registries:  Albany, Armagh, Boyle, Brownlee, Campbell, Carter, Chesterfield England, County Clare, Cornish American, Cornwall England, Cullinan
Please check your entries for accuracy.  If you need corrections/updates, the directions are at the bottom of the surname registries.
May 1, 2020  Notice: MY EMAIL ADDRESS HAS CHANGED:  I have not been able to get it changed on the various Surname Registries, as yet.  So, until I get my website fully updated, if you want to send a NEW surname or UPDATE a surname that you already have on the registries, email me at:  (please put your name, email address and the Surname Registry where you want the changes/additions so I will know where the changes/additions go), thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.
February 2020  2/11  Updated County Armagh and County Clare Surname Registries
2/20:  Updated County Monaghan and County Tipperary Surname Registries
October 2019  10/23  Updated County Monaghan and County Tipperary Surname Registries.
10/27  Derbyshire, England, added Mellor Parish.    Irish in UK, Kilkenny and Leitrim updated Surname Registries.
10/28  O'Connor surname, Phillips surname, County Tipperary and Troy NY, updated Surname Registries


August 2019  Updated the CORNWALL webpage and added a Surname Registry.
8/15:  Updated Cornwall Surname Registry
8/16:  Updated the following Surname Registries:
NY-Irish, Irish America, NY-CAN-NY, Hudson RV, Ontario Irish, Ireland.  Most are connected to Rootsweb mailing lists.
July 2019  7/3, Added burials to the TROY St Joseph Cemetery covering last names starting with H to J.
7/4  Updated the following surname registries:  Co. Armagh, Co. Clare, Co. Down (IRELAND); Hudson River Mailing list and the Ireland section.  To add or change your data, please follow the directions on the surname pages.
June 2019  Well, June is here and that means time to start updating the site.  Today (6/2/2019), the following surname registries were updated:  Albany County NY, Counties Armagh, Down and Clare of Ireland plus Clanwilliam (Ireland) Mailing list, and also the registry for the surname, CARTER.  If you want to add/change your surnames for the other lists, now is the time to do so.
**6/3/2019 updated surname pages:  Chesterfield, Flanagan, Flynn
**6/7/2019 updated surname pages:  Cornish American Mailing List, Eng-Cornwall-Redruth Mailing List, Cornish-American Mailing list plus Irish sections - Monaghan and Leitrim
**6/9/2019  updated surname pages:  Phillips, McEntee

**6/22/2019  Added Scotland & New York City BROWNLEE marriages to the BROWNLEE page.

April 2019  It's April and the site is being updated again.  Today (4/14/2019) pages that are done:  Albany County, County Armagh, Boyle surname, Brownlee surname, Campbell surname, Carter surname, O'Connors surname, Chesterfield England, Derbyshire England, New Rochelle NY, Troy NY,  Yonkers, NY.  ***Also added was the beginning of new St Joseph Cemetery, Troy NY, burial records on the Troy section.
Added Troy, St Joseph Cemetery, burial records covering surnames starting with E to G.  (4/28/2019)
March 2019  Happy Saint Patrick's day!  I am again in the process of updating the site.  Pages done so far:  3/20/2019, County Armagh, County Down, County Clare, County Galway, County Kilkenny, County Leitrim, County Leix, County Limerick, Louisburgh Co. Mayo, County Mayo, County Monaghan, County Tipperary
January 2019  Happy New Year!  I am happy to say that I am currently in the process of updating the site.  I have started with the various Surname Registries that I have on most sections.   Updated pages so far:  NY Irish, Irish America, Co. Kilkenny, Co. Tipperary, Co. Limerick, Ireland, Co Armagh, Co. Clare and Co. Down .  Remember, if your email address has changed or your data has changed, send me an email ( and I will get it changed as I get to the section when I do my next update. 

All mailing list have been updated.  1/25/2019

December 2018  Just starting a new update of the site, it will take awhile to finish so keep checking in.  As I add things, I will update this so you can see what day the site has been updated.  12/8/2018
September 2018  New records added include:  Tithe Applotments:  Co. Down for Aghaderg, Annahilt, Hillsborough and Magherlin Civil Parishes and for Shankill CP in Co Armagh.  Immigration Records for McEntee and Brownlee Surnames dating back to 1600-1700s were also added.  All Surname Registries have been updated and will be so this month so it is a good time to update your names and/or add new ones.
August 2018  The 1796 Irish Flax Growers were added to the following sections:  Counties Down, Kilkenny, Leitrim, Mayo, and Monaghan.  These records give name and the civil parish where the flax grower lived.  These individuals received awards for planting between one and five acres of flax.  Individuals who planted one acre were awarded four spinning wheels, and those growing five acres were awarded a loom.  Please note that these records are also on the following county sections:  Armagh, Clare, Galway, Limerick and Tipperary.

All the surname registries are now being updated.  If your email address has changed since you submitted your entry, go to the surname page, at the bottom you will find directions on how to add/change your surname(s).

July 2018  In the past month sections dedicated to County Down and the Brownlee surname have been added to the site.  Records have also been added to both sites, along with Surname Registries.  The 1796 Irish Flax Growers is the new record source being added to the county webpages.  Already added to County Down and County Armagh.  These are very large amounts of surnames and civil parishes, over 4,000 for each group.  Next groups added this month will be for County Limerick and County Tipperary.
May 2018  The whole website is currently being updated.  County Down section has now been added.  All the surnames registries are completed for all the Mailing lists, and New York State pages that have surname reegistries.  Most of the Ireland pages are done.  After they are done, Surname pages will be done, followed by the England/Wales and Canada pages.

March/April 2018  Well, Rootsweb/Ancestry is back and the new website is taking time to learn all of it's ins and outs.  Many of the pages on this website are dedicated to Rootsweb's lists and the current info on those pages has changed and gradually, I will be updating those pages to reflect the changes.  During the past couple of months, I have been transcribing some Ireland RC church records and started getting them online.  So far I have new links on the Co Tipperary site and hope to add more to the Co Limerick site shortly.  I am willing too put up any records you may want to contribute.  Contact me at the above email address.

February 2018   Please Note:  Rootsweb/Ancestry has recently (week of 3/12) put up a new website with different addresses (url) for all the lists mentioned on this site.  Gradually, I will update the new addresses but it will take time because I am still setting up the new site.  In the meantime, if you have any problems trying to subscribe or unsubscribe to a list mentioned on this website, feel free to email me ( and I will help you as best as I can.
January 2018  Happy New Year to all.  I have just started to update the site.  Today I updated the Surname Registry on the Ireland page:
Currently, the the drop down menus at the top of this page do not work, but there is a link underneath that will take you to the different sections of the website.  Hopefully, I will be able to get them fixed soon but first I want to update all the surname pages.


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